Opposites - HS

Without the experience of the opposite there is no experience of wholeness.


2. 2

I walked down the hallway, following the scent of food. Oh how i love food. Everyone were heading towards the the cafeteria, or so i thought, so i followed.

A heard some people cheering and yelling. What was that?

I hoped that it was a food fight, but no. A mass of students were gathered around two fighting boys. Why are boys always so violent? I don't get it.

I was about to turn and walk away when i heard a whining voice.

"Pl-please stop, Roy!" the boy said with a shaking voice. The boy that must have been Roy started laughing, and then the sound of somebody being thrown into a locker. Poor kid.. I felt a little sorry for him.

I walked back to the crowd of cheering people, and heard a guy shout something at the boy. Why are they so mean to him?

After a while people started to walk away, and in the end there were only the boy and me left. He looked horrible. He had a black eye, his arm dangled down his side and a small stream of blood came out of his injured lips.

I stood a while away. He didn't notice me because his eyes was closed. He sat totally still, resting at the locker, which had a huge bulge after he had been thrown into it.

I didn't knew if i should just leave or do something.

As the sweet person i am, i decided to help him. Probably the only good thing i'll ever do.

"Are you okay?" I asked, stone cold. His eyes popped wide open, and when he saw me he tried to stand up, quickly. But because of his injuries he groaned in pain and fell to the floor. I ran over to him and held his arm to keep him up. He looked at me, confused. Was it really so strange for him to get help?

"Let me help you." I pulled him up and held around his back, with his arm around my neck. His body tensed at my actions.

I diidn't knew the school so i had no idea where to take him.

Well.. Now i have an excuse to skip classes.

"Where's the nurse's?" He looked away when i tried to look him in the eyes, and just pointed down a hall. I dragged him that way.

Again i tried to look into his eyes. I wanted to look at his green eyes. But when he turned around and looked at me, he quickly turned the other way when he felt my breath on his skin.

"In he-here." He stammered and pointed at a door. I used my free hand to knock, and after a while the door opened and a little, fat lady, who was dressed in a too small uniform, opened the door. She was chewing gum and was wearing a pair of purple granny-glasses and her blonde hair was made in a tight bun. I already didn't like her

"What can i help with?" She smiled bright and her voice was so squeaking, that i wanted to rip off my ears.

"My fr.. this guy needs some help. He got beat up." The nurse let us in and i helped the boy to sit down on a chair, in a corner of the tiny room.

I began to walk out, but the nurse locked the door right in front of my face and said, "I think it's better if you stay in here and wait for your friend." Told you that she was a pain in the ass.. I hate when I'm right.

I sighed and bumped down on a chair, next to the door. I thought about running out of the door, but the hallways would be empty, and i don't want to risk running into Principal Connor.

"So..?" she started. "M-Marcel" the boy continued. "So Marcel, why was you fighting?" I didn't even know.

"I dunno.. They-they always beat me" his voice was a whisper. So they bully him. Typically.

"Maybe next time you should just tell them, that you don't want them to beat you" she examined his arm and legs, and he groaned in pain. That was the stupidest advice ever.

When the nurse was done examining him, and had given him some bandaged around his arm, foot, both hands and stomach, and gave him a pair of crutches, she told me to take him to his next class and stay there to keep an eye on him. How i hated her.

Now he was able to walk by himself, so i walked a little in front of him. He had told me where his next class was, so i just walked that way, until he shouted something to me, that i couldn't hear.

I turned around. He was standing in the other end of the hallway, so i walked down to him.

"Why are you stopping?" I folded my arms and waited for him to reply.

He was facing the floor.

"I have to pe-pee" he murmured, and i saw that we were standing outside the bathrooms.

I signaled for him to go, and so he did.

After about five minutes he came out again.

"Are you ready to go?" i asked, but he shook his head. He spend five minutes in there, how is he not ready to go?

"Well.." he hesitated. "I ca-can't ge-get my zip-zip-zipper down" he murmured. Oh no no no no! I'm not going to unzip his pants!

My laughing outburst made him blush. He isn't expecting me to do that, is he?

"But have you tried to do it yourself?" my voice was low.

"Wh-why do you think i spend so much time out there?" he kept murmuring and faced he floor.

I walked into the bathroom and a while after he followed. We stood in front of each other. You could feel the awkwardness miles away.

When i took a step closer to him i saw tiny drops of sweat on his forehead. He avoided eye contact, and looked anywhere else but me.

"Uhm.. should i just?" i murmured and reached out for the zipper. It felt so wrong. I tried to grab the small metal zipper, but as i got it a bulge started growing under the fabric.

My eyes widened, and removed my hands from the zipper. His face was totally red.

"Have a little control with your lower parts, would you?" i snapped at him and he began to mumble sorry.

I grabbed the zipper and quickly pulled it down, and he ran into the toilet.

That did just not happen, i thought by myself.

The clock rang and i hurried out of the bathroom, and blended into the crowd. No more classes, so i didn't had to keep an eye on him anymore.



Haha, what do you think?

Quite awkward, huh? xD I laughed so much while i wrote it.


- Rebecca :)

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