Falling for A Jonas

I've known Nick and his brothers ever since i was little and i've always had a crush on Nick and Joe but mainly Nick and i want to tell him how i feel but should i and will i before it's to late and someone else steps in
READ to find out more
it will be a good movella =)


7. All Things Fall Apart

Carrie's POV

I let Joe into the house, leading him into the living room. I pointed to the couch indicating him to sit down on it.

"Would you like anything to drink? I have Pepsi, Brisk products, and water." I asked still nervously standing.

"Uh water would be fine" he replied looking at me.

I nodded walking into the kitchen to fetch the water. I opened the fridge, grabbing the water from the bottom shelf. I pulled my phone out of my pocket texting Nick to come back over. I closed the fridge walking back to Joe.

"Here's your water Joe" I said sitting next to him on the couch.

He grabbed the water from me smiling. He opened it, taking a sip as if he were nervous.

"We need to talk" Joe and I said at the same time.

"You first" he said moving a strand of hair behind my ear.

"Well as you know I..." I was interrupted by the doorbell.

I jogged over to the door letting Nick in.

"Thanks for coming back Nick, I really appreciate it." I said closing the door.

He nodded his head following me back into the living room.

"What's he doing here?" both of the asked.

"I need to talk to both of you" I replied gesturing them to have a seat. "Both of you are... I love both of you, but I can't have both of you. You guys are great and you know that but one of us is bound to fall apart if I choose one of you. I asked you guys to come here so that I could tell you face to face that, none of us are going to work out, and I don't want to ruin a friendship that's strong, so no I can't be with either of you" I finished with tears threatening to spill.

Nick shook his head, throwing his hands up leaving my house. Joe sat there for a minute taking everything in.

"You'll regret this Carrie" Joe said standing and leaving.

Why do I always mess things up?

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