Kathryn Jones is your average 18 year old girl. When she comes back to finish high school from a mission trip to Austria for 2 years, she misses all her old friends, that is if they even want her back. She hears words around there's a boy by the name of Justin and NOBODY messes with him. He's BAD news. What happens when they meet, will he blow her off like everybody else, or take an interest to this new girl he's never seen before. Contains: sexual abuse, harsh language, violence, depression, sexual content, drug/alcohol use,


6. chapter 6.

Kathryn's POV:

I woke up to the sun shining on my face and an arm wrapped tightly around my waist. I forgot where I was and panicked a little until I remembered what happened last night.

My eyes widened, 'How could I be so stupid to lose my virginity to this scum bag?' I thought to myself. I turned my head looking at a sleeping Justin, with his head nuzzled into my side.

His lips were slightly parted while a quiet snore was escaping his mouth. He looked so peaceful and sweet, I almost didn't want to move until I snapped out of my daze. Sliding my arm, it moved his head and his eyes opened.

He looked at me with confusion and pulled me in closer, resting his head now on my chest. Intertwining his legs with mine, I was actually comfortable.

"Justin?" I asked. He didn't reply or move at all. "Justinn!!" I shook my arm.

"WHAT?!" he yelled as his head shot up. I was taken back by his outburst and instantly found out that he's not a morning person. "I just wanted to leave.." I said.

"Oh. Well not yet, I'm tired and you're comfortable so you're staying a couple hours longer." And with that he laid his head back down on my chest, intertwining our fingers. Playing with the silver ring that was on my middle finger. I decided to sleep so I dozed off.

I woke up yet again, but to an empty bed. Literally nothing was on it, no blanket, no sheets. I was freezing cold and Justin was no where in sight. I didn't want to stand up because God knows what he'd do if he caught me wandering his house, he'd probably murder me. So I decided to call out for him, "Justinn!!". No response. "JUSTIN!" I yelled louder. Still no response.

I was about to yell out for a third time but his head poked through the door. "What?" he snapped. "Why is there nothing on your bed?" I asked.

"What are you talking about? You were on my bed." He said with a devilish grin. I rolled my eyes.

"Obviously, I know that. I mean why isn't there my sheet, I'm cold?" I said with a slight tone.

"Ohh, there in the wash, there was blood on them." he said with a shrug. My eyes widened, "Blood from what?!" I asked scared of what he would say. "Blood from you, I made you bleed. When a girl loses her virginity for the first time, they bleed because their cherry was popped. I popped your cherry and that's why it hurt so bad at first." he said like it was nothing in the world.

"You're telling me, I lost my virginity.. to you??!" I asked shocked. "Don't act like I raped you Kathryn, I asked you twice and you told me what you wanted me to do to you. You wanted it too." he said defending himself.

I thought back and realized he did ask me and that I was the one telling him what to do. "Thank you." I said.

"For what?" his eyebrows pulled together in the middle, confused. "For Not raping me.." I mumbled off.

"Oh, well I guess you're welcome." he awkwardly said. I looked around the room trying to escape the intensity of the conversation and saw the bathroom. "Can I shower??" I asked.

"Uh yea, go for it." He said as he showed me how to work it.

When he shut the door, I locked it and sat on my butt with my back to the door and put my head in my hands. Instantly tears sprung out and I cried into my hands. A knock was heard from the outside, "Kathryn what are you doing, I thought you were going to shower. Are you crying?" I heard Justin ask. "Why would you care? You took me.. you tied me up. I hate you.." I trailed off.

"Listen, I WARNED you and you tested me. I said there would be consequences and I knew it wouldn't hit you until today so after your shower, you're leaving." and with that I heard him walk off. Even more tears came down my cheek, I felt so dirty. I turned the shower on, craving to clean myself.

I jumped in and began scrubbing my skin, scrubbing everywhere until I was red. I still felt dirty, I absolutely hated it. I figured I should wash my hair and get out. I squeezed his shampoo into my hands and lathered it in my hair, then washing it out. Turning the water off, I grabbed a towel and wrapped it around my body.

