Opposites - HS

Without the experience of the opposite there is no experience of wholeness.


3. 3

Marcel's POV

I woke up, sweaty in my bed. A nightmare had been haunting my mind, while i was asleep.

Every night i had nightmares. Every time about someone killing me in all kinds of different ways. It hurt, even though it was just a dream.

Not only my nights were nightmares, also every day. 

Every day i had to go to school, get beaten up - often twice or more per day - and then home again.

I grew up here, under the sun, grade school, I was the odd one, out of the buch.

And i don't mean i was the kid who ate bugs for lunch.

I speak poetically, and never pride my ignorance. 

Therefor i got bullied. 

Nobody ever helped me. I stood alone against my bullies. 

I looked at the clock, that hung on the plaid white wall next to my bed. 

It showed 01.47 am.. Dammit

To my luck my first class was going to be cancelled.

Once i'd read that if you wake up between midnight and 3, there's 80% chance that someones starring at you.

That always scared the shit out of me, because it wouldn't be the first time that someone stood outside my window and spray painted on it or threw rocks. 

My head snapped  towards the window. No one was there. Luckily.

One of my many books lay on my desk, and as i tried to reach it without getting out of bed, i almost fell down. 

With my long arm i reached out for the book, but my body slipped down to the floor.

I lay in a really weird position on the floor, and started laughing. This is what comes out of laziness.

Somehow i untangled my body out of the position and lay flat, looking under my bed. It was dark under the bed, but my eyes caught some light that mirrored on a piece of paper. I stuck my hand under and took the paper.

A tear fell down my cheek, and i adjusted my glasses.

My eyes didn't leave the picture. 

Her dark hair, beautiful brown eyes, sweet smile and beautiful soul that i once had known filled the paper. It was from a party at the school two years ago. We had gone there together, but we never gotten to the party, because when we had arrived she had ran into the woods, and i had followed her. I had found her by the lake where we talked all night. I clearly remembered her, sitting by the lake, covered in moonlight and with her beautiful blue gown on. I remembered her pink lips on mine. 

I loved her.

But now she's gone...

I held the picture tight into my bare chest, and never wanted to let go of it.

I missed her.

But now she's gone...


The sun shined bright through the window.

My eyes flickered open, and i realized that i had slept on the floor.

I stretched my long body, with a loud noise, and threw my blanket on my bed, and walked into the bathroom.

I was blinded by the lamps, so i was quite difficult to find my toothbrush, but not impossible.

Then i had my sight back i found out, that i had no more toothpaste. 

I checked all the cabinets, but couldn't find it.

There was only one cabinet left.

No, i won't open it! I'll never do it again.

My arms had suffered enough.

No toothpaste for me today, i murmured to myself as i walked into my room, to find some clothes.

I found a checkered vest, a plaid white shirt, a black tie and brown trousers. 

I changed clothes and walked downstairs.

The halls were silent, except for the tapping of my feet.

I skipped breakfast, packed my bag and shouted goodbye to my sleeping parents.

My feet led the way down the pavement, and through the woods. I hummed a song that i heard yesterday.

I loved singing. It made me feel free.

I saw two kids playing and laughing around the trees. How i wished that was me...

With my face facing the cold ground i continued walking.

I arrived at the school, and crossed the parking lot.

But my feet stopped.

There was a girl walking up the stairs, into the school.  She hadn't seen me.

She had that long dark hair, long legs and walked just like... her.

My mouth was wide open, but i closed it and ran after her.

She rocked slowly to the music, that she heard with the white headphones that dangled around her waist.

She walked down the hall and sat down, resting her back at my locker. I couldn't just walk over to her, so i hid behind some lockers.

I didn't like the fact that i was spying on her, but i needed to know if it was her.

It looked so much like her.

The door into Principal Connor's office opened. They talked and he led her inside.

I sighed and find my way to the library. My favorite place.

Shelves filled with stories and complete silent. Paradise.

I read for about thirty minutes before the bell rang, and i walked down the hall, on my way to the cafeteria. Soon the halls were filled with people, and i had to push me through.

The girl came running through the bunch of people and in the rush, someone pushed her and she dropped her books onto the ground.

Within a second i was bending down to pick them up. I held them out, for her to take them, but she didn't.

I looked into her brown eyes. She looked so much like her. 

But she wasn't her.. I felt my heart drop.

"Let them be, they're not even mine" she said calmly, looking directly into my eyes. Her voice was so soft, but not even a scent of sweetness. But i liked it.

I laid them on the ground, I didn't know where else to.

My armpits felt sweaty. I was so nervous.

She turned around, and continued walking down the hallway. 

No no no.. She didn't had to leave..

"B-bye" I whispered, hoping she'd heard me.



The next chapter is also going to be from Marcel's POV, so you get to see things the way he sees them ;)

It's going to be so much fun writing the next chapter, hahaha xD

Who do you think the girl on the photo was? *Giggles*

Hope you'll vote and continue reading Opposites :)






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