The Diary of a Survivor

For 'The Walking Dead: A Zombie Inspired Writing Competition'
One of the most precious relics of the Juvenile Virus, or the more popularised ‘ZA’ after the famous account, is the diary of Natasha Crill. There is much we can learn about everyday life before the virus but the most interesting entries feature the virus itself in what is argued to be the most honest piece of literature of the time.
2,980 words


10. Day 100

Day 100

I know I’m supposed to be writing everything down so future generations can understand what happened here but I can’t.  I can’t bring myself to write every miserable detail of my life. 

What future generations anyway? 

I don’t need reminding about the horrors I’ve seen and neither will anyone else out there still alive.  If there is anyone. 

I’m not writing down our history because why should I?  History is written by the victors anyway.  Anyone who says we’re on the winning side is kidding themselves.

Today isn’t so bad.  I found a Crunchie under my bed.  I ate it in twenty-seconds flat.  My happiest moment of the ZA.

EN: A Crunchie is a chocolate bar popular before the Juvenile Virus pandemic.  Many wrappers have been discovered and can be seen in museums.

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