The Diary of a Survivor

For 'The Walking Dead: A Zombie Inspired Writing Competition'
One of the most precious relics of the Juvenile Virus, or the more popularised ‘ZA’ after the famous account, is the diary of Natasha Crill. There is much we can learn about everyday life before the virus but the most interesting entries feature the virus itself in what is argued to be the most honest piece of literature of the time.
2,980 words


4. Day 51

Day 51

This is serious.  Alex’s mum took him out of school today and I wandered the corridors alone.  Friday it was Jack, Tuesday Kate, now Alex.  Well that’s all of them.  I have no friends left.  But I’m not the only one. 

In science there was me, Aaron Cross-My-Heart and Tyler Legg.  That was it.  And can you believe Mrs Richardson still made us do work as though nothing had happened?  I would’ve struck up an interesting conversation to have with Aaron to exaggerate how charming I am but that went to hell when Mrs Richardson told us the next person to talk without raising their hand would have to stay after school and clean beakers. 

In English there were five of us, including Mr Temple.  At least he let us discuss Juvie and what was happening.  He even made it into a lesson, cheeky bugger.  Preparing us for the creative writing part of our exam he asked us to write a story where the world falls apart.  In what universe was that helpful?

I might as well admit I’m scared.  Well, scared doesn’t quite cover it.  I think petrified would even struggle to do justice to what I’m feeling.  I won’t touch anyone in case I get infected, even though I’ve only known friends of friends who’ve become infected.  I don’t go out after school anymore.  I’m strictly social media bound.  Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest and Instagram are my friends now.

EN: It is reasonable to assume ‘social media’ was some form of interaction across the ‘internet’.  If we go by Crill’s account, there were various different channels but it’s impossible to know how they differed.

So Mum freaked out and made me quit Andy’s but she won’t let me leave school.  Typical. 

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