Broken Like I Am *Sequel to TMAIA*

I don't think I have ever cried this hard in my life.

"I'm sorry. I'm so so so so sorry," I cry and hold his hand.

"I'm done, Cammy. I can't do this anymore," he tells me and leaves me crying.

"Please. I'm sorry. So sorry," I whisper as I cry.

*This the sequel to Take Me As I Am. Please read that story first before you read this one. Thank you. :)*


9. I Don't Want To Stop

Cammy's POV-

"So, what's the plan for today?" I ask as we drive, still holding hands.

"I was thinking we can spend the day at the beach, then have some dinner later and some ice cream," he says.

"That sounds awesome! But I don't have a bathing suit for the beach," I say.

"Well, I might've came earlier and the boys got one out of your room for me," he says.

"Someone is sneaky," I smirk at him.

"Or romantic," he says.

"True," I agree.


When we get to the beach, which is pretty far away, since we live in London, we walk the boardwalk area on the beach.

I end up getting a new pair of sunglasses which Matt begged to buy for me, but I ended up paying with some money dad gave me before I left.

Then he grabs the bag with our bathing suits and other necessary beach things out of the car. He leads us to the changing room and hands me my bikini and we go into the separate changing rooms.

I'm glad to see that the boys pick out a new bikini I bought a few days ago. I would've been really sad if it was the one that I wore when I went to the beach with Drew. It's the one I was wearing in the picture of us kissing on the beach.

I look in the mirror pretty pleased at the reflection. To be honest, I think my body looks pretty good. I mean besides the fact I'm pale, but I live in London so you can't blame me.

When I walk outside, I find Matt only in his swim trunks and sandals. I can see his two tattoos. One on his chest and the other near his hip. I find myself checking him out, but it's fine because he's doing the same thing to me.

"Ready to go?" he asks when we finish checking each other out.

"Uh, yeah," I say. He puts his hand out and I grab it as we walk out of the changing rooms. We walk along the beach, occasionally letting our feet get wet by the water.

"It's such a beautiful day," I say looking around the beach. Kids are playing and running around, couples are relaxing, and everyone is enjoying this rare beautiful day in the UK.

"I'm happy I get to spend I with a beautiful girl," Matt smiles and looks down at me. I blush, but I don't hide it.

"Thank you," I say and squeeze his hand, which he does in return.


"Is this spot okay?" he asks me.

"Yup," I say and help him lay out the blanket. We set our things down and he pulls out the sunscreen. He hands it to me and I get enough to put it on my body then he uses it.

"I know this might be awkward, but I can't really reach my back-" I start to say then he stops me.

"It's not awkward, Cammy," he says and gets sunscreen. I pull my hair off of my back and he gently rubs it on.

"Thanks," I say when he finishes.

"No problem. Can you get my back?" he asks.

"Sure," I say and put the sunscreen on his back and begin to rub it on.

"Thanks," he says.

"No problem," I say and we sit out looking at the water.

"Want to get in?" he asks.

"Yes!" I say. He laughs at my excitement. We get up and run to the water.

It's cold at first, but you get used to it in a few minutes. We splash each other and joke around and even talk a little. It was really fun.

I look back at the beach to make sure our stuff is still there. When I assure it is, I turn back around and see that Matt isn't there anymore.

"Matt?" I ask out loud.

"Matt this isn't funny!" I say and look everywhere.

Then I feel something grab my legs and then pull me under the water. I quickly hold my breath as I go under. Then I swim back up to see Matt laughing.

"That wasn't funny!" I yell at him and smack his chest. Then I begin to laugh.

"Well is this?" he asks and picks me up bridal style. I instantly wrap my arms around his neck, knowing what he is going to do. We look in each other's eyes and I forget how to breathe. He leans in like he is going to kiss me. Is he really going to kiss me?! What about Drew? I would love to know what his lips feel like on mine. His lips are a centimeter away from mine then...

Bam, he throws me in the water. I come back up and look at him while laughing.

"That wasn't funny!" I say.

"You do know how badly I want to kiss you, right?" he says.

He pulls me close to him. I put my arms around his neck and he puts his hands on my hips.

"Well if it's anywhere close to how much I want to kiss you, it's a lot," I answer him.

Then I take my opportunity and I put my hands on his shoulders and push him down under the water.

"Okay, I agree, that isn't funny," he laughs as he comes up and sweeps his hair out of is face. God he's hot.

"Now you know how I feel," I joke with him.

"How about I make it up to you by going for pizza for lunch?" he suggests.

"I might be able to forgive you," I say and grab his hand as we walk back up to the beach.

"Oh you might?" he asks.

"Only if it's really good pizza," I say.

"I promise it will be," he says.


"Okay, this is really good," I say to him. We bought a box of pizza and took it back to our towel on the beach. It's actually really good.

"I told you it would be good," he smiles.

"You are forgiven!" I say and smile at him.

"Good," he says.

"You know what would be awesome?" I say then take my fourth piece of pizza and take a bite of it. Just because I'm on a date, does not mean I'm going to act all girly. I'm going to act like myself and eat how much I normally would.

"What?" he wonders.

"If your band and I toured together next year," I say.

"That would be awesome! We should talk to our managers about that," he says.

"Okay!" I smile.

"We're so lucky paparazzi didn't find us," he says.

"I know! They annoy me," I say.

"They annoy all celebrities," he says and I agree.


After lunch, we hang out on the beach more, then we decide to get ready for dinner. He said it's not a super fancy place, but we need to get changed into our clothes from before. So we change in the changing room. I towel dry my hair and leave it with natural beach waves. I reapply light makeup and put on my clothes I wore earlier.

Then we hop in his car and drive to the restaurant which is about five minutes away from the beach. We sing to some songs on the radio together on the way there. When we get there, he runs around the car to open my door like a gentleman.

"You're so sweet," I smile at him as he takes my hand to walk inside.


We had a great dinner and we really enjoyed our time together. We talk even more during the long car ride back to London. About halfway through the ride, I begin to grow tired. I lean my head on Matt's arm and he holds on my hand with the same arm I'm holding onto.

"Go to sleep, love. I'll be here," he says and I drift off to sleep.


"Cammy, wake up. We're here," Matt's voice wakes me up.

I open my eyes to see him smiling at me. I let go of his hand and take my head off of his shoulder. I look at the clock on the radio and see it's 11:30 pm.

We get out of the car and he walks me to the door.

"I had a really good day with you. Thank you for everything," I say.

"No problem. I had a good day too. Thank you for coming," he says.

We stop in front of the door and look at each other. I put my arms around his neck and he puts his hands on my hips. He pulls me closer and I look up to him. Then his lips land on mine. As our lips move in sync, I can't help but feel really good. I like kissing him. I don't want to stop.

"Goodnight, Cammy," he smiles and kisses me one more time before leaving me speechless on the doorstep.

I walk inside to see the boys watching a movie in the living room.

"How was it, Cambam?" Louis asks me.


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