New In Town

Sarah was a good girl, never got in trouble but when she moves to a new town her life changes when she meets a guy in her English class and gets put with him to do a project.
This will contain love, romance, drama and cant forget the sex :P


4. The party

Beth's POV

I have to ruin there relationship, she's a slut.

Sarah's POV

The door swung open and it was Beth, Alex kissed my cheek witch made Beth turn red with anger, she was still there so he gently pressed his lips to mine, he didn't kiss me, just put his lips on mine i wanted to kiss him tho but i was scared to, scared he would pull away. The before i could pull away he was kissing me, he slipped his tongue in my mouth and explored it, after a 5 minute make out session we decided to go down stairs, we held hands with our fingers locked, we were having a squeezing war until this blonde girl came running up to Alex and jumped wrapping her legs around him witch made him let go of my hand but before he could say anything they were kissing, i felt awkward standing there so i made my way to the kitchen, i seen Damon sitting on a stool, i walked over and stood in front of him "Hey, where's Alex?" he said with his eyebrows drown together "Making out with some blonde over by the steps" he turned to look and there they were still killing "I thought he was with you?" "I don't know i think i was just a toy he got bored off" I could feel the tears build up in my eyes, i think Damon could to because he hugged me and rubbed my back. I don't know why this is getting to me, its not like we were dating right? i can't like him, can I? U pushed the thoughts away as a tall blonde walked by us and sat down by Damon "Dude, new girl?" he said gesturing to me "No just a friend, Sarah this is Ryder, Ryder this is Sarah" "Hey" he said holding out a hand "Hi" i smiled and shook it.

He was very cute, with blonde hair the covered one eye, but the other was a bright blue, like pure bright blue, his lips were full and kissable, i wanted to reach out and grab him but then Beth came over and sat on his lap "Beth get off me" "Why baby you wanted this a few minutes ago" I turned my head, i could feel him looking at me "Beth get off" she huffed and stormed away shooting me a death stair.

Damon had left a while ago to go party, the only people left in the kitchen was Ryder, me and the people getting beer and other drinks. He moved closer to me but before he could say something a strong pare of arms wrapped around my neck, i looked up and seen Alex standing over me with puppy dog eyes "Don't touch me" i said well pulling away from his grip, that made Ryder smile a little, i looked back up at Alex and he had pain in his eyes, he looked hurt. I stood up and walked away.

Alex's POV

She just walked away, what happened, that spark from the was gone.

I walked around looking for her, every girl at the party must have flirted with me at least once, then I found Damon on the sofa, I fell down beside him "Hey man" I said "Hey, how's the blonde?" he said well looking at me with a disappointed look, then i remembered it, walking down holding her hand squeezing it making her giggle and squeeze it back, the spark between us, then that blonde came out of nowhere and started to kiss me, then she disappeared, i remember now "Oh my god, i know why she did that oh my god i need to find her where is she?" he looked at me with another disappointed look "I seen her leave with Ryder a hour ago" wait she left. With out me. And with someone else. I felt myself get mad, i clenched my fist by my side, Damon must have seen because me moved away "Are you ok?" he asked a little concerned "Yes" I said between my teeth, was I jealous of Ryder? Then someone landed on my lap, for a split second I hoped it was Sarah but it was just the blonde from earlier, i looked over at Damon who was shooting my a even more disappointed look then before "Get off of me" "Why babe? wasn't it you who said you would find condoms and empty room" I looked back at Damon but he was getting up and walking away. The blonde girl smelled like vodka and sex, for some reason I wished it was Sarah on my lap, but not smelling like vodka and sex, unless it was me and her. I had to find her, first I had to find Damon.

I pushed the girl off me and into the sofa and walked away, I went into the kitchen and found Damon and Beth yelling at each other "What's going on?" "Oh Beth here set you up" I looked at her and she just laughed "And the text you just sent to her will make her wish she never met you" she walked away laughing and threw my phone at me. Me and Damon just stared at each other, then i went into my messages 

Sarah, your a slut and a bad kisses, i want you to act like you 

never met me. I just used you for sex, but blondie bet you to it ;)

anyway, i never wanna see you again or here from you, forget you even met me

your such a slut haha bye

I looked up at Damon and I could feel the tears building.

Sarah's POV   

Ryder had taken me to a café to get away from the party, we were sitting in a booth talking but my phone vibrated, i pulled it out and read the text as tears fell down my cheeks, Ryder took the phone from me and read it, he put the phone down and clenched his fist so hard his knuckles turned white and the vein popped out, i got out from my seat and sat next to him, he put his hand on my knee and I was rubbing it to make him calm down.  When he was calm enough i got up and went back to my seat.




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