Death and Fire...

When a child of death meets a girl of fire two worlds collide and nothing will be the same for either of them.

A fan fiction continuing on from the amazing heroes of olympus and Percy Jackson series.


5. Lalita

'And where have you been at this time at night?!' Leo confronted me the minute I walked in the door. 'For a breath of fresh air, it gets a little stuffy in here.' My excuse didn't seem to appease him. 'We can build a machine to fix that you know.' I barely knew Leo but sometimes he just seemed to have a little but of an over protective streak from what I heard from the other campers. 'Leo, I just wanted to see a bit of nature, is that such a problem?' Obviously his next response was 'we can build a machine to fix that to.' I almost burst into rage 'You can't fix everything with machines Leo! Machines can't do everything!' I stormed off towards my designated bed and got inside. After pressing a button I was concealed, he couldn't get to me now. There as a slight knock in the metal exterior, and then a small note as passed underneath, a genuine handwritten note.

~ I'm sorry, your right, machines can't fix or do everything. I just want to make sure you are safe, this world is a dangerous place for us demigods and you are new. You don't know the area yet. I just want to make sure you are ok. At least let me know if you are going out ok? ~

I found a pen and wrote back.

~apology accepted ~

After passing it back under the metal rim I went to sleep.

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