The Diary of a Survivor

For 'The Walking Dead: A Zombie Inspired Writing Competition'
One of the most precious relics of the Juvenile Virus, or the more popularised ‘ZA’ after the famous account, is the diary of Natasha Crill. There is much we can learn about everyday life before the virus but the most interesting entries feature the virus itself in what is argued to be the most honest piece of literature of the time.
2,980 words


11. Day 213

Day 213

If I consider what I’m doing here on this planet, I come up blank.  Today I spotted Aaron Cross, a Walker.  Looking into that beautiful face I realised everything beautiful about him had gone.  His eye was milky, the other missing.  His smile was a grimace of black teeth, human flesh stuck between them, saliva and gore dripping from those perfect lips.

I had no choice to put him down.  I put too many people down today.

I don’t want to talk about it.  Three of us left and only I returned.

I don’t know why I’m even trying anymore. 

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