Broken Like I Am *Sequel to TMAIA*

I don't think I have ever cried this hard in my life.

"I'm sorry. I'm so so so so sorry," I cry and hold his hand.

"I'm done, Cammy. I can't do this anymore," he tells me and leaves me crying.

"Please. I'm sorry. So sorry," I whisper as I cry.

*This the sequel to Take Me As I Am. Please read that story first before you read this one. Thank you. :)*


15. Road Trip

Cammy's POV-


*Two Months Later*


It has been two months. Things are going pretty well. The boys and I still have a strong relationship, Drew and I are friends, my other friends are doing pretty well too which is good. Last but certainly not least is Matt. We're doing better than ever. Everyday our love grows more and more. He actually has a surprise for me. He's been planning it for about three weeks, yet he won't tell me anything. I have a feeling everyone knows about it besides me.

I hear a knock on my bedroom door.

"Come in!" I yell. I look up to see the love of my life smiling at me. I smile back and run into his open arms.

"Oh God, I missed you," I say and kiss his soft lips. He's been so busy with working on things for the surprise, that he hasn't had time to stop over in three days. He's doing a lot of work for this surprise. I know I'm going to love it.

"I missed you too, beautiful," he smiles and kisses me again. He calls me a lot of sweet names but beautiful is the one he uses the most. It's my favorite.

"I'm so excited to see what this surprise is," I tell him.

"Well if you follow me downstairs, you might find out," he says with a slight smirk on his face.

"Really?! Oh my goodness we need to go now!" I say and try to drag him out of my room.

"Calm down!" he laughs and we run, well walk really fast, down the stairs. When we get in the living room, all of the boys are sitting there. They look like they're waiting for us.

"Do you guys know what's going on?" I ask them. They nod with smiles on their faces. I can't wait to know!

"Cammy, sit down," he says and I sit down on a chair in front of the boys who are sitting on the couches.

"Now, this took a lot of planning and a lot of convincing. But I finally figured it all out and I can't wait," he smiles at me. He gently kisses my lips and as we kiss, he hands me something in my hands. I break away and look at the envelope in my hands.

"Can I open it?" I ask him.

"Yes," he smiles at me.

I open the envelope and begin reading the handwritten letter.




I can't believe two almost three amazing months have gone by with you. You're my soul mate and I'll love you forever.

Well, I know how much you love traveling so I figured maybe we should do some of that.

You barely know America and I don't really either. So how about a road trip? :)

Tomorrow morning, you and I are flying to New York City! When we get there we're renting a car and we're going to explore America together. :D

I have many more surprises in store for you, so don't worry. ;) The next two weeks are going to be amazing together. The best part is that it'll be just the two of us!

I can't wait to be with you and I hope we can experience so many fun adventures together in the US of A. :)

I love you!


Love, Matty


I look up at him in pure shock. I mean I knew it would be a big surprise because of all of the hard work he has put into it, but I was never expecting something this extravagant.

"Are you serious?" I ask him and I can't help but smile.

"Yes. Are you okay with this? I mean it was a huge risk not asking you-" he rambles but I stand up and interrupt him by kissing him.

"I can't wait to go on a road trip with you," I smile. He smiles too.

"We're going to have the best time ever," he says. I attack him in a hug as I begin to realize what's going on.

"We're going to America! On a road trip!" I yell and squeeze him probably too hard.

"I know! I'm so excited, baby," he says and kisses me again.

"And how did you guys keep this a secret from me?" I ask and look at those six goofballs. They all have smiles on their faces.

"It was so hard!" Louis says and breathes a sigh of relief.

"You guys are okay with this?" I ask them.

"Yes. He had to promise us that he would keep you safe and make sure nothing bad happens. After he did, we were convinced so we helped him plan some of it," Trevor says.

"Oh gosh, thank you guys!" I smile and hug them all.

"You need to pack. Do you need my help?" Matt asks me.

