Journal of Selma Augusta Emilia Asplund

This a journal about and from the point of view of a third class passenger on the Titanic. The woman in this story was a REAL passenger on the Titanic, and the events that happened REALLY happened to her and her family. I did a LOT of research for this Movella so tell me if there is a historical error. Sorry you actually have to pay attention to the date and time but I hope you guys still like it! ILYGSM!


7. I Suppose This Is It


July 4, 1912

10:00 PM

     We are fairly well-off now. While I still grieve the loss of most of my family, the ache has dulled some. Lillian and Edvin are happy children, and they skip and play with their friends like any other child. It gives me great joy to see them playing so carefree. I have no responsibilities, nothing to worry about. The family friend brings us food, and Edvin and Lillian pretty much watch themselves. I can live the rest of my life in peace, and I will die knowing that I did my best to give my family a good life, though it did cost us.

     I do not need any memories of my last years in this life, and therefore I will no longer write my journal. It is unnecessary to, for I know the rest of my days will be as peaceful as today. I must go now, and watch the lightshow with the kids. They insist upon me coming, and after we might even light some up for ourselves. I am off now, both to the fireworks show, and the rest of my life. 

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