Broken Like I Am *Sequel to TMAIA*

I don't think I have ever cried this hard in my life.

"I'm sorry. I'm so so so so sorry," I cry and hold his hand.

"I'm done, Cammy. I can't do this anymore," he tells me and leaves me crying.

"Please. I'm sorry. So sorry," I whisper as I cry.

*This the sequel to Take Me As I Am. Please read that story first before you read this one. Thank you. :)*


11. This Beautiful Girl Is All Mine

Cammy's POV-

"I told you I'm beast at laser tag," I say to Matt in the car. We're all in the van (it's the only car we have that can fit us all) on the way home after laser tag dinner. It's about 8 pm and we're headed home to watch a movie or two. The boys said Matt could come too, which he is.

"You we're right," he says. Dad is driving, Louis is in the passenger seat, Zayn, Matt and I are in the middle row and Trevor, Liam and Harry are in the back. Luckily, I got to sit next to Matt.

"Say I'm beast at laser tag," I force him.

"Cammy, do I have to?" he asks.

"You better do it, Matt," Harry says. The boys know from experience that they better.

"Okay. You're beast at laser tag," he says to me.

"Thank you," I say.

"Anything to make you happy," he smiles at me and leans down to kiss me.

"Eww PDA. We can see you two back here," Trevor says.

"And I care because..." I trail off wanting him to answer my question. Everyone laughs except for Trev. I kiss Matt one more time, then turn back to looking in front of me.

Matt grabs my hand and squeezes it. I squeeze it back. I think holding hands is our thing together. I like it.


When we get home, we set up a bed/sleeping area in the living room. Liam, Dad and Zayn get the three couches and the rest of us get the floor. But it's okay because we have tons of pillows and blankets. It's pretty comfy.

They are even letting Matt and I lay by each other. The order goes, Louis, Matt, me, Harry and Trevor.

"What movie do you guys want to watch?" Louis asks as grabs the Xbox remote to go on Netflix.

"I heard Grown Ups 2 is supposed to be hilarious," Liam offers.

"Is everyone okay with that?" Louis asks. No one disputes it, so he orders it and we begin to watch it.


I start to fall asleep halfway through the movie. Matt has secretly worked his arm around my shoulders, which I like. I feel protected by him. I fall asleep with my head on his shoulder to the sound of everyone laughing.

My eyes jolt open as I feel someone picking me up. "Hey, it's okay. It's just me," Matt says while I wrap my arms around his neck.

"Where are you taking me?" I ask.

"To bed," he says. I nod and look around to see the boys looking at us. I roll my eyes and lay my head on his shoulder. They annoy me sometimes. They need to mind their own business sometimes.

They say goodnight to us, which we say back, then Matt carries me upstairs.

"Thanks for carrying me," I say as he lays me in my comfy bed. He gently covers me up and kisses my forehead. As I'm about to go to fall asleep, I smile when I feel the bed dip and Matt lay down next to me. I snuggle closer to him and he puts his arm around me.

"Goodnight beautiful," he whispers.

"Goodnight handsome," I respond then fall asleep in Matt's hold.


I wake up to find myself in the arms of Matt. I put my arms around him and bury my face in his chest. He's so warm and cuddly.

"Babe?" Matt says. Okay. His morning voice is going to be the death of me.

"Yeah?" I ask and look up at him.

"Good morning," he smiles.

"Good morning," I return and kiss him.

"How did you sleep?" he asks.

"That was one of the best sleeps I have ever had. I think it was because you we're holding me," I smile.

"Well it was one of the best sleeps I have ever had because I was holding you," he smiles back.

"You're so cute," I say.

"The same goes to you, darling," he says. Gosh this boy is adorable.


I grab my phone from my bedside table and go on the Twitter app.

"Want to do a Twitcam with me?" I ask Matt.

"I would love to," he smiles.



Twitcam with @Truman_Black in about 3 minutes. Who's going to watch? ;)


"Have you ever done a Twitcam before?" I ask Matt.

