Frankenstein's girl

This is a story that I (not kidding) had a dream about- it was so weird :/. So I decide to write about it since it felt like a movie- to me it did.


1. I

                           June 6th 1917,

                 My recent discovery of the human liver components consist of 'very soft, pinkish-brown tissues encapsulated by a connective tissue capsule. It also reinforced by the peritoneum of the abdominal cavity, which protects the liver and holds it in place within the abdomen.

              The liver has 4 locations: the coronary ligament, the left and right triangular ligaments, and the falciform ligament:

        - The wide coronary ligament connects the central superior portion of the liver to the diaphragm.
        - Located on the lateral borders of the left and right lobes, respectively, the left and right triangular ligaments connect the superior ends of the liver to the diaphragm.
         -The falciform ligament runs inferiority from the diaphragm across the anterior edge of the liver to its inferior border.

            -At the inferior end of the liver, the falciform ligament forms the round ligament  of the liver and connects the liver to the umbilicus. The round ligament is a remnant of the umbilical vein that carries blood into the body during fetal development.'  All  of these ligament also tend to contract and swell when put through heat then shrink 1/2 in size when under cold temperatures. Unlike us, this liver can be the main organ the body would need for survival, I can only hope that parliament does not it's hands on this book.

                                                                               Fondly yours,

                                                                                                    Doctor Graham Jeremiah

                     That was his last letter before his arrest, before the execution, before any experiments. Now there is only me and Bethany living in-land away from that retched town. . . Time has moved on though, "Best to mend the heart of it's wounds." he would say. So I put the letter in the cupboard between the two empty milk jugs Bethany stuffed with wildflowers she found on along the road. Ironically, I never imagined something like this to ever happen, the comparison is almost frightening. Then again I could be wrong, Bethany did make hilariously good mud pies but with those toasty eyes it's not hard to guess. It is great finding the happiness among the black, it distracts from the now.

                Taking my gloves and hat I went over to William's, a friend of mine since, and dropped off Beth, "Beth I need you to stay here with William for now alright? I love you." - she nodded, one day she'll understand why Mummy dresses black every August 29th. 

"Where to Miss?" the conductor said whipping the horses,

"Mrs., Kensington please. " I said patting the crinkles on my skirt, 

"So sorry for your lost." he said piping up a smoke,

"Me too." I toughed up wiping the small drops that conceded from my lashes, almost like Cornelia's bushy feminine eyes. . .

"Come on Amelia!!" she tugged at my 19 year old arm to the stands for some chores that my Mother ordered me before the frost would come,

"If you go to the apple stand they say you can see the wallflower." she said going through the mob of people. At the right of the stand, you saw the boy shining shoes for a man reading the local newspaper. 

                  "Do you think I should talk to him?" she said as I smiled taking only good-looking apples, 

"I don't know." I pushed her into the alley way but it turned when a smaller boy on a sled hit her making her land on her hands and sprang her wrist. "Hey are you okay?-" he worried,

"Cornelia, ha yeah. I'm-I'm fine." she sounded interrupted by the pain,

"Looks like you need a doctor Cornelia." he said helping her up,

"Where can you find one?" I said approaching,

"You need to go to Dr. Graham not 2 blocks from here." the father of the boy said. Once we got there was a black sign with yellow letters that read; Bernard and Johnson Sanitary. "Hello? Hello?" I called out, "My friend here she-" but stopped when I heard the clanking of gentlemen shoes going down the spiral stair case. It unveiled  a somewhat mature man in green slacks, white lab coat, and spectacles cleaning his hands.

                  "What can I do for you ladies today?"  a clam, tranquil voice was made through his lips. Cornelia rolled up her sleeve as much as she could while  Graham already applied numbing gel to the area,

"So how did this happen?" he asked her,

 "A boy on a sled hit me." she said analyzing what he was doing with the bandage,

"Well that's unfortunate." with that he popped her wrist back in place. Later he told her to drink a tea blend he mixed three times a day every other day for a week and come back if any problems.Outside, Cornelia laughed and teased me saying, "Wow, I never knew you like smart men!" 

I blushed with shame, "He wasn't that old probably still in his twenties." I went and motioned to get my  purse but it was disappeared. When I came back to get it it was unfortunate that Graham and I both opened the door at the same time and got awkwardly scared, "Your purse." he scoffed and that was it.

                 Months passed and I kept running into him unexceptionally, getting the same item at the market, reading at a window in a pub, going with Cornelia and Todd (now that he hangs out with us since the sled accident) to the park, and strangely when I was getting the mail from the mailbox in front of my house. Until the very faithful day that my Mother broke her knee bending over at Kensington Market bending over. Took me by surprise that 'Sweet Adeline' was playing from upstairs,

"Get him for me Amelia." she said scrunched face in pain so I went up.

"Dr. Graham?" I coughed and stumbled from the darkness and musty fumes of rot and preservatives. When I reached him, he was at the table sowing something I tried to see what it is but he hid it with a bed sheet, "Hello, you." he smiled turning off the radio, "I get that you didn't read the sign but how did you get in?" he asked going down to the rocking chair by the door where my Mother was,

"Guess you forgot to lock the door." I said helping her up,

"What a handsome boy you are!" she said, "How old are ya'?"

"25, madam." he helped me set her on the desk as he got out a bottle of alcohol and cotton balls,

"How young you look too!" she said as he cleansed the knee. Then he injected a clear fluid into her bone fracture, 

"What is that?" I wondered,

"Anesthesia." Graham said, "Madam, you're going to feel a bit dizzy, that is normal." When she did fall asleep he told me to get him the scalpel, cloths, bucket, and knee brace. 

                      A little while into the surgery it began to rain and thunder as it would every year. After the third or fourth rant of the storm he mocked, "So quiet.",

I looked down and asked, "Is it hard being a doctor? Don't you get tired of seeing blood?" ,

"The fact that I'm saving one's life is good enough." he said focusing on his work, "You get used to it after a-" the phone rang, it was my father. Graham went over to answer,

"Hello? Dr. Graham?" he muffled,

"Yes," Graham said,"Just about 30 minutes away, sir. Yes, bye.".  The rest of surgery was quiet  











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