Kathryn Jones is your average 18 year old girl. When she comes back to finish high school from a mission trip to Austria for 2 years, she misses all her old friends, that is if they even want her back. She hears words around there's a boy by the name of Justin and NOBODY messes with him. He's BAD news. What happens when they meet, will he blow her off like everybody else, or take an interest to this new girl he's never seen before. Contains: sexual abuse, harsh language, violence, depression, sexual content, drug/alcohol use,


4. chapter 4.

Kathryn's POV:

"I've never seen somebody that hurt before." A female voice spoke. I lifted my head from my hands, looking at the girl. I just shook my head and continued to cry. The girl walked up and sat down next to me, pulling me into a hug. "I don't really know what to say, but I know that I wouldn't have been able to say all of what you said. You're so strong, I wish I had your strength."

I looked up at her in confusion. she realized and spoke, "Oh I'm sorry! I'm just sitting her talking and I haven't even introduced who I am. I'm Taylor Reeds." she stuck her hand out. "Physically and emotionally a wreck." she beamed. I smiled and took her hand, "I'm Kathryn Jones. known as the dirty nature girl, who everybody leaves." I smirked.

Taylor giggled, "I like you KJ, I like you a lot." I looked at her with my eyebrows pulled together, "KJ?" I questioned with a chuckle. She laughed as well, "Yes, your new nickname, from your new friend!" I really enjoyed Taylor, she was funny. I needed to laugh a little. "So.. is this your car?!" she gawked in question. I stood up and brushed off my pants, I sighed. "Yep, it's a beaut." I grinned. "Woah, talk about gots some moneys." she said in a funny accent making me laugh even harder. "Is your car parked close to mine?" I asked in wonder. She pulled my wrist, taking me about 5 parking spaces over and to a bright red mustang. "It's so pretty!" I said honestly. It was cherry red with platinum rims. Hey don't hate, I like my cars.

"Yea, I guess it's alright." she said with a slight chuckle. "Hey what's your number? We should hang out, like soon!" I nodded my head, handing her my phone, while she handed me hers. I typed in 'KJ😝🚗👯' with the car considering we both enjoy nice cars. Just as she was handing me back my phone, I heard a loud engine roar into the school parking lot.

Everybody immediately stopped what they were doing and just stared. The shiny, black car drove into the parking spaces next to us, pulling in right by my car. Oh goody, another jock that I have to deal with.

"Don't stare!" Taylor warned while jerking me to face the other way. Right as the strangers car door flew open, everyone resumed to what they were doing, as if no one had even pulled in. A boy with brown hair that was pulled to a quiff, slid out. Wearing a black leather jacket, I noticed those caramel eyes. They seemed so familiar. He was wearing black supra's and was sagging his jeans, a lot! He also wore a white teeshirt underneath with two silver chains. Sunglasses now covering his eyes, he walked over to where I was standing. Oh shit. oh shit. oh shit.

I felt his shadow behind me as he cleared his throat. I slowly turned around, noticing just how small I was by how much he towered over me. I looked up at him and waited for him to say something. Taylor grabbed my arm, ready to tug me away when he finally spoke. "Is that you're car?" He thumbed Behind his shoulder pointing to my car. His raspy voice sent chills down my spine, almost scarring me. All I managed was a quick nod from my head. He smirked, "I like it." And with that he strutted on, towards the school.

"Who was that?!" I whisper-yelled. Taylor shushed me and took me back over to my car. "That's Justin bieber. He's so dangerous, please stay away from him. He's like, killed people and does drugs." she rambled on. "He sleeps with like, every single girl at every party. He goes to all of them and chooses a new girl each time. He's disgusting." I finally butted in, "but those could just be rumors Tay." I stated the obvious. "Not when there's proof. One time, a boy named Tommy Hill owed Justin and his group loads of cash, but he couldn't pay it on time. Next thing you know, he's being pulled out of the bottom of the lake with three bullet wounds. One to his head and the others to his chest."

