The Ghost Couple

Home alone. A strange sound. GHOSTS!???????


1. The Ghost Couple

It is a dark and windy night. I am all alone at home.

Suddenly there is a noise. I hear a strange sound coming from outside. Oh no. No, not again. This has happened before. Let me tell you about it.


It was also a dark and windy night. My parents were visiting some friends, and would first be home the next day. There was also a strange sound from outside. It sounded like a couple arguing. I was curious and walked to the window. In the middle of the garden were there standing two persons. They looked like two white silhouettes, but you could see them so clear. I could not move or anything. I was just starring at them.

Suddenly they stopped arguing and looked directly at me. I ducked and sat down under the window. Who the hell are they? was the first question, that popped into my mind. It was so terrifying. They looked like ghosts. I turned around and sat up on my knees, so I could look out the window. There right outside the window were they, looking at me with their white faces. I stumbled back and in an impressing hurry got up and closed the curtains. I sighed. I thought it was all over now.

I do not really remember why I thought that. If you consider, that you just have seen a ghost, right outside your window and you close the curtains. Would you then think that the ghost is gone? And obviously the ghosts were still there.

I heard a sound behind me and turned around. I screamed. They were standing right in front of me. I ran as fast as I could to the telephone. I picked it up and typed the number, but it was not ringing. No Signal, Seriously! It began to be cold, and I looked up. Everything was bit blurry at this moment, but they were there.

I woke up and heard somebody talk, but I did not recognise the voice. I kept my eyes closed and tried to listen to the conversation. They were talking about me, but they did not speak that loud. One of them sounded worried, and I think was talking about, that she hoped I was okay. I slowly opened my eyes, and there got quiet. The two ghosts were smiling, which made it even scarier. It was like they wanted me to calm down, and their smile was a happy smile. I smiled back. They told me to go to sleep, and I did. I felt safe.

When I woke up the next morning there was no sign of them. My parents were home and I told them about the ghosts, but they just laughed and said that I must have had a strange dream.

I was curious about them. So I started looking up some history, and found out that they lived in this town until they were hung. They were hung, because they had killed ten children. They were murders and I thought they were kind and sweet. There were a picture of them and they looked so innocent, but they were killers.


The other times they have appeared, I have been so scared. That is some really difficult nights. When my parents are home I run into their bed to sleep, and when they are not home I hide in the wardrobe. That is just my way to deal with it.

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