Do i frighten you?

Harry styles. The schools bad boy. Rian Thomas. The schools good girl. What happens when the two meet? Who will change? Broken hearts? Read to find out


1. chapter 1

" bye dad. I'm leaving to go to school!" I yelled to my dad who was in the kitchen. He came walking out with flour all over his shirt. " okay bye sweetie. Have a good day. Love you" " love you too dad. " he kissed my forehead and I left. I got in my 2015 Alga Romeo 4c Spider. Dad bought it for my early graduation present. I loved it. It's my first time driving it. Since he just gave it to me yesterday. I pull into the parking lot of the school and everyone just stared at me. It felt good to get all the attention for once. I get out of my car and look over to the one and only Harry styles staring at me. I don't think he has ever once looked at me. I stood at my car getting all of my school supplies ready for the day. He started to walk towards me but the bell rang. Thankfully, he didn't get the chance to talk. I quickly walk to my first period. Which I have with Harry.

The class is about 1 minute from being over, when Harry surprisingly shows up. As soon as he walks in the class the bell rings. "Harry. Rian. Please stay after for a few minutes. " I walk over to his desk along with Harry.

"Harry. You are failing most of your classes. Mainly chemistry. So, Rian here will be your new tutor. " both me and Harry's eyes widened with shock. " but mr.rayce! I have practice most of the week. And I have to do my work as well!" I said defending myself. " well you will have to make time. You are my smartest student that I have. And I think you could be a good influence on him. " he said quiet but loud enough for me to hear him. " okay fine. " his face lit up. " okay then. Get started tonight you have your finals coming up soon" with that me and Harry walked out towards our cars. " why don't we go to your house. My parents are home and would bother us. " he said not even looking at me. " okay just follow me I guess" with that we started to drive to my house.



We finally get to my house. And as I start to walk up I don't hear footsteps following me. I turned around to see Harry look up at my house in awe. " are you shitting me? This is not your house!" He said. " I am not shitting you and yes me and my dad live here. " " what about your mom. You don't live with her?" I looked down with tears threatening to fall at the painful memories. " no. Um.. She died a few years ago. " his face went from all bad boy to a sweet caring guy. He walked up to me and gave me a big hug. For him being almost a complete stranger, if felt good with him hugging me. I wiped some lonely tears off my face an pulled out of his hug. " we should um.. Start studying. " " oh yea. "When I turned to walk into my front door I felt him smack my butt hard. Well this is going to be an interesting study session.

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