I just stared in shock while I tried to let everything sink in. "Why isn't he in jail?!" I questioned. "He hasn't been caught yet. The cops are always on his ass and have been since two years ago. He's just that good." she said with a shrug. Hearing the bell ring, Taylor and I began to walk back into the building. "Lemme see your schedule." taking it from my hands and comparing it to hers. "Yes! We have most of our classes together. We just have two not together, fifth and seventh. Fifth is right after lunch, which is fourth and seventh is our last class of the day. I nodded and started to walk inside.

I saw Vincent and the fab 4, or maybe I shouldn't call them that anymore. I'll call them, 'The Backstabbers' even though that's corny as shit. I saw them all talking and laughing as if I never even came up to them, maybe nobody would care if I was gone. I shook the thoughts out of my head, as soon as Taylor's voice rung through my ears. "We have math first, so it's Mrs. Hagman. She is the worst teacher ever." I sighed, "Oh goody, I'm so excited ." I said with sarcasm laced within my words.

I walked into the classroom and up to the teacher. She was old and had a gray bun pulled tightly, on top of her head. She had a twisted smirk on her face. "Um, I'm the new student, Kathryn Jones." I said nervously handing her my schedule. Mrs. Hagman took it and scanned my classes, "Go sit somewhere in the back row, you can pick any desk you'd like." She pointed with her old, bony finger. I quickly nodded and scurried over, setting my stuff down.

Once I got settled in, I noticed how Taylor was all the way across the room, yet if she turned her head to the left she could see me perfectly. After the second bell rang, everybody went silent. Mrs.Hagman spoke, "Class, this is our new student Kathryn Jones, treat her well." and with that she led on the class with our assignment for the day.

Suddenly, the door to the class room flew open, reveling the boy who parks next to my car. "Nice of you to join us Mr. Bieber." Mrs. Hagman said sarcasticly. "It would be even nicer for you to join me in detention today, after school." Justin simply shrugged with a smirk, "What ever helps you sleep at night."

His smirk soon faded when he walked up to my desk, "This is my seat, move." He demanded. "No, she said I could sit anywhere in the back row, and I want to sit here." I remarked. He just chuckled, "It doesn't matter sweetheart, I said move. So pack your shit and leave." And with that I stood up and moved over a seat. "Fucking prick." I mumbled. "Who said that? Kathryn, was that you?" Mrs. Hagman asked. "No it wasn't-" I was cut off by Justin. "Yes it was her, she said that towards you." he yelled. "Ms. Jones this is your first day back and you're already getting in trouble? Detention today as well." and she turned around. I looked at Justin in shock and he smirked.

"I guess you shouldn't have used an attitude with me babe." he whispered while laughing. I huffed and tried to ignore him but he was always doing something to distract me. He was either clicking his pen or making a beat on the desk with his fingers. "Hey, can you like be a tiny bit quieter? I actually want to learn something in this class." I said with a snarky tone. His features quickly changed and he just looked at me. "Yea, you might want to pay attention as well if you even want to pass this year." I said smirking. It seemed as if I hit something in him that made him mad and he got up and left the room. "Mr. Bieber you cannot just leave the room!" my teacher yelled, but it was too late. He was already out the door. I could tell he's done this before because Mrs. Hagman didn't even try to go out and get him.

I was almost asleep when the bell signaling to leave for lunch, woke me out of my daze. I had already gone through two periods before the one I'm in now, with Taylor being in all of those, and now going to lunch. We walked through the busy halls and down to the lunch room. "Where do you usually sit?" I asked. she pointed to an empty table near one of the large windows, "Over there, follow me." I did as she said and we arrived to her table, setting our bags down. "Yea, nobody else sits with me.. Except you now I guess. haha" she quietly said. "I am perfectly fine with this. Everybody else in this school is annoying as it is." I grinned.

