My Cinderella Story

"Why, why right now, why right in the middle of my junior year that was going amazing do I have to leave. I didn’t want to move. I loved New York it had everything I could’ve asked for the best food, best stores to shop, best hang out spots, but no my dad had to get an “amazing” job offer in London."

Kayla had everything great friends, great home, great school, just a great life until her parents tell her she needs to move to London because her dad got offered a great job. Life isn't going to well in London until she meets Harry the brown hair green eyed boy who she falls for. Read to find out what happens!

(Although i'm using the one direction boys names this isn't a one direction fan fiction)


1. The Move

Kaylas POV


Why, why right now, why right in the middle of my junior year that was going amazing do I have to leave.  I didn’t want to move.  I loved New York it had everything I could’ve asked for the best food, best stores to shop, best hang out spots, but no my dad had to get an “amazing” job offer in London.  I guess we could be moving to some place worse but I still don’t want to move.  Everyone seemed happy except for me.  My brother who was in the middle of the 8th grade hates his grade and wants a fresh start anyways, and his best friend from camp moved to London a year ago.  My mom has a few friends that moved there a few years ago so she was happy that she’ll see them again.  My dad, well he is just happy that he got this amazing job offer.  Then there is me, I am dreading the idea of moving, leaving my two best friends since kindergarten.  They have been through everything with me from hot boys to annoying girls; we are like the three musketeers; inseparable.  Sadly, my life is only going to get worse from here.


Harrys POV


I am so excited for the masquerade party.  I think I am just happy that there is going to be like 200 people there and it is going to be hosted by me.  Life was going great I am the most popular guy in the school and I am throwing the biggest party of the year, and a ton of people are coming some who I don’t even know.  People usually had pretty good Halloween parties but I knew mine was gonna be the best!  Everything was almost set for the party on Friday I have the place, the food, the people but something was missing…my costume! I didn’t have a costume shit it was already Wednesday.  I called Louis he would be able to help.

“Hey bud” Louis said

“Louis I was just checking over everything for the party and I realized I don’t have a costume!”

“Whoa chill if you want I’ll pick you up after school and we will go get you a costume” he said

“Thanks mate you’re the man!” I said back and hung up.  What would I do without Louis?


Kaylas POV


It was already Tuesday morning and our flight is at 2 P.M later today.  I finished packing; my room looked so empty I started to tear up I really don’t want to go.  Although they didn’t have to, my friends stayed home from school to help me finish packing and spend time with me. 

“Are you sure you have to go?” Julia said

“Ya really you could just live with me” Alexa said

“Guys you know I wish I could stay, moving in the middle of the year, that’s the last thing I want to do, and leave you guys, well that makes things 10 times worse” I replied.  I felt the tears welling up inside.  Julia looked at me I think she realized how upset I was.

“Well we are going to video chat every day and you are gonna tell us everything that’s going on” Julia said anxiously

I started to cry.  Alexa came closer to me and gave me a hug.

“You promise to never forget me,” I said while crying

“Are you kidding we would never forget you, you are our best friend and no one can replace you” Alexa said

“Thanks, I love you guys, don’t worry Ill never forget you either”

This sucks but at least I know Ill always have Julia and Alexa just in case.

“Kayla honey 5 minutes!” I heard my mom scream

“Noo!” I said and started crying hysterically

Both Julia and Alexa were hugging me.  I gathered my stuff and changed quickly my friends went downstairs.  Right before I went down I ran back to my room to take one last look and took a breath and went downstairs.  My parents had already put everything in the car and everyone was in the car but my dad who was just getting in.  Now both Julia and Alexa were also crying I knew what was coming Julia put her hand in.

“J” she said.  I then put my hand in.

“K” I said.  Then Alexa put her hand in.

“A” She said.  Then we all threw our hands up.

“Forever” we all said.  I was going to miss that it had been our handshake since we were 8.  I gave them both a hug and got into the car.  As my dad started to drive away I opened the window and waved they were running after the car crying.

“Forever and always!” Julia screamed and blew me a kiss.  They had stopped running and now were just crying and waving.  I turned back to the front and just sat silently on the way to the airport.  When we finally got there we got out of the car and went through security.  We waited a few minutes but then it was our turn to board the plane.  I got the window seat and my brother was sitting next to me.  Everyone boarded and we started to move.  I turned to look out the window.

“Here I go, wish me luck New York”

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