Kathryn Jones is your average 18 year old girl. When she comes back to finish high school from a mission trip to Austria for 2 years, she misses all her old friends, that is if they even want her back. She hears words around there's a boy by the name of Justin and NOBODY messes with him. He's BAD news. What happens when they meet, will he blow her off like everybody else, or take an interest to this new girl he's never seen before. Contains: sexual abuse, harsh language, violence, depression, sexual content, drug/alcohol use,


5. chapter 5.

Kathryn's POV:

Soon, the bell rang ending the teachers rant about God knows what. I stood up from my desk alone, considering Justin had already walked out of the room for no reason. Heck, why didn't I do that? That's better than listening to this nonsense for fourty-five minutes.

As I was walking out of my classroom, Mrs. Baker got my attention. "Kathryn, do you know why Justin walked out of class so suddenly? I didn't know but I didn't want to stop him because it could've been personal, and you were with him so I thought you might've known." she spoke all in one breath. She was too nice to be a teacher. "I have no idea but, between you and me.." I said while motioning my finger pointing to me and then her. "He's got some MAJOR bipolar issues. He's all smiling one minute and then BOOM, he wants to like kill someone the next." I said sarcastically, even though I don't know what's all fully true.

"Oh alright well, have a good rest of the day." she said. "Okay will do, you as well!" I said waving and walking out and into the halls. The halls were completely empty, with maybe one or two students every three minutes. There's not even any janitors near by. "Oh well" I shurgged. walking over to my locker I dialed in my combination and pulled the lock off.

Putting my books away and grabbing my jacket I was about to turn around when I was pushed back into my locker. "What the hell?!" I yelled turning around.

I saw Justin and he didn't look too happy. "What are you doing?" I asked, very confused and caught off guard. "You're gonna come with me to the janitors closet and talk, alright?" He said with his slow, raspy voice. "What if I don't want too."

I refused, turning my head the other way. He smirked, "It doesn't matter if you want to or not, you're coming with me. Easy way or the hard way, you're going to come with me." I shook my head 'no'. He shrugged and mumbled something to himself when he suddenly picked me up, swinging me over his shoulder.

I could feel how mad he actually was from the heat that was radiating off of him. I started banging on his back.

"PUT ME DOWN RIGHT NOW JUSTIN, THIS ISNT FUNNY." I Yelled. "Pound your fist until they bleed baby, I'm not putting you down until I want to put you down."

I continued to bang on his back and try to wiggle out of his hold until I noticed how we were now In a dark room. The janitors closet.

He put me down and threw me into a wall. There was so much force I think there might be a hole in the wall now. He grabbed my wrist, holding them together with one of his large hands and soon my face with his other.

His mouth got dangerously close to my ear when he whispered, "Let me get something straight here."

"I don't know where you moved here from, and honestly I don't give a shit. But I will not allow you to come into this school and make me look like a fool, got it?" he warned.

I moved my face out of his hard grip, "and what would you do if I didn't listen?" I tested.

He chuckled and shook his head, "Then you'd have a consequence sweetheart."

When he wasn't looking I knee him in his stomach, making him double over in pain while I searched for the door. Lunging towards it, I felt something grab onto my ankle and pull me down head hitting first, hard. It hurt so bad, everything was spinning and throbbing.

As the room was getting blurry around me, I heard one last comment before I passed out. "You're going to regret ever fucking doing that, bitch." And then I was out.

Justin's POV:

As the pain in my lower stomach went away, I noticed how Kathryn wasn't moving on the floor. I went over and checked to make sure she was still Alive. "Thank you God!" I praised when I felt a pulse, but I still had to get her out of here without anybody noticing.

I crept over to the door and stuck my head out, looking left and right for signs of anyone.

When the coast was clear, I picked her up and swung her over my shoulder. She was actually quite light, it was easy to carry her.

I basically ran to my car and put her in the back seat, laying her down and a blanket on top so nobody would think she's dead or something.

When we finally made it home, no one else was here which gave me some time. I opened the car door, and carried her inside, up the stairs and into a Spare room that no one used. I grabbed two lengths of rope and tied each wrist to the head board, leaving her feet free to move.

Knowing she would wake soon, I quickly left out the door and locked it, just incase she got out of the ties.

Kathryn's POV:

I woke up to my head pounding, it hurt SO bad I wanted to cry. I tried to sit up but was stopped right way. "What the hell?" I questioned noticing how my hands were tied.

I suddenly began to freak out and I started yelling. "Help, somebody anybody please HELP ME!" I screamed, a tear running down my face. Remembering what Justin had said right before I passed out, made my heart stop.

He was going to do something to me, and by the way it looks so far it doesn't seem to fun.

My mind was racing and I couldn't focus on anything accept the fact that I could die tonight. I cried even more at the thought of my brothers, I didn't even get to see them that long. "Why me, what did I do to deserve this?" I asked out loud, knowing nobody was in the room but, kind more of asking God.

I soon heard the door open, then close and saw a figure moving towards me. It was so dark In here, I probably couldn't see my hand if it was in front of my face.

A lamp was turned on, reveling Justin's angered face. "I told you not to test me, but you didn't listen. When you don't do what I say, there's consequences." His slow, voice rasped. It sent chills down my spine.

"You're going to do exactly what I say, right sweetheart?" He said while getting closer to me.

I tried to shift away as much as possible but that didn't work when he gripped my face in his large hands and turned it towards him. His lips colliding with mine. He had so much force behind the kiss, it hurt.

I refused to kiss him back, hell, I refuse to touch him.

