Broken Like I Am *Sequel to TMAIA*

I don't think I have ever cried this hard in my life.

"I'm sorry. I'm so so so so sorry," I cry and hold his hand.

"I'm done, Cammy. I can't do this anymore," he tells me and leaves me crying.

"Please. I'm sorry. So sorry," I whisper as I cry.

*This the sequel to Take Me As I Am. Please read that story first before you read this one. Thank you. :)*


10. Bluffing

Cammy's POV-

It's been one week since my first date with Matt. We have actually been on a date or have hung out everyday except for Sunday. I couldn't Sunday because that was the only day all of the boys had off and they wanted me to spend the day with them.

Now today is Saturday. I'm super exhausted from what we did yesterday. Matt and I went to Disneyland in Paris. It was a lot of fun, but tiring. Today though, we haven't made any plans to hang out.

Our relationship has grown a lot since our first date. He's really sweet and I am actually finding myself recovering over loosing Drew. I just hope Drew is trying to get over me and that he's seeing someone new.

I also can proudly say Matt and I are boyfriend and girlfriend. I know, it's a little fast, but we're really close and we seem really good together.


I walk downstairs to see that no one is in the living room. So I go into the kitchen. They're all running around like crazy men. Liam is furiously cooking eggs and bacon, Harry is making toast and buttering it, Louis is running around like an idiot trying to get enough orange juice, Dad is setting the table, Trevor is making waffles with the waffle maker, and Zayn is making hash browns.

"Guys!" I try to calm them down, but they don't listen.

"Calm down!" I say a little louder and try to make my way around the kitchen. It is chaos in here! I stand on a chair and prepare to yell pretty loud.

"Everyone stop!" I yell and everyone stops to look at me.

"Now calm down and act like normal human beings!" I say.

"Sorry, Cammy," Zayn says and everyone agrees.

"Now what's the big rush?" I ask while getting off of the chair.

"Uh, well you have been seeing Matt a lot lately," Dad starts.

"Yeah, but what does that have to do with breakfast?" I ask.

"We wanted to get to know him better and see how he treats you and well we invited him over for the day," Louis says.

"He's going to eat breakfast with us then we are going to go play laser tag," Trev tells me.

"Oh," is all I have to say.


*Ding Dong*


"I'll get it!" I say and leave the kitchen, yet the boys follow me.

Before I open the door, I turn to the boys.

"Please don't embarrass me," I beg.

"No promises," Liam smirks. I groan and turn around to open the door.

I open it up and see Matt standing there. He's wearing a blue, plaid flannel and black skinny jeans. He has white Converse on too. I'm wearing an All Time Low t-shirt and black skinny jeans.

He smiles at me and I smile back.

"Hello darling," he says and leans down to gently kiss my lips. He keeps it short though knowing the boys are here.

"Hello," I say back.

"Hello boys," Matt says and comes in to shake their hands. I close the door behind him and then look back at them.

"So, we have breakfast ready in the kitchen if you want some," Louis says.

"Sure, that would be great," Matt smiles and the boys go into the kitchen. Matt looks back at me and I walk over to him.

"Stay calm. It's not a big deal," I say to him. I know how nervous he is. I can sense it. The boys probably won't notice it, but I can. He nods and grabs my hand. We walk into the kitchen and see the boys plating food.

"Go ahead and grab a plate guys," Trevor tells us. We unlatch our hands and grab our food and drink of orange juice.

"How are we sitting?" I ask. We normally have our seats we always sit in, but it's different with Matt here.

"You both can sit next to each other on the side near the wall, if you want," Dad says. We nod and take our seats. We decide to wait to eat until the other boys come.

"So are you good at laser tag?" I ask Matt.

"I've only played it once before, but I think I'm okay," he answers.

"I'm beast at it," I say. I'm not kidding either. The boys and I play it all of the time. I always beat them.

"I think you're bluffing," he jokes.

"Well you'll find out today," I say.

"Why?" he asks.

"Because we're playing laser tag today," I say.

"Oh. Fun!" he says and I laugh at him. He can be so oblivious and gullible, but I think it's cute.


