Kathryn Jones is your average 18 year old girl. When she comes back to finish high school from a mission trip to Austria for 2 years, she misses all her old friends, that is if they even want her back. She hears words around there's a boy by the name of Justin and NOBODY messes with him. He's BAD news. What happens when they meet, will he blow her off like everybody else, or take an interest to this new girl he's never seen before. Contains: sexual abuse, harsh language, violence, depression, sexual content, drug/alcohol use,


2. chapter 2.

Kathryn's POV:

As I made my way through the sea of people I managed to find the double doors leading to the open world. I struggled to open them when suddenly the door was opened by somebody else. "Oh thank you, I was trying-" but I was cut off when I looked up and saw Kyle standing there, with a huge smile on his face. "KYLE I MISSED YOU!" I squealed out. I gave him the biggest hug and he spun me around. Not seeing your brother in two years was hard, I was just so happy to finally see him in person. He set me down and spoke "It's been forever kitty Kat!" My face suddenly turned red, "Don't call me that! Especially out in public!" I scolded and grabbed my stuff. He just chuckled and took one of my suitcases.

He leaded me to his red range rover and opened the back seats while grabbing the rest of the luggage. "You can go ahead and sit, I got this." he said with a warm smile. Man, I really did miss him. As I sat down, I noticed a picture of him and girl that I've never seen before. They were hugging and he was kissing her on the cheek while she was laughing. It was so adorable, but I thought I'd ask him about it later. He got into the vehicle and started it up. It roared to life and started to ease into the 6:00pm traffic. Oh great. It took a good thirty minutes to get home, considering the traffic made us take the long way, which added a good ten minutes. But I'm not complaining, it's better then sitting in the airport that's for sure.

We pulled up the drive way to my home and it seemed as if nobody was there. "Is Tyler home yet?" I asked with a confused look on my face. "Uh, I don't think so. I thought we could surprise him when he gets here" he answered then got out. Soon, I opened my door and hopped out, going to reach for my luggage when Kyle stopped me. "Let's get that later, come on inside before Tyler gets here!" he motioned. Agreeing, I walked up the rock steps and waited patiently as Kyle unlocked the door. He let me in first, being the gentlemen he was, when the lights turned on and everybody yelled, "SURPRISE!!!". I almost peed myself and fell on the floor but Kyle caught me, standing me back up. " Oh my God!!!" I screamed as I saw Vanessa, Anna and Jonathan. Anna and Vanessa ran up to me, tackling me on the floor, hugging me and not letting go. We all three started crying and laughing at how stupid we all looked. Suddenly, a hand reached down to help me up, knowing it was Johnny's I didn't hesitate to grab it and he pulled into a tight hug.

Silently crying and saying how much I missed him he pulled away, "I don't think you realize how much I missed you kitty Kat." He said. Only my close family and friends call me that(if you couldn't notice). A tear rolled down my cheek and I cheesed up at him laughing while nodding my head. To shocked to say anything at the moment. After the tears and screams I looked around to see who else was here, the first person I noticed was Tyler. "MY BABY BROTHER, COME HERE!" I yelled as I ran up to him. "C'mon Kat don't call me that! I'm not a baby, I'm 15!" He whined. I pulled him into a hug. Him being 2 inches taller than me, I wanted to ruffle his hair like I used to before I left, but it seems to me he is grown up. "You're so tall, and you don't sound like a little girl anymore!" I said while he rolled his eyes.

I turned around to see everyone talking and making conversation. I looked at Anna and Vanessa and noticed how much older they look. I then saw Johnny coming towards me. "Everybody in the fab 4 has like, grown up. You've gotten taller as well!" I said and he smirked, "Yes kat, a lot of things have changed." suddenly his smirk turned into a slight frown and his gaze was off in the distance. Something was bothering him, I knew it. "Hello, Earth to John John?!" I tried to communicate. He looked back at me, snapping out of it and smiled. "let's go eat some cake!" He offered, changing the subject. Well, cake? I could not reject!

After catching up with everybody over some "Welcome back!" cake and club soda, it was time for everyone to leave. Saying goodbye to a few neighbors I hugged all of the fab 4 and promised I'd text them all tonight. Finally shutting the door I sighed, "long day?" Kyle asked laughing. "You don't even know." I said with a chuckle. "I think I'll go up to my room and take a shower." I said and leaped up the stairs and into my room. Woah, This was weird. I felt like I haven't been in my room in five years much less only two. I walked over to my window and opened the doors that led to a balcony. Walking out onto it, I could see all of the neighborhood and the sunset. Everything was perfect, I'm home, I have all my closest friends with me, my brothers and this perfect sunset to end my perfect night.