I looked at myself in the mirror and felt like the ugliest, dirtiest skank in the world. 'Why did I let this happen to myself?' I thought. I felt like trash, a used waste of space. I pushed those thoughts into the back of my mind and opened the door finding Justin sitting on his bed, on his phone. I just stood there staring at him until he noticed.

"What?" he snapped. I jumped and moved my gaze else where. "I need something else to wear." I mumbled. He sighed and looked annoied, "I shouldn't give you anything of mine. You don't deserve it you little slut." with each word, venom backed them up. He threw a black sweat shirt towards me and it landed on the floor in front of my feet.

"Look what you did now, it's on the floor now because you didn't catch it. Now it's dirty, now you can wear it since it's already messed up." I simply looked down at it. "I'm..I'm sorry." I apologized while a tear escaped my eye.

"Aw is the little whore crying? What reason do you have to cry about, huh? You're the one who opened your legs to me. Who begged me to fuck you. It's you're fault Kathryn, don't be selfish." he tisked in front of my face.

I picked up his sweat shirt and walked back into his bathroom, changing into my shorts and his sweat shirt.

I walked out carrying my other clothes, waiting for another insult. "You're cabs here, you can leave now." he bluntly said.

He ruined me, all of his hateful comments. But I still had a little spark that I thought I should put to use before I left. "You know, I never would've thought I would lose my virginity to something like you. I thought It would be special, But you couldn't do that even if you tried."

A tear slipped down from my eye.

"You completely destroyed me, emotionally and physically. I hope that feels good to have on your conscious that you took something I can NEVER get back. The only thing that held my last innocence is now gone, thanks to you." A tear rolled down my cheek.

He chuckled, 'First, I don't know where to start, you're welcome I guess? Second, I would bet five hundred dollars not one guy would want to have to do with anything special if you were included. You're an ugly slut, that I used for a good fuck. Don't feel special because you don't deserve to. A girl who opens her legs to a complete stranger deserves to be treated like trash, and that's all you all. I hope it feels good on your conscious knowing nobody cares about you." he mocked me. "Don't you see, you're "friends" didn't want you. I don't want you. Hell, I bet you're brothers don't either. It was nice without you here, why don't this time you just leave and never come back." he spat.

Each word was ripping my heart and soul in two.

My eyes were over flowing with tears and I turned my head and ran out the door. I couldn't control myself any longer and fell to the ground once I made it into the elevator, wheeping. 'How could somebody hold so much hate against another person.' My head was pounding and I felt nauseous.

Once the elevator doors opened, I pulled myself off the floor and managed to the cab that was waiting for me. I got in and told him my address but before he started to drive he said that I had a phone call awaiting for me.

I grabbed the phone and put it up to my ear, praying it was Taylor, But for my luck, it wasn't. It was Justin, "If you mention what happened last night or this morning to ANYBODY I swear I'll kill you. Don't think I won't." and with that the line went dead.

I handed the phone back to the cab driver and we began on our journey home.

When I arrived home I walked up and went through my front doors.

Kyle caught my attention, "WHERE THE HELL WHERE YOU, IVE BEEN CALLING YOU ALL NIGHT?". I quickly remembered Justin's warning and made up a lie. "I uh.. um met a new friend and she showed me around her house. Uh, It was getting late and her parents invited me for dinner and I didn't want to be rude so I stayed. The dinner ended late and Taylor and I had homework, by the time we were done my phone died and um..Taylor insisted on me staying. So I did." I said almost all In one breath.

Kyle raised an eyebrow, "Wait, if you stayed at her house, why'd you take a cab home. Why didn't she take you home?" He asked again. "Um..uh because I didn't want to be selfish and ask for another deed after her and her family had done so much for me." I said simply and with that walked up stairs.

Once I made it to my room, Justin's comments was all I heard. 'You're trash.' 'Nobody wants you here.' 'Leave and never come back.' Was repeating over and over. I couldn't control it.