When all of the boys sit down, we all begin to eat.

"So Matt, you're 18, right?" Zayn starts off the questions. Oh God, here we go.

"Yeah, I am," Matt says.

"I'm a really big fan of your music," Harry says.

"Well thank you, mate," Matt smiles at him and Harry smiles back.

"Do you like tour life?" Liam asks.

"I actually love it. Like sure it's hard that you're away from home, but I love being onstage and singing," Matt says.

"We know the feeling," Louis smiles. Poor Trevor. He doesn't know the amazing feeling.


This breakfast has been filled with many awkward questions. But I guess the boys need to get the awkward questions out of their systems in order to be okay with Matt and I dating and for them to be friends with him.

"Cammy, you've been really quiet," Trevor says. Well I'm sorry but it's pretty weird for my brothers to be asking all of these awkward questions to my boyfriend.

"There really hasn't been a place for me to jump in," I say.

"How is your relationship with Matt going?" Harry asks.

"It's good. I really like him," I say and look over at Matt who's smiling at me. I smile back.

"Matt, have you had any girlfriends before Cammy?" Liam asks. I glare at him. That is the worst topic he could bring up. I feel Matt stiffen next to me to that question.

"Liam, that's too far," I say.

"No, it's okay. Uh yeah, I did. I only had one and we dated for about a year in high school," he says. I begin to feel angry at the thought of him with someone else.

"Okay, um, Cammy do you want to give Matt a tour of the house while we clean up?" Dad says. I nod my head and stand up as Matt follows. I leave the kitchen and bring him into the living room. I turn him towards me and smash his lips on mine.

"Cammy, please don't be angry about what Liam said," he says to me and breaks our kiss.

"It's fine. I mean I don't know why I got so angry. Well I guess I do know why, but it's okay. I mean you know about Drew so it's okay," I say.

"You're the only one I want, Cammy," he says and kisses me. I smile through the kiss and so does he. 

"Now let's go on that tour," I say and begin to lead him through the house.


Liam's POV-

"How could you be so stupid?" Niall tells me.

"I didn't do anything wrong! You guys asked him uncomfortable questions!" I defend myself.

"But you crossed the line," Louis says.

"Whatever," I say.

"Do you understand what you said? You asked him if he has any other girlfriends in front of his current girlfriend who is our daughter! That's too far, Liam," Harry yells. I hope Matt and Cammy can't hear us.

I did cross the line didn't I? How could I have done that to Cammy?

"Okay, I guess it is too far," I say.

"I think sometime today you should apologize to both of them," Zayn says.

"I will," I promise them.


Cammy's POV-

"And here's my room," I say.

"I like it," Matt says. He walks around and looks at pictures on the walls. I took down the ones of Drew and I, but there are still some group photos that I love that Drew is in, that I didn't want to take down.

"Is this Drew?" he asks and points at someone in a picture. I walk over to him and look at the picture. It was from Christmas day. We were all in our PJs. Liam took a picture of Dad, Drew, Louis, Kalie and me. I love that picture.

"Yeah," I say and hope he doesn't mind. I told Matt the whole story behind Drew and I. He knows why we broke up and everything. He accepted it and I'm really glad he did.

"You guys we're really cute together," he says. I grab his hand and pull him over to my mirror. He stands behind me and puts his arms around my neck and his chin on top of my head. Yeah, that's how short I am compared to him.

"We're cute together," I say and hold his arms as I look at our reflection.

"We are, aren't we?" he smiles.

"Very," I say. He turns me around and kisses me by surprise. Though it doesn't take long for me to kiss him back. I wrap my arms around his neck and he puts one of his hands on my neck and the other on the side of my stomach.

"Uh, sorry to interrupt but we're leaving now," Trevor's voice tells us. The second we hear him we break away from each other and stand back away from each other.

"Okay," I say slightly out of breath.

"And backing away when I already saw you guys making out does not help," he says and leaves my room. I fall back on my bed and begin to laugh really loud. Matt laughs too, but he stays standing.

"I love when you laugh," he says and sits next to me on the bed.

"Well thank you. Now let's go see if I'm bluffing about laser tag."

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