Rose Hudson is a 12 year old girl almost 13 who has lived in an orphanage all her life. Her parents abandoned her when she was 7 months old. Her life will change tremendously when one direction look for a new little brother or sister to live with them.


2. To The Orphanage

"Come on Lou." Liam yelled. "I'm coming!" Said Louis. "So did we fill out the papers?" Niall asked. "Yea on Rosie? Rose! That's it!" Zayn said. "We need a little sister on the road with us!" Harry yelled. "That's exactly what we are doing today." Said Louis. "We have real sisters at home but we need one to live with us on the road!" Louis explained. "Let's go meet our new sis!" Niall said with excitement. "SHOTGUN!" Yelled Niall. They all laughed.

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