Journal of Selma Augusta Emilia Asplund

This a journal about and from the point of view of a third class passenger on the Titanic. The woman in this story was a REAL passenger on the Titanic, and the events that happened REALLY happened to her and her family. I did a LOT of research for this Movella so tell me if there is a historical error. Sorry you actually have to pay attention to the date and time but I hope you guys still like it! ILYGSM!


2. The Start of it All


April 11, 1912


9:00 AM                                                                                                                        

     It is day one of our voyage, and I still have nothing bad to say about this ship. The steerage conditions are not as good as first class, but they are still much better than all the other ships I have been on. The room, though somewhat cramped, has 5 beds. Carl and I sleep together, and the kids have split the rest of the beds amongst themselves. It looks as if the boys are sleeping two each to a bed, and Lillian has been left her own bed, whether it is out of their brotherliness or the fact she is still a young child who wets the bed, I am not sure. 

     We are all still tired, and if we could we would keep sleeping, but truthfully, I think the children are keeping themselves awake so they can go explore the parts of the ship they have access to. Unfortunately, we “immigrants”, as they call us, are only allowed a general room and a smoking room for the men. That means no swimming for Lillian. She is not too upset, though, as she can still explore parts of the ship many others simply don’t have access to.


11:00 AM                                                                                                                                                          

     I have just returned from the washroom, and they are quite fancy. The toilets have automatic flushes, which, after speaking with another passenger, turns out first class doesn’t even have. Whatever the case, they are much better than the holes in the ground we used in Sweden. If this voyage spoils me anymore, I shan’t ever be able to live as poorly as I once did again.


1:00 PM                                                                                                                                                                 

     My stomach is full, and I am ready to entertain my family’s needs. After the succulent one-course meal of soup, roasted pork, beans, and corn, I can hardly imagine surviving off of scraps once more. I am also looking forward to the afternoon tea, which hopefully will be as good as yesterday’s quickly-brewed tea and crackers. Though it is not much to hope for, it is a minor indulgence I can allow after a hard life.


4:00 PM                                                                                                                                                       

     The afternoon tea was even better than yesterday. The kids loved the beef and biscuits, and I the tea. After drinking it, I enjoyed the luxury of just sitting back and relaxing, and speaking with fellow 3rd class passengers. Carl went to the smoking room to find some company of his own, even though he doesn’t smoke. I guess we all have our own ways of enjoying ourselves. Though I am enjoying myself, I still hunger for dinner, though it is the same meal as lunch, I’m told. I fancy it is all this excitement that is making me hungry. I daresay the rest of our voyage will be somewhat the same, but still not worth writing about. However, should something different happen, I shall write about it.


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