Opposites - HS

Without the experience of the opposite there is no experience of wholeness.


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Chapter 5


Finally I'm actually doing a 'new' chapter, so this one starts out from the end of chapter 2.

Hope you enjoy.


Lydia's POV

I was on my way to the cafeteria, just following the delicious smell of food.

There were people everywhere, running, pushing, yelling and then there was me, walking silently down the hallway, just trying to avoid getting pushed around.

Suddenly I felt two hands on my waist, from behind, and I turned around. Shocked.

In front of me stood this tall guy with dark brown eyes and a cheeky smirk plastered on his face. Just by looking at him I could tell that his was a jerk.

Behind his tall frame were, who I think, was his friend, or ‘gang’. They just stood there, laughing, whispering and pushing slightly to each other.

Then it hit me, those were the same guys who had beaten up that perverted nerd, Marcel.

Not that it mattered, because I didn’t really feel sorry for him getting beaten up, after the zipper incident.

“Hey Babe, I’m Roy.  I don’t think I’ve seen your pretty face around here before, you new?” He took his hands around my waist and pulled me closer. Ugh, I felt like puking.

“Mettre la main outre de moi, connard.” My voice was calm.

The only thing about school I’d ever liked was French. It was also the only thing that I was really good at.

“Oh, you’re French. I like that.” The stupid smirk on his stupid face stayed the same. “What are you trying to tell me, Babe?”

Quickly I took a step back, smirked and I swung my fist through the air, so it hit the guy on his jaw with a clattering noise.

“It means ‘get your hands off me, asshole!” I snapped, still with my lips curled into a proud smirk.

I turned around and started to walk down the hallway, leaving the douche, Roy, with a probably broken jaw and his friends with a priceless, shocked expression.

This wasn’t anything special.

When I was about nine years old, I used a year on boxing. You can’t say that I was a girly girl, because I really wasn’t.

My knuckles were hurting a bit, but it didn’t matter, because I felt great. I love those adrenalin kicks you get, when you do something like that.

I stepped into a large local with blue, round tables everywhere. They were all filled with people.

The room was divided in two, with a table clear path in the middle. That was there a stood.

At my left was there five tables, and at my right was there four. Why wasn’t it just an equal number of tables? I honestly had no idea, but it looked like there was like an empty space, between two tables.

After a quick view I knew which table I belonged at. None.

That’s just typical.

At the first table at my left were the bimbos, and I definitely didn’t fit in there. Then there were the athletics, nope, just nope.

Computer geeks, the Chinese, the emos and punks, the normal people – and no, I don’t belong there either. The gays, the band – with band I mean that they wear uniforms, that makes me want to vomit, and play instruments like flute and trumpet.

And then there were the empty table. Even though it was empty, I knew who sat there.

… The jerks. The Roy’s.

In that moment I caught the sight of four guys walking into the cafeteria, and walking straight past me, up to their table. It’s not that it’s actually their table, that’s just how High school works.

A laugh escaped my mouth, when a low, brunette girl walked up to them, and started talking with them, then she asked,

“Where’s Roy?”

Their heads turned toward each other’s and exchanged glances. They had no idea what to say, because if they said that he had been beaten up by a girl, it would be too embarrassing.

But I didn’t care, so I took some steps over to them, and places myself beside the girl.

“Nothing special, I just broke his jaw.” Totally calm, looking into the girl’s tiny blue eyes.

“You didn’t break it!” One of them snapped at me. Cole, I think. I heard the girl say their names when she greeted them.

The lowest one, Noah leaned in and whispered something in his ear. “Ohm… Actually she did.”

The girl and I started giggling, and soon after some of her girl friends came over.

“The new girl… I don’t know her name.” She started. “Hey, girl! What’s your name?” It could be heard all over the local. “Lydia!” My hands were around my mouth, trying to make some sort of hopper, so I didn’t actually had to yell.

“Lydia, the new girl. You know what she did to Roy Johnson?” About nine girls stood around her, listening to the gossip. “OMG, did he fuck her?” One of them said, and I felt like punching her face. “No, stupid…” The brunette sighed and continued. “She broke his jaw!”

All the girls started laughing, so I just walked away to get some food. I love food.

At the end of the local were to rectangular holes in the wall. In front of the holes were a looong line of hungry people.

I sighed, and walked behind the line.


It didn’t take long before I was only number seven from the hole. From the food.

A girl came up behind me, and tapped my shoulder, so I turned around.

She had her long, beautiful golden brown hair in a loose back head bun, shiny caramel eyes and a huge smile plastered on her face. Her upper body was covered in white tee with some messy print. On her legs she wore a pair of ripped, light blue jeans, and white converse.

I already knew that I liked that girl. Somehow she reminded me of myself.

“My name’s Trish, you must be that girl Lydia, right? Can I call your Lyd, I like that. I heard about what you did to Roy Johnson, he really deserved it. He’s such a douche.” Did that girl ever stop talking?

“Ohm… Hi.” I said, totally confused. I lifted the half of my upper lip and my eyebrows.

What did just happen?

“So Lyd, why did you do it? You know, punch him?“ Her eyes were like a puppy’s. Adorable, haha.

“Well…” I told her about it, about what happened at Principal Connor’s office, and about Marcel. While doing it, I bought some fries. Not just some. A lot of fries. I had asked for three, and told the canteen lady that it was for a science project.

And I had asked Trish to buy one more for me, because… I don’t even know.

“Where should we sit?” We stood in the middle of all the tables, just looking around.

“Where do you usually sit?” Her eyes went down, and I knew. I used to be like her, spending lunchtime somewhere in the hallways or in the restroom.

I send her a smirk, took my fries and jumped up on the nearest table, and sat down, not caring what I sat on. The emo’s and punk’s.

They all just looked shocked at me.

“Get your ass off our food!” One of them shouted at me, but I just smiled at him and put a fry in his chocolate pudding.

“Chill, dude. Do you want me to place on your ugly face instead?” My response made them stand up immediately.

“C’mon Trish, we got a table now.” I motioned for to come, and so did she, while I climbed down to sit like a normal people.

She just laughed at me.

My first friend.

I really like Lydia, she’s so funny.

Or is it me?

Yea, it’s definitely me B)

So what did you think of it?


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