Stolen Immortality

TRIBUTE TO JAMES OWEN SULLIVAN (AKA: THE REVEREND THOLOMEW PLAGUE)!!!! In the city of New York City there lives the world's largest vampire coven in the history of man. With over 500 followers, it takes an amazing leader to keep them in check. James Sullivan is not like other vampires. He refuses to have his coven spill unnecessary blood, telling them to feed upon the evil humans and animals. So what happens when one of his own decides to rid their coven of the kind leader?


1. James Sullivan

The sun had passed over the bustling city of New York, sinking low into the horizon. As soon as its final rays had disappeared, Times Square became alive with lights and people. Among them was a young man with black hair and deep blue eyes. He wore a white t-shirt, leather jacket, torn pants, and boots that looked one size too big for his feet.

He slowly made his way throughout the street, his eyes looking for that certain someone. After a few minutes of walking, he found her. She was thin, blonde, and gorgeous. A nice cocktail dress and small purse indicating that she had just come from (or was going to) a late night dinner. His eyes stayed on her as she gently moved around the other people. He followed her, inching closer with each second. Then, as they passed an alley, he yanked on her arm and pulled her within it. Her screamed was lost when she felt his switchblade pressed tightly against her throat. He stood in front of her so that, should anyone peer into the alley, it would look as if two lovers were sharing an embrace. She whimpered as she felt him yank her purse out of her hands.

"You know what I hate more than sunlight," the pair froze when a new voice joined them, "it's a man picking on a defenseless woman."

The man who joined them was tall and very thin. His skin was pale as death, and he was dressed in all black. His hair was gelled up in the back with two long bangs framing either side of his face. His eyes were hidden by a large pair of aviators.

"Hey dude," the man scowled, "me and my friend here are a little busy. So why don't you just beat it before you get hurt?"

The newcomer laughed and took off his glasses.

"What the hell," the woman breathed, "what are you?"

Red eyes flashed beneath the full moon's gentle glow, "I'm different."

Fangs flashed and blood spurted. The woman's face became calm as her rescuer finished his meal.

"Honestly, Jimmy," she sighed, readjusting her dress strap, "next time YOU can be the damsel in distress."

As the vampire released his hold on his prey's throat, she wiped his lips and stood up.

"But Natasha," he smirked, "you pull it off so well! And those contacts really suit you."

The she vampire scowled, hissing at her companion. He chuckled and led her out of the alley and back into the crowd. The pair moved away from the blinding lights, jimmy quickly slipping his glasses back on to hide his eyes. They left the noises of Times Square behind, walking much faster once out of sight from the humans.

"Hey," Natasha smirked, kicking off her heels and picking them up, "race you home!"

She left him behind and took off. However, she soon heard the steady THUMP THUMP THUMP of his footsteps directly behind her. Her giggles becoming full out laughter, she watched as Jimmy sped past her.


After twenty minutes of running, the pair came upon the coast. A large estate glowed with a gentle light, greeting the two Vampires as they slowed to a walk. Surrounding the estate was a thick iron gate, which swung open with a very loud creak as they approached.

"Jimmy," five children came running out of the house, "Jimmy's home!"

Jimmy smiled and held his arms open wide. The two smallest children leaped into them and he clutched them tightly as the remaining three danced around him. Natasha smiled and pulled out her contacts to reveal her deep crimson eyes. As the leader of the world's largest coven, James Sullivan was the living definition of a perfect leader. He was loved by all, adults and children alike, and hated the idea of meaningless killing. They hunted only humans with evil in their hearts and the animals from the northern forests. The other coven leaders admired him greatly, and he was sought after by many females.

"James," he looked up to see another man standing in the doorway, "how good to see you return home safe and sound. And Natasha as well."

Jimmy could easily hear the tone in the man's voice, stating that he had obviously wished the exact opposite.

"Thank you for your concern, Viktor," he said boldly, putting the children down, "I take it everything went well when I was away?"

Viktor rolled his eyes and pushed a strand of his chocolate hair out of his eyes, "As well as could be expected."

"Good. Who else is out?"

"Jennifer and her team are checking the southern boarder," the shorter man reported, "and I took the liberty of sending Gerald's team to the western boarder."

Jimmy froze, turning on his follower with a snarl, "You sent the Execution Force on a boarder patrol?!"

"James, we've been having problems with Yahoven's coven," Viktor snarled, "she grows stronger every passing day! If we do not strike now, she may attempt a raid."

Suddenly, Jimmy lifted Viktor up by the throat. The children cowered behind Natasha, who watched the scene unfold with a blank stare.

"I am the leader of this coven," he growled, "I will decide when to send out the Execution Force, not you! Natasha," she lifted her chin to acknowledge him, "take your team and retrieve them. If they have already trespassed onto Yahoven's territory, tell her I will make amends at a later date. If you have any trouble, call me."

The blonde nodded and ran out the room. Jimmy put Viktor down and went to comfort the children. Placing a hand on the two oldest heads, he faced the brunette.

"Viktor, if you continue to endanger the lives of my family and the lives of our future," the children clung to their leader's sides, "I will have no choice, but to ask you to leave the coven. You have served me well for many years, and I have granted you far too many chances. Consider this your last warning."

Viktor, who had regained his ability to breathe, stood his ground, "But James, if we do not strike fear into the hearts of the other covens, how long do you think it will be before they walk all over us?! And these humans must be taught to obey us! You have us living in the shadows like cowards! We are gods!"

"That's enough," Jimmy roared, causing the children to flee from the room, "Viktor, as leader of this coven, I hereby banish you from the state of New York! If you are not gone by morning, I will have you thrown out into the sun! Do you understand me?"

A look of utter disbelief crossed over Viktor's face, followed by rage, "You will regret this night, Sullivan! I swear unto god!"

Sadness flashed through Jimmy's eyes, "You brought this upon yourself, Viktor. Take your things and leave."

The younger vampire roared and stormed out of the room. Jimmy gave a deep sigh and shuffled over to a nearby chair. Sinking into it, he buried his face in his hands.

"It needed to be done," he didn't look up as another vampire joined him, "Viktor had this coming for a long time."

The newcomer was male with long red hair tied into a ponytail. He wore a nice looking suit with a cross necklace.

"James," the man placed a gentle hand on the leader's trembling shoulder, "I know how hard it is to cast out someone you have accepted as your family, but Viktor would have brought our end."

Jimmy looked up, "You do not agree with him? He is your son, after all."

The older vampire sighed, "Viktor chose his own path. I cannot change your decision."

"Roarke," the raven haired vampire shot to his feet, "what if he's right? What if I'm turning our coven into a laughingstock," he hung his head, "maybe my mother was wrong to name me her successor."

"No," the firmness in the redhead's voice caught him by complete surprise, "you are a good leader, James. Barbara knew that, which is why she chose you. I don't think there was anyone more qualified than you. Look at what you have done for us; we are at peace with both the other covens and the humans. Hunters leave us be, and even the Exorcists keep their distance. Now, imagine if Viktor had been chosen on that day instead of you? There would be war, fear, and chaos. No, your mother was right in choosing you...and your father would be very proud."

Jimmy smiled and sat back down, "Thanks Roarke."

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