Rose Hudson is a 12 year old girl almost 13 who has lived in an orphanage all her life. Her parents abandoned her when she was 7 months old. Her life will change tremendously when one direction look for a new little brother or sister to live with them.


3. Getting Adopted

"Rose." Called the foster mother. "Yeah?" I said. "You are getting adopted today!" She told me. "Omg really! By who?" I screamed. "By 5 nice lads, I will call you down when they get here." She said. "K thanks." I said as I ran upstairs. OMG me? Getting adopted? By.. 5.. BOYS! I hope they're hot! Are they nice?! Who are they!? What if it was like Austin Mahone or something? Oh, probably not. We'll I better pack. "Rose? Why are you packing?" Libby asked. My heart sunk. "I'm getting a family today." I explained. "Oh." "But don't worry you will get adopted soon!" I told her. "Ok!" She said. I packed all my stuff and waited on my foster mother to call me down. I can't wait.

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