I put my hands to my ears and squeezed my eyes tight, hoping I could shut the voices out. Nothing worked and it drove me insane.

I needed to stop and take control. I rushed into my bath room and looked through my drawer for something sharp, anything. At this point I was desperate and took my razor from my shower, slammed my brush into the head part and grabbed the blade.

I held it to my wrist, tears pouring out and I was shaking uncontroably. All I heard was Justin's voice, he was the one driving me to this insanity.

Without thinking, I applied pressure and slid the blade across my wrist.

Instant pain occurred and blood gooed out, but I liked it. I cut another but deeper and harder. More blood came out and fell down my hand, on my legs and the floor. I did it one last time, this one worse than all the others and I screamed out.

Automatically, feeling dizzy I grabbed a towel and tried to clean the blood from coming out more.

I rushed to leave out of my bathroom until I slipped from the blood that was now covering the floor and hit my head, once again. I was instantly knocked out.

Tyler's POV:

I was up in my room playing some modern war fare when I heard Kyle yelling. I paused my game and jumped up, running to the top of the stairs. My eyes widened when I saw Kat, she looked like she had been crying. I didn't go downstairs because I wanted to hear the conversation.

Kyle was yelling right in her face, something dad would do.

She said some words, but I didn't understand them from how low she was speaking. I decided to walk back into my room and continue playing my game.

About five minutes later I heard Kat scream out and a loud bang. I shot up and yelled for Kyle. I ran into Kats room and she was no where to be found, I then looked towards her bathroom and saw the door closed. I walked over to it and tried the handle, it was locked.

"KYLE GET IN HERE SOMETHINGS WRONG WITH KAT!" I yelled. Kyle came running in and noticed the panicked look on my face. "I.. I heard her scream and then a bang and her doors locked, Kyle get the key hurry!" I babbled.

He ran, got it and came back unlocking the door. I saw Kat lying before us, unconscious with blood all around her.

"Call 911!" Kyle demanded. I ran to my room and grabbed my phone, unlocking it and dialing 911 for help.

Kyles POV:

My mouth fell open in shock as I raced towards my sister, who was lying in her own pool of blood. I felt her neck for a pulse and felt a very faint beating. That meant her heart was slowing down. I grabbed the nearest towel and wrapped her arm up, noticing that's where the most blood was coming from, besides her head.

About six minutes later I heard the sirens and knew that help was here. "TYLER GO LET THEM IN, HURRY!" I screamed out.

The men came and once they saw her, they shoved me to the side, bringing in a gurney. My stomach instantly dropped, 'please stay alive' I prayed.

They wheeled her out and Into the ambulance, while Tyler and I climbed in after her. The doors closed and the sirens came on, while we sped down the road.

I grabbed her hand and squeezed it, hoping she'd pull through.

A red light started flashing and a loud beeping noise went off and everyone started shouting.

"CHECK HER HEART!" one yelled.

"I BARELY FEEL A PULSE, SHES GOING INTO A COMMA." the other shouted. Tyler had started crying and shut his eyes and ears.

We pulled up to the hospital and they rushed her out and into the building. I ran by her side and she wasn't moving. She wasn't talking or barely breathing. She looked dead with her pale face and purple lips, I felt her hand and it was cold.

"Sir I'm going to have to ask you to stop here and let us continue please." The nurse said frantically.

The lady at the desk caught my attention, she smiled a small grin, and asked me to come with her.

She took me and Tyler into a small room that nobody else was in, "You guys stay in here and we will update you when we get further information. If you want anything at all, there's a call button right here." she pointed to a small blue button. I nodded at her and sat down.

That's when everything kicked in and I instantly knew something bad must have happened to cause her to do this to her self.

I honestly don't think she was at Taylor's, it had to be something else, or should I say somebody else.

I'll find who caused her to do this, I'll find them and make sure they pay. I will make them feel her pain, even if it took me until the day I die. I will find you.





💗 Thank you SO much for reading, this is my first fanfic and i'd LOVE to have some feedback to know how I'm doing💗

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