Everything had passed on, the people that lived, the people that died… nobody remembers them. I for one, I took it too seriously, the city was falling apart, as well as me… they had precious stones, precious lives, and it all went to shit! – Nobody has the sanity of an Ox, whatever that means… bodies rest outside, I rest inside, locked away, nobody to see but myself in the reflection of an old mirror. This place is rundown, broken down into small fragments of memory. They said I’d be better off here, and I told them that better of anywhere is better off dead. It all made sense to me, my so-called father couldn’t see what I could see. He was too blind, blinded by his lost daughter, I’m sick for mentioning that… [18+ RATED] [ADULT-HUMOUR] [VIOLENCE]


3. Outside The Fogged Grounds

- Chapter 3 –

Outside The Fogged Grounds


It was only the fog, an area of dusty winds full of death. The rusted cell blocks were out of sight, nobody could see them. Lucky wasn’t sure of what was going on. He was trapped in a vortex, a cell even. Although he had broken free, he also accomplished phase two. Trapped in prison. He was a still a victim along with the others. They were all trapped, in danger. Foggy atmosphere had built up over time. Sam was stuck to the floor in his puddle of blood, dead, no longer breathing whatsoever. Lucky felt guilty for letting down an unknown friend. He wasn’t a rival, he was just a bit of a loopy kind of guy. They were all to blame, trapped with each-other. Only one knowing the real escape, the real exits. Nobody asked them, he kept quiet.

Lucky held onto his left hand, he was worried about losing it. Although he had nothing to worry about, he was with okay kind of people. He was very lucky to survive with the strangers. Sam remained seated, stuck and unwilling to move.

“Kieron… where is he?” Lucky whispered as he closed his bloody fists.

“Dead…” JK sighed.

“Ah, I get it… dead. I’m sure he’ll come back, though.” Lucky smiled.

“No, trust me… he is out of the picture.” JK put away his phone.

“What was that?”

“Nothing… mind your own business, Lucky…”

Lucky scoffed. “Aha, sure…”

Kieron came back to the circle of friends. His legs were badly beaten up, bruised badly. His face swollen, his hands covered in a red liquid. He smirked as he tried to talk to JK. He wasn’t fussed about Sam’s death. His escape was deliberate. He wanted Lucky to beat him up badly, being down in a place like that can really make you feel that way. Kieron grabbed JK by his throat, unexpectedly hammering him into the wall. Kieron lunged at his so-called friend, winding JK, as he revealed JK’s real name. He wanted to make sure the truth was out before he was wiped out of the picture. Kieron knew the place inside out, he was always a bit of mystery to the others. JK gasped as he tried to catch his breath.

“Miss me? I don’t come easy… you want a way out, am I right? You need to learn the routes… the ways-“ Kieron punched Lucky in his face.

Lucky fell to the ground in pain, as he looked up at Kieron’s angry expression.

“Fuck no! You want a way out?! – No way… do the world need hooligans? The world don’t need you lost causes up there, wreaking havoc…”

“Kieron… stop….” JK mumbled.

Kieron smiled, as he held his fist back to punch JK again.

“You are a joke! You think that up there, in the sky… you think the light is going to want you making darkness… bringing out the fog in people’s eyes!”

Kieron grabbed JK by his throat. “Jackson… a pathetic man who forgot his name…”

“I’m not pathetic… I-I’m a human be-“ JK gasped. “a human being…”

JK wheezed. “You really think I care what your name is?”

“I don’t get you… you turn all dramatic on us… you make us see you differently!” JK screamed.

“I’ll let you in on a little secret of mine. You failed to save Sam. You failed to save yourselves…”

Lucky attempted to grasp Kieron from behind. Trying to give Jackson enough time to escape.

“Go! When you reach the light… go towards it!” Jackson pushed Lucky away from Kieron.

Lucky fell onto his knees, as he looked in-front of him. He caught glimpse of white suited men wheeling an object into a doorway. He stared behind him, looking at Kieron and Jackson fight. As he looked behind him, he saw the door emitting light. (Follow the light…) He believed that the light was the exit. It was the way out. It was an exit worth trying, nonetheless. Lucky pushed past the boxes in the way, trampling on the recycled remains of human waste. He walked towards the doorway out of his reach. He had reached the doorway, expecting someone to greet him into the light. Someone to let him know that the exit is there. As he opened the door, he could hear Jackson’s scream. He feared the worse, thinking that his dear friend had been destroyed by Kieron. Another life taken by another. Lucky panicked, as he heard footsteps behind him. He thought that Kieron was back for more, instead it was a door that nudged him on the way out.