"Sure, thank you!" I smile. I'm so happy right now. He grabs my hand and we head upstairs to begin packing.


*Next Morning at 4 AM*


I wake up in Matt's arms. He wakes up and smiles at me. He turns off his alarm and then looks back at me. 

"Good morning, beautiful," he smiles at me.

"Good morning, handsome," I smile back.

"We're going to the states today," he smiles at me. I smile back at him until it hits me. I jump up and start jumping on the bed while doing a happy dance.

"We're going to the states today!" I yell as I dance. Matt laughs at me. He stands up on the floor and holds his arms out to help me down. I wrap my limbs around him and he picks me up. He sets me on the bed and kisses me lightly.

"I love how excited you are," he says.

"I love you," I say.


"What time is your flight?" Liam asks us.

"Seven. We should get going," Matt says.

"Be careful. I love you. No fooling around," Dad says and hugs me. The rest of the boys say similar things. It's hard leaving them, but I'm sixteen. I would like some time away from them for a while. I'm still going to miss them more than anything.

When Matt and I get in the car and we're down the street, the tears begin to flow out.

"Hey, beautiful, it's okay," Matt says and grabs my hand. He rubs small circles on it as I cry.

"I know, it's just hard to leave them. They've done so much for me. I don't want it to be the last time I'll see them," I say and sniffle.

"I won't be, Cammy," he says.


By the time we get to the airport, I have already calmed myself down. Now that I got the sad part out of the way, I'm excited.

"Paparazzi is here," Matt says.

"Oh my favorite. What's the plan?" I ask.

"Get out, grab our stuff from the back and get into the airport as fast as possible," he says and I nod. He counts us down from three and when he gets to one, we quickly get out of the car ignoring the stupid paps.

We grab our bags from the back then walk hand and hand into the airport. Once inside and in our terminal, they can't come in, so we're safe.

We check in and they offer us a private room until the flight leaves because we're 'famous'. But, we refused because there's nothing wrong with waiting where everyone else waits. There might be a few fans, but no one knows we're here so it's not too big of a deal.

"Hi, uh, my name is Louise and I absolutely love you two," a girl comes up to us. We smile and say hello. We end up taking a selfie together and then she bids us goodbye.

"Well she was sweet," I say.

"Not as sweet as you," he smiles. I smile too and kiss him.



Going on a road trip with my honey! :) @Truman_Black


I post selfie of Matt and I sitting on the plane. They're giving Matt and I free wifi which is awesome.


if you're on a plane how is it a road trip? #nohate #iloveyou #justasking'...'Well we're on a plane to get to the place where we'll start the road trip. :)'

What about Drew??? You two were my favorite ship.'...'We broke up, but we're really good friends now. :)'

'Who is that dude? He's ugly'...'My boyfriend. It must be opposite day because he is hot and cute and everything I've ever wanted'

How do you deal with haters? Because I have so many bullies at school'...'I don't let them hurt me. They don't know me or my family, so they have no right to hate. Stay strong xx. It'll be done soon :)'

'Favorite song right now?'...'The City by The 1975 ;)'

'You and Matt have only been together for a few months, how do you love each other already? #seemsfake'...'I know I love him and he loves me. Doesn't matter how long we've known each other. #dontjudge #youhavenoidea

'Too much negativity for me on here today! I'm in a happy mood and I don't need to be down!'

'Bye guys! Love youuu xx.'


"You're so cute when you stick up for me," he says as he reads through my tweets.

"Well that girl was being a jerk," I say.

"Don't let them bother you," he says and kisses me.

"I won't," I smile at him.

"Want to listen to music with me?" he asks.

"Sure," I say. He hands me double earbuds. They're this special kind of earbuds that have one plug to go into a phone but two sets of earbuds so you can share with someone.

I put them in my ears. The City begins to play.

I look over at Matt who smiles, as do I.

With our hands latched together, we fall in a peaceful sleep, listening to a playlist of The 1975, me, 5 Seconds of Summer and All Time Low.

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