A subtle breeze started blowing and chills were sent down my spine, so I decided to start to take my shower when I remembered I had nothing to bathe with or change into. Bouncing down the stairs I opened the front door and ran out to Kyle's range rover.

Opening the door, I grabbed one of the suit cases and my carry-on bag and drug them inside. Going back out for my last suit case, I reached in to grab it, but it seemed to be stuck. I pulled and pulled until my hands slipped and I fell backwards, almost hitting the ground until somebody caught me. I turned around and saw Tyler. "Oh my god thank you! I would've fallen and like died." I said laughing. He chuckled and spoke, "I heard something outside so I looked out the window and saw you struggling, and being the nice man I am, I though I'd help." he smirked. "You're still bugging about that whole "boy" thing, huh?" I said with a small smile.

He looked serious for a second but then his features relaxed when he spoke, "Eh, kinda...not really...maybe...sort-of but no biggie.." he trailed off. I looked at him in disbelief, "Uhh-huh, soo... if I called you my "wittle baby bwother" in front of your friends you wouldn't be embarrassed?" I held back a chuckle. "Ok yea, maybe then.." He finally admitted. "Yea, that's what I thought baby bro!" I teased. He scoffed, "Do you want help or not?" He tested. I squinted my eyes at him, "You may be taller, but I'm still older. Pick up the bag, doofus." I said and he quickly complied.

Tyler brought one of my suitcases up stairs while I brought my other and the carry-on. When we made it up, he turned to me. "Please don't call me that when I have people over. It's so embarrassing and it could ruin me at school." I don't think I've ever laughed so hard in my life. I was never going to call him that, I just did it to mess with him and they way he looks now, all scared and shit, this was so funny. Maybe I should mess with him more, I missed this. "Hmmm under one condition." I tapped my finger to my chin while pacing back n forth to make it look like I was thinking when I already knew what I wanted.

Stopping in my tracks I turned to him making eye contact, "You have to do whatever I want, whenever I want unless you physically can't." I said with a sky smirk. "WHAT ARE YOU SERIOUS?!" he yelled. I was a bit taken back by his outburst but he regained his emotions and looked back to me. "Fine whatever." He said with a huff and shoved by me, walking down the hall and into his room. I silently fist pumped the air and had a little dance off to myself knowing I have my own little working elf(even though that sounds weird haha).

I went back into my room and grabbed what I needed for my shower. My first shower back, agh this will be good. Remembering how to turn my shower on, I waited for the water to heat up while I undressed myself, looking into the mirror. Observing my figure I sighed, obviously not content with it. I didn't think I was ugly, but I didn't think I looked the best. I had long, dirty blonde hair that went pretty far down my back. Normal toned skin and a small amount of freckles on my cheeks. With them being barely visible, I had two dimples on my cheeks when I smiled. My teeth were pretty straight but I still thought I needed braces. My eyes were a hazel and in sunlight you could see a sparkle of green in them. Being the smallest of my family, I average In at a whopping 5'3. Yea I know, I'm tiny. Don't hate. Realizing the water was warmed up, I stepped in and suddenly, I was completely relaxed.

I let my hair soak up the water while I leaned on the tile wall, letting it all in. Grabbing my shampoo, I lathered it in my hair and scrubbed my scalp and then when finished I rinsed the soap out. Then grabbing my conditioner, I squeezed a little too much out, but oh well, longer shower time for me. So I massaged that all though my hair and began washing my body with my brothers axe body wash that I grabbed. What. I like the way it smells. After I cleaned my body off and rinsed the conditioner out, I began to shave my legs and other areas careful not to cut myself. When I finished I cut the water off and grabbed two towels. One for my hair and the other for my body. Drying off, I slipped my black leggings on and a big, long sleeve navy blue tee-shirt. Leaving my bra out of the picture (because all my ladies know how good that feels lol). I combed through my hair, parting it to the side and setting it down. Soon brushing my teeth and then flossing. I try to floss every night, no lie. Then I simply put on some Chapstick and headed towards my bed.

Plugging up my phone charger, I set an alarm because I'm enrolling back into school, it being Monday tomorrow. I had to make sure to wake up on time and not be late, I don't want to make a bad first impression back. I made a group message containing all if the fab 4 saying "Goodnight! See y'all tomorrow!" Like I used to. Whenever we texted usually it was in a big group conversation and people replied back quickly. Yet, this time nobody responded. Not even Johnny. They all had their read recites on, so I could tell they saw it. 'Hmm.. strange' I thought to myself. Oh well.

I checked my twitter and Instagram before locking my phone and setting it down. I closed my eyes, smiling to myself at the great day I had and tried to think of one bad thing that happened, because I honesty think it was perfect. Then I remembered the boy who ruined my dinner and offended me. I wondered who he was and my curiosity was getting the best of me as I was slowly falling into a deep slumber with his face in my mind.





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