Death and Fire...

When a child of death meets a girl of fire two worlds collide and nothing will be the same for either of them.

A fan fiction continuing on from the amazing heroes of olympus and Percy Jackson series.


6. Nico

I woke up after dreaming of her, I swear it was like she was with me. Now I'm left to wonder whether last night was a dream as well..

Slipping out of bed i padded across the dark carpet, I had recently installed it as it got cold in the winter, being the only one in the cabin wasn't always fun. I grabbed a pair of black jeans and shoved on a clean t-shirt, black Of course. With my sword swinging by my waist I walked out of the cabin.

Surprisingly I found my self heading over to cabin number one - Zeus or now as the camps have been mixed, also Jupiter. The grandeur of this cabin didn't appeal to me much but I gave a quick glance to the marble columns before knocking on the door.

A commanding "enter", emanated from inside the cabin, I wondered if it had been erected that way in order to make the inhabitant sound more threatening.. An interesting thought.

Jason was stood facing the back of the cabin, he turned quickly around and was slightly shocked to see my face. "Oh, hey Nico, I thought you were Piper, it's been a while since you have visited, what's up?" I gulped a little before starting my sentence. I could trust Jason, I had trusted him when telling him about Percy... He believed me and understood that my love for Percy was that of a brotherly love. To this day he had kept his word and not told anyone. I could trust him. "Ok, so you know the new girl from cabin nine? Lalita..." "Oh yeah I know her, she's really.." I interrupted before he could finish "would you just let me finish my sentence sparky?!" He zipped his mouth shut but not without a little smirk first. "So, I think I may possibly like her, but I don't know what to do about Leo. And also, how to well you know, ask her out or whatever it is you do..." Jason burst out laughing. "So dude, you have come to me, for relationship advice!? For that, you need Piper or Percy. I am not the man for this job, sorry mate." He laughed a bit more, upset by my embarrassment I stormed out and headed to the forest. I needed to calm down. I had been practising for months on how to forgive someone, it wasn't easy since holding grudges was my fatal flaw...

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