“Ah! Let go! – Ah! Ah… Ah… Help! H-help…” a distant scream faded as the door closed behind Lucky.

An elderly man greeted Lucky, it seems he was expecting someone to come through the doorway. He was happy to see Lucky, he wanted to speak to him about private matters.

“My name is, Professor Joseph. – Ever since you got here. We’ve had to make many changes…”

“Oh yeah? And who am I?”

“You are one of many… you see, we keep you kind of people down here. Not to hurt you, to protect you…”

“Protect me from what? – Protect us from what?” Lucky sighed.

“Ha-ha… now, I don’t just go around inviting anyone, you know. I always make the trapped satisfied. Are you satisfied sir?”

“Not really… I don’t even have a name…” Lucky looked down.

“Ah, yes. A name… you must've lost it on your down here. So… I’ll run a few tests to make sure you’re stable enough for the world above…”

Lucky closed his blood stained fists, as the Professor didn’t even notice. He didn’t seem to care that Lucky was covered in blood.

“I’m usually very gentle with this procedure. You’ll feel a prick at most. I can’t promise you’ll live though… ha-ha-ha!”

“Very funny…”

“It is, isn’t it? – I’m usually very gentle. I make sure that the customer gets a lollypop…”

Lucky felt something overtake his body, he felt different than before. Grabbing the Professor by his throat, he shouted orders. Wanting to know his name. Wanting to know about his past life.

“Ah… you t-think this is going to hurt me?”

“No! – You’re too crazy, old man. Look at you… you think those needles are going into my blood? No fucking way!”

Lucky tightened his grip around the guy’s neck. As he threatened to punch the man in-order to get his questions answered.

“My name? Who am I? – Tell me…”

“S-Samuel… you really don’t know who you are?” He gasped.

“Yes. I know who I am, a human being…”

“Ah, so you do have some kind of memory… I too. I’m human too. Do you see it, boy?”

“No! – I see a mental patient trapped in a strait jacket… pretending to live out your little fantasy, huh?”

Lucky threw the man against the hospital bed. As he attempted to lift up a hospital tool kit from under the bed.

“Surgery… I need memories, you have them, yes?”

“…D-don’t even think about it…” the professor tried to catch his breath.

“I thought so. You don’t have much of a memory yourself… do you?”

“I have a good enough memory to tell you this! – You are a joke. You are a stupid little experiment that went horribly wrong!”

Hearing the Professor talk like this, Samuel wanted to kill him. Crush him into pieces, hearing those hurtful words made him want to destroy his creator. Although, he was unsure to whether he was created by a nutty professor. He pleaded to be free, but Samuel had other plans in mind for the wimpy old man. He wanted to see the Professor suffer a horrible death, to face his sins. Experimenting on your own kind like this? – Samuel thought that he was a monster. Only to find out that a Professor was the monster all along, he wasn’t to blame, it was a nutty old man.

“Put down that razor… leave my equipment alone!”

“Now, now… we don’t want you catching a cold, now do we?” Samuel smiled creepily.

“Leave me be!” He screamed.

Samuel stabbed the razor through the old man’s chest, as he turned it like a key, smiling at the old man with happiness.

“You creations seem hurtful… but your words old man, I’ll make you pay!” Samuel whispered.

The Professor gasped, as he cried whilst his body was being destroyed.

“Y-You are a monster… you are a disgrace! All the research in the world couldn’t save you…”

“Yeah, yeah… I’ve lost an old friend. I didn’t even know him, but I’m sure you do… you have our memories, stored somewhere right?”

“No… just twist it further… I can almost see his giant hands, twist it, I dare you!”

“No… you have information. I want that information!” Samuel pulled out the razor.

As the razor was pulled out, the old man’s chest was punctured. Knowing that his time was limited, he cursed every last word he could at Samuel. He hated the man for doing such a thing. Although, he blamed himself for making such a monster. He was responsible for the human underground area. A private location to hide away mental patients from the open-world above. He was the saviour of the families that became faulty with each-other. What he hadn’t figured out was the fact that the people he was helping were too out of the world to care what the medication could do. “A cure for the mental?” – Sounds crude. 

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