New In Town

Sarah was a good girl, never got in trouble but when she moves to a new town her life changes when she meets a guy in her English class and gets put with him to do a project.
This will contain love, romance, drama and cant forget the sex :P


2. The People Next Door

Sarah's POV

I cant believe I just checked my hair I thought to my self well walking down the stairs. When I get to the bottom the first thing I see is the back of my moms head "And this is my beautiful daughter Sarah" she says with a big smile as she gestured in my direction "Hey" I said with a smile, I didn't really know what else to say.

"Hi, im Linda and this is my husband Steven and our two kids Lilly and Alex" she said as she pointed to the sofa when a boy sat, he looked about 17 he had blonde hair and it was all flippy, he was really cute, I felt my face heat up so I looked down at my feet.

Alex's POV

I looked over to where my mom and dad were standing and I seen a girl there, she was looking down so I didn't see her face, I went back to texting

Damon: Hey you coming to the party tonight?

Me: Yea, im at the neighbors house right now, there's a teenage girl here

Damon: Dude bring her to the party, maybe Beth will leave you alone

Me: Good idea, ill text you later with what happened

I slid my phone back into my pocket and stood up, I stretched and walked over to the grope who was now sitting at the kitchen table talking, I walked up behind my mom and wrapped my arms around her neck "What do you want?" I only did that when I wanted something so she knew "Damon invited me to a party, can I go?" "I don't know Alex" I had to think how to get my mom to say yes "Damon said I can bring someone with me so I though id bring Sarah" I looked over at her and I seen her put her head up, she was really pretty "Well if she can go then yes you can but I expect you to stay with her the hole night and pick her up and drive her home" "Ok mom"

Sarah's POV

I shot my head up hoping my mom would say no, I didn't know this guy, he might leave me alone there "Mom?" I said in a little kids voice "Sure she can go, it would give her a chance to get to met some new people" I looked over to Alex and he smiled at me, hot he was hot "Ok great, Ill pick you up at 6?" "Um...sure" I said in a scared voice


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