"Kiss me back." he demanded. "Why would I kiss a filthy piece of shit like you?" I snapped back.

A loud echo was heard through out the room and my cheek started stinging. He slapped me, and then got on top of me. I squirmed underneath his heavy body. "Don't try to get away sweetheart, later on you'll be screaming my name." he said.

I looked away in disgust when another slap echoed through the room. I cried out, "Stop slapping me!".

He smirked, "Then do as I say darling and I promise I won't hurt you again..or at least hurt your face. Your legs might be hurting by morning." He said with a grin.

I couldn't believe my ears, he was going to rape me.

It's not like I could run away or scream without getting hit, so I had to do it. "What do you want me to do." I gave in. I could tell he was feeling victorious because I complied. "I want you to do exactly as I say and when I say it."

Then his lips found mine again, kissing me. I resisted as much as possible until he said "Kiss me back." harshly. Not wanting to be hit again, I kissed him back, feeling his lips draw into a smirk.

Unexpectedly, He shoved his tongue in my mouth feeling all around. Exploring places that nobody's ever explored inside my mouth before. I played with his tongue, knowing If maybe I made him satisfied now, he'd stop later.

I was wrong, because he moved down my neck leaving wet, sloppy kisses finding my sweet spot. He bit and sucked on the supple skin until a moan escaped my lips.

Justin brought his head up, looking at me with a smile, "I knew you'd enjoy it darling."

He then got out scissors and started to cut my shirt up the middle and ripping it off, reveling my chest to his greedy eyes. I instantly felt uncomfortable and self concious. "Damn." was all he said as his eyes filled with lust.

Not the lust that somebody has when their in love, just the pure 'I wanna bang you so badly' lust.

His hands found my boobs and he attached his lips to mine again, going straight into our make out session once again. Instantly shoving his tongue back into my mouth, playing with mine.

He squeezed my boob, making me squeal into his mouth. He swallowed it down and smirked, "Be patient baby, I'll give you want you want."

His hands then moved from my boobs, to my shorts, his fingers going under the rim and over my panties.

Applying pressure and Rubbing in circles, he made me feel undescribable. I've never felt this way before, considering I'm a virgin.

No wonder so many girls enjoy doing this.

I moaned out loud and Justin attacked my neck once again. This time being a little more rough. Licking and kissing my sweet spot before biting down and sucking, made me go mad.

For the first time that night I moaned, "Justin.!" He looked up and smirked. "What do you want me to do darling? Just tell me and I'll take care of it."

I didn't want to say it, it was to embarrassing. His fingers started to slow down from their rubbing patterns and I was getting impatient.

I groaned, "I want you to keep going." "You want me to keep doing what? Or maybe you want me to fuck you, am I right?" He asked picking up his pace a little.

I contemplated if I wanted him to or not since It would be my firs time. I didn't want to give it up to somebody like him. "If you don't tell me I'll fuck you right here right now." he snarled. "But.. I'm a virigin.." I finally spoke up.

He looked at me for a second then smiled, "Well sweetheart tonight's your lucky night." Then all of a suddenly he stuck his fingers inside of me.

It hurt, but I sucked it up and tried not to show that I was in pain, but he knew I was.

"Damn, you're so tight, I can't wait to let you feel all of me for you're first time." he grinned.

His fingers pumped in and out and gradually got faster and faster until my body couldn't handle it anymore and I released myself on his fingers.

Recovering from my high, my mind was doing summersaults. I couldn't think properly.

He took his fingers out and held them up to his mouth, sucking my juices off.

When he took them out he smiled in satisfaction, "mm you're so sweet." and stuck his fingers in front of my mouth. "Open and get the rest off darling." he commanded. I did as I was told and opened my mouth allowing him to stick his fingers in, I sucked on his two fingers and twirled my tongue around the ends of them while he was pulling them out.

He watched me the whole time and bit his lip. "I want you. Right now." he demanded while taking off my shorts and soon taking off his. "This is going to hurt like hell baby, I'm going to rip you apart." He said confidently.

I would be lying if I said I wasn't scared.

He then plunged into me, throwing my head back in the pillow and squeezing my eyes shut due to the pain. If I thought I hurting when he was fingering me, this is an all new level. I felt shocks of pain shooting down my legs with each thrust.

I wanted to cry from the pain. I teared up but didn't allow to show my weak side. How is it possible for somebody to be this big??? He made long slow motions, making sure to go deep inside of me.

"It will go away." was all he said until he sped up.

Soon, the pain turned into pleasure and I was on cloud nine. I moaned and whimpered making him go faster. "Justin, please go faster!!" I begged.

He brought his mouth to my ear and whispered, "Only on one condition." I nodded my head signaling for him to continue. "Tell me you're mine."

My eyes shot open and I shook my head 'no'. His movements slowed down until he was barely even going. "Just say the two words and i'll finish you." He said with a grin.

Being the Desperate, sexually frustrated girl I am, I gave in. "I'm yours.." I mumbled. "What? What I'm sorry I didn't hear you?!" he teased. "IM YOURS, JUSTIN!" I yelled out.

He chuckled and regained his faster pace, later finishing me off. Breathing hard and feeling exhausted, I needed sleep more than anything. Justin really took a lot out of me today.

leaning up he untied the ropes while he covered my chest and body with a white sheet.

He leaned down and kissed my forehead whispering, "You'll always be mine now, darling." and with that he left and went into his bathroom.

I had absolutely no strength left in me what so ever,therefore there was no point to make a run for it.

I just closed my eyes and allowed sleep to take it's natural course.





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