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For me, he would have dark hair and deep blue eyes the color of the night sky. He would be endlessly entertaining and make me laugh even when I'm mad. And his name? His name would be Jack.


1. "I'm assuming everyone in this room has had sex."

I truly hate Health class. 

My teacher, Ms.Treven, sits on her desk at the front of the classroom and gets the class riled up about whatever subject she's teaching on that day. She's a good teacher considering she let's us bring coffee and food into class, sit wherever we want and swear when necessary. She's a small woman with short red hair and a loud laugh but everyone loves her just the same. 

Hi, by the way. I'm Logan. I'm a female; blonde-brown chin-length curls, a rather uninteresting face and a strong dislike for people. A five-foot-two bag of sarcasm. That's me. Nice to meet you.

"Alright, shut up everybody!" The chatter died down and Ms.Treven smiled widely. "Okay, I'm assuming everyone in this room has had sex. Am I right?"

A huge cheer came from numerous students scattered around the classroom. They were everywhere: lounging on desks, sprawled on the carpet and even sitting in Ms.Treven's Spinny chair. I was tucked away at the back, doodling a daisy on the corner of my math homework.

This room was filled with people far more interesting, more exciting and more adventurous people than myself. Not that I cared, really.

"Well, today we're going to talk about finding your ideal partner. Not just a fuck-buddy. I'm talking  about real attraction here, people!" 

Everybody laughed and chewed gum and threw paper balls at one another. I sat last the back and said nothing.

"I'm asking you all to get out a sheet of paper and write down precisely how you felt whilst being with a person you love. Or used to love. Or want to love. Any of those options will do. Get started!"

I took a piece of paper from my folder and wrote down what I thought was a suitable response.


I have no experience whatsoever, whether it be sexual or otherwise, with the opposite sex. They're immature and annoying and I hate them. Also, I don't think I'm the type of girls that guys fall in love with. I'm more of a sit-at-home-eating-pizza-and-surfing-tumblr type of girl. I can hardly see why this is an issue. If I was ever in a relationship, it wouldn't be for long as I think I'm a pretty impossible person the be with.


"Logan Wilde! Come here." 

I slung my satchel over my shoulder and turned to see Ms.Treven with her beckoning finger and her cup of coffee. I meandered over to her desk and stared at a portrait of her and what looked to be her daughter. And I thought how sad it was not to have a dad. Or a mum. I stared at her tube of pencils and pens and markers when she clicked in front of my face. 

"You have the attention span of a three-year-old, my dear. And this is not what I asked for. You've really had no experience and with guys? Not even a crush?"

I shook my head no. 

She took my sheet and balled it up, throwing it towards the bin.

"Well, I think you should write me something different. Write about. . . Your perfect guy. If you had to have an ideal person to fall in love with, who would it be? What would they look like and what would their favourite colour be? Go ahead. Go home and type away."

She smiled at me and I nodded, retrieved the balled up sheet from the bin and walked out the classroom. 


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