My Best Friend's Boyfriend // l.p

She had a sort of wicked smile that I loved but didn't dare to challenge. She was the best of the best, and what's better, she was my best friend. Unfortunately, unlike all other secrets, I had one that I would have never even contemplated sharing with Danielle: I was in love with her boyfriend.
My name is Kaitlynn Stilinski, and this is the story of how I fell in love with my best friend's boyfriend.

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1. Prologue.

It all happened too fast that I could barely comprehend it all. I was seven, and they were thirty-one. My parents had gone to an associate's party after landing the biggest deal that the company had ever seen, but they made a mistake. That night, they had crossed their limits and had drank too much. The wreck was disastrous and I was the only evidence of survival. I closed my eyes tightly as the car begin to tumble down the hill and into the tree. My parents were both unconscious, their skulls cracked with blood pouring out.

In the hopes that they were only unconscious, I began begging them to wake up. When realization hit me, I began screaming, cursing the skies as I did, but it helped none. My parents were dead, and I was still merely alive, though I wished I wasn't. I forced myself out of the car with my mother's phone in my hand, dialing 911 as soon as I was far enough away from the car, incase it exploded.

To this very day, I still remember the sounds of the sirens as I too lost consciousness.

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