Journal of Selma Augusta Emilia Asplund

This a journal about and from the point of view of a third class passenger on the Titanic. The woman in this story was a REAL passenger on the Titanic, and the events that happened REALLY happened to her and her family. I did a LOT of research for this Movella so tell me if there is a historical error. Sorry you actually have to pay attention to the date and time but I hope you guys still like it! ILYGSM!


4. We're Done For


April 15, 1912


12:00 AM

     As I ventured into the hall to check the gates once more, I was shockingly surprised with a small river of ice-cold water filling the hall. I turn around and tell Carl to put life vests on the whole family. As he tosses me one, I told him to meet me on the decks. I finally made it onto the decks, but I realized Edvin and Lillian have followed me. I note that they have their life vests on, and I finally look around and allow myself to realize how bad the situation is.

     There are people everywhere, many half-dressed or wandering about with a sleepy, confused look on their face, and I realize with a start that there can’t possibly be enough lifeboats for more than half of the ship’s passengers, let alone all of them. I start panicking, and I scramble to the nearest lifeboat, Edvin and Lillian in tow. The officer in charge of loading the lifeboat states that only first-class women and children are boarding at this time. He glances at Lillian, Edvin, and I, and I realize how poor we must look, in our nightclothes and life vests. Still, he waves us in without a word. I catch a fleeting glimpse of Carl with the rest of the kids fighting to get into our boat, but it is already too late. Lifeboat 15 has hit the water, and we are afloat in this heartless, raging sea.


12:25 AM

     My eyes are tired, my clothes are drenched in saltwater, and still, I hope. I hope that Carl, Clarence, Filip, and Carl Jr. are still alive, and I hope that someone shall rescue us from this lifeboat. But I look around, and the more I see, the less I hope. I hear moaning and crying, begging and sobbing, and I just reminds me how desperate we all are. Suddenly the sky is on fire. There is a wondrous display of light, and in that light, we see the silhouette of a ship. We are saved! At least one of my prayers has been answered.


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