When Jessica finds out that she can go visit her friends at Magcon she is so excited! Jessica starts to make lots of memories, including memories that she wished that never happened! But then something really bad happens, which makes everyone go their own way. Will she be able to bring the friends back together?


3. Awkward Moment

                                                                    Carter's POV


                I kinda regret making Jessica do that dare because after that day everything has been awkward between Jessica and Matthew, so today I decided I need to do something about it. So I went to go look for Jessica and asked her if she liked Matthew, Jessica said that she only liked Matthew a little and she told me to not tell Matthew that she said this to me. After I finished talking to Jessica I went to Matthew and asked him the same question, he said that he did like Jessica. I was going to tell him to ask Jessica out on a date,but before i could say anything I got a call from Jessica that she was on her way to the hospital because her had gotten in a car accident. I decided to tell Matthew that she was going there so that we could go with her.

                                                              Matthew's POV 

                  So today Carter came to talk to me and asked me if I liked Jessica, and of course I said yes because I trust him. But before Carter could say something else he got a call from Jessica saying  that she was on her way to the hospital so we went to the hospital with her. 

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