"I've done a few with the band, but I never really said much," he says. I check my hair and face in a mirror, then grab my laptop and return to the bed with Matt.

I log onto Twitter and setup the Twitcam. We wait until I get a few thousand viewers then begin the Twitcam.

"Hello everyone," I smile and wave at everyone and nudge Matt to say something.

"Hey. I'm Matt," he says and awkwardly waves.

"Go ahead and ask us questions, we will answer a few," I say and look at the in coming tweets.

"Look at that one," Matt says and points at one for me to see. I look at it and it says 'are you guys dating or something because you guys are adorable'. I smile and look over at Matt who smiles too.

"Well we do have to say that Matt and I are dating," I say. They know about my breakup with Drew. Somehow it got out the day after we broke up, so they aren't confused or anything.

"Yup. This beautiful girl is all mine," Matt smiles and I blush like crazy. He grabs my side and pulls me closer to him. He kisses my head and I wrap my arms around his torso.

"From @nouisforlife asks is there going to be any music coming from both of us soon," I say and Matt and I let go of each other.

"Yes. Cammy is coming out with a new album called Hidden in about a month. You can preorder it on iTunes or on her website," Matt promotes my album. I giggle and kiss his cheek.

"Well thank you. If you don't know, Matt is the lead singer in The 1975. You can buy their debut self entitled album, The 1975. You can also listen to some of their music, see pictures, find tour dates and more all on," I say and smile at the camera. Then I get off my bed, go over to my CD's that are on a shelf on the wall. I pull down The 1975 album and bring it back with me over to the bed.

"Here it is! The CD is actually not even in here because I have it in my CD player," I say and show them the album. I grab the CD player remote from the table next to my bed and press play. (A/N- Robbers is on this album, but in the story, it's not yet because Cammy wrote it and The 1975 is going to record it with her. So minus that track on the album.)


"Mood music," Matt laughs and I laugh too.

"Next question is from @emilylovescammy does Matt get along with the boys?" I look at Matt for the answer.

"Like your brothers?" he asks.

"I'm figuring," I say.

"Well I think we get along okay. We just have to get through the protectiveness and awkwardness," he says.

"Yeah. I agree with that," I say.

"@midnightmemoriesgirl asks Cammy, is there any things you can tell us about your album, Hidden?" Matt asks.

"Well, there is a lot of people I sing with. Like Ed Sheeran, Ryan Tedder, The 1975, 5 Seconds of Summer and someone really special," I say.

I'm really excited to say that the boys and I are collaborating on a song together. It's called Strong. It's going to be on their album and my album. We're working on recording it. It sounds really good so far. I really like it.

"@tumblrbabe wants to know if Cammy has met the rest of The 1975 yet," Matt says.

"Sadly, I haven't. But Matt says I will be able to soon," I smile.

"@Cammyislife asks if the relationship between you and the boys is better now," Matt says.

"Yes! I think it's better than it ever was before. I love your username by the way!" I smile. Matt comes and whispers in my ear something.

"Do you want to sing an acoustic version of Robbers together for them?" he whispers. I nod my head and get Matt's acoustic guitar.

"So we're going to sing our new song together," I smile at the camera. I turn off our mood music and get set next to him.


We sing through it and I think we connect on a whole new level. Our voices sound perfectly good together and we can't stop smiling at each other as we sing.

"Okay, well thank you for watching!" I say and Matt and I both wave.

"Bye!" Matt and I say and turn off the Twitcam. I close the laptop and put it on my table. I lay back on the bed next to Matt. He pulls me into his arms and I wrap my arms around him.

"I love you, Cammy," he whispers. That was the first time he said he loved me. Do I love him back? Have we known each other long enough. I look into his eyes and see hope and love in them.

"I love you too,"



Credit to The 1975 for their album and song that I mentioned.

Credit to One Direction for their song Strong.

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