New In Town

Sarah was a good girl, never got in trouble but when she moves to a new town her life changes when she meets a guy in her English class and gets put with him to do a project.
This will contain love, romance, drama and cant forget the sex :P


5. First day of school

Sarah's POV

I woke to the smell of bacon and 5 unread text message's, I went through them there was one from Ryder witch asked if i wanted him to pick me up or if i was gonna take the bus, I've bin hanging out with him a lot since the party on Friday night, I kept looking through them there was one from Damon that asked if i knew what classes i was in, i replied with no, i hung out with him a lot to, then there was 3 from Alex, one said he was sorry for Friday, he's bin saying sorry a lot, then one asked if i wanted a drive and the other asked if i wanted to go on a date, i said {No Ryder is picking me up and go on a date with who? you and that blond chick? i think ill pass} then Ryder messaged me and said he'd be here in 10, I stood up and the smell of bacon hit me like a wrecking ball. I dug through my clothes and put on a pare of black skinny jeans with rips in the legs and a tank top that said [let your dreams become reality] and my bright orange high tops. I grabbed my book bag and ran down stairs to get bacon, when i got there Ryder and my mom were sitting at the table eating the bacon, I walked over to him and taped his shoulder and when he turned his head ii stole his plate and said thanks as i giggled and walked away with the bacon and back to my room. I put the plate down on the dresser and i turned to see Ryder standing in the door way looking at me "What?" "That was my bacon" he said well pouting "It's mine now" i giggled well eating a peace, when i was done eating it i turned and seen him standing only and inch away from me "Now what" he said with a little smile, i turned around and picked up the empty plate and handed it to him "Take this down stairs for me" "You owe me" he said well walking out of the room.

I fixed myself and checked my phone i had a message from Alex i didn't barter to read it, I put my phone in my back pocket and went downstairs.

 Ryder's POV

I set the plate on the table and Sarah's mom smiled at me, i turned around and seen Sarah walking down the hall to the kitchen, damn was she beautiful, but were only friends. She walked over to me and wrapped her arms around my waist "Ready?" I couldn't speak, i loved her touch, the sparks between us, i wonder if she felt it to "Yea im ready to go" We walked out to the car and I opened the door for her "Thank you" she said slipping in, I smiled at her and got in the other side, when we pulled into Alex's drive way i looked at her and she looked back like i was crazy "He texted me and asked if i could pick him up" "Oh" is all she said.

Alex came jogging out and got in behind me "Hey man thanks" "No problem" i looked over at Sarah and I could tell she was pissed, she had her fist clenched against her sides.

Alex's POV 

She looked really beautiful sitting there, i haven't seen her since Friday, but she looked even more stunning. I reached out to touch her hand witch was between the seats holding her in place, Ryder failed his driving test 5 times, i reached out to touch "DONT FUCKING TOUCH ME" she hissed at me and pulled away from me, I really screwed things up between us, i seen Ryder look at me in the mirror and he shot me a sorry look. He wasn't sorry, i knew he liked her, that's the only reason im in the car was so he didn't try anything on her. Oh god he was at her house, what if he already had, i had to think fast "Soooo who in here isn't a virgin?"  did I really just say that, im so stupid when he stopped at a red light they both turned to look at me, my face was bright red and i swear i seen Sarah smile a little. Then Ryder spoke "Yea Alex, we all know your not so have many girls?" oh my god he's trying to kill me, i looked over at Sarah and she spun back in her seat "I don't know" "Whoa that many" i seen a tear hit Sarah's leg and make a dark mark on her jeans, i just slumped back on my seat and didn't say anything.

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