We got up and stood in line waiting for our lunches to come. Well, just hers because I cannot eat, especially not after what happened this morning. She grabbed a salad and handed the lunch lady a five dollar bill. "Thank you!" Taylor said all giddy. "What's got you so happy Tay?" I asked in confusion. "I'm so hungry! I skipped dinner last night working on a project." she beamed. "Oh, I gotcha." I agreed.

I was looking out the window when I noticed Justin's car wasn't here anymore. He just drove off campus, isn't that like against the rules or whatever? I don't know, but I do know for sure that this boy has some MAJOR bipolar problems. One minute he's joking around and the next he's cussing me out. 'I'll never understand' I thought to myself silently sighing.

After our lunch, we finished most our homework with the remainder of time and talked about things. Taylor and I clicked, we could carry on a conversation for hours it seemed. I can't wait to become the best friends I know we will be one day. We just met today and were already super close. I think we're hanging out after I get out of my detention.

Suddenly, I spotted Justin's black car speeding into the school lot and next to my car. He got out and seemed heated. He put his sunglasses on and started towards the double doors. Hearing them open my stomach got an uneasy feeling. "I know, I get that too sometimes." Taylor spoke noticing the pain look on my face. "Some people say he's so crazy that it makes your stomach hurt when he's near." She spoke in all seriousness. I brushed it off though because it's not big deal.

After that the bell rang and here was World History, with Mr. Thomas. He was so cool and had the best stories about how he traveled the world and saw all the different countries. I was so amazed and inspired by it all.

Justin, walking in late as always, soon stormed in the room. Still looking mad, but not as much as he was. He sat directly diagonal of me. oh great. While siting down, he left a his stuff out in the isle. Everybody was to scared to call him out so I did. "Um I think your shit is all over the floor, do you mind picking it up and shoving it somewhere, oh i don't know like your ass?!" I snapped, getting back at him from all the times he's cursed/ insulted at me.

Expecting him to turn around and yell at me, he just turned and looked at me, with a smile on his face. "Oh, you really shouldn't have an attitude with me darling. You honestly don't know what you're getting yourself into. If you don't want my stuff there, move it yourself." and with that he turned around. I was astonished, I'm most definitely not touching his stuff, God knows where it's been. "I am not touching any of your stuff you filthy piece of shit." I said not regretting a word of it.

I saw that all Justin did was smile and shake his head. What's his problem? Does he have issues? Throughout the whole class Mr. Thomas told us stories about China, I can tell this class will be easy.

After two more periods, my last class came. I was praying that Justin wasn't in here because I don't like him, at all. He ruins my days and put's me in bad mood's. The last class was Literature comp, something I'm really good at. Mrs. Baker was our teachers name, and she was the nicest out of all. She was so simple and sweet, I know I'll love her.

About 15 minutes into class, guess who came barging through the doors. The one and only, Justin bieber. "Justin I want you to go and sit by Kathryn over there and help her catch up with our work." she told him. Surprisingly, he didn't argue and just walked on over. I rolled my eyes at him in annoyance. "You really shouldn't roll your eyes at me sweetheart, I won't take your attitude." he remarked. I huffed at him and chuckled, "Honestly, I'm not scared of you. Just because you wear a leather jacket and come into class ten minutes late doesn't make you a badass." I said sarcastically. His hands balled up into fist and I could tell he was squeezing them from how white his knuckles were turning.

I looked at them and then looked him in the eyes, "Do you need a doctor or a therapist because you seem to have a lot of bipolar issues." I snapped.

"You're going to regret ever speaking one damn word to me Jones." he snarled. Almost creeping me out, hell it did scare me. His tone was dead and that was not normal. "What are you going to do, kill me?" I laughed sarcastically. He huffed, "Maybe, I just will." And with this my face went pale. I almost couldn't breathe and my heart was beating out of the normal. Was he going to kill me?

I tried to brush it off because he could just be saying that to make me scared, which is exactly what he wants. I can't give him that pleasure.





💗 Thank you guys so much for reading! This is my very first fanfic so please give feedback! Love you guys!💗

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