Rose Hudson is a 12 year old girl almost 13 who has lived in an orphanage all her life. Her parents abandoned her when she was 7 months old. Her life will change tremendously when one direction look for a new little brother or sister to live with them.


10. Home

"How was your first day?" Niall asked. "Hectic" I said. "How?" Liam asked. "FANS! Omg screaming calling my name, the pap." I told them. "Haha our days almost everyday!" Laughed Louis. "And I met this boy..." I told them. "Oh haha! A boy! What's his name, age, color of hair, eyes, how close are you?" Asked Liam. "Gabe,13, blonde, green, friends." "Sounds good." Laughed Liam. "Why couldn't you meet a girl?" Asked Zayn. "I couldn't! They would all scream in my face!" I laughed. "We'll as long as your happy, we are happy." They said. "Ya know our birthday is coming up in a week!" Niall exclaimed. "Yep!" I said "You hungry?" Harry asked. "Of course!" I said. "That's my girl!" Niall laughed.

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