My name is Larxene, and I am an orphan.
You want to know more?
Oh don't pry.

Don't say I didn't warn you..


3. The wrath of of the beast... ahem, i mean Aunt Lilly..


The next morning, I slowly walked down the stairs, careful not to make a sound. After the storming off yesterday, I hadn't talked to Aunt Lilly, and I didn't want to cause any more trouble. Unknowingly, I was clutching my arm, to which I flinched in pain. Shit. I pulled my the sleeves of my soft black jumper down. my earphones dangling from my ear. My hair was up, showing my small gauges. They were 10mm, the biggest Aunt Lilly would let me have after some persuading and arguing. They were dotted with white specs, with a middle finger sign sitting in the middle. My jumper was accompanied by black leggings and grey converse. I poured myself some cereal and sat down on the old wooden dining table, eating quietly.

No sooner did I regret it when Aunt Lilly threw a brochure in front of me. I scowled when I saw what was on it.

"School?" I muttered, looking through it. This looks like utter crap.

"And why do I have to go? Isn't Sylvia a teacher?" I questioned, as she poked her head through the door, flashing a smile. I ignored it, returning my gaze back to the person that is going to make my life utter hell. All them people... The thought made me shudder.

Uniform too... eww.

"Please?" I begged, starting to panic. I couldn't go back to school.

The brunette just stood firm, ignoring my pleas.

"You start Monday." Three fucking days?!?! "Here's £50. I've already bought your uniform, so go get some school supplies or whatever. Whether you like it or not, you are going. You have to talk to some people sometime."


Two hours later, I returned, arms full of bags. It took me so long because the goddamn shopping centre is hard to navigate, plus I hadn't been there in around 3 years. I took them straight upstairs, happy with what I chose. After getting all the normal school supplies (Aunt Lilly gave me a list. A very specific one at that), I had around £30 left. I smiled for the first time in years.

It was time for a new start, wasn't it?


Three days later


I stood in the mirror, looking at the unfamiliar girl looking back. She didn't look anything like me... But I liked it for some reason. I felt the panic rise up my throat when I realized I had ten minutes left... Ten minutes... I started to hyperventilate. What was wrong with me? I haven't felt like this in ages...

Closing my eyes, I tried to calm my breathing. I checked my phone to see I only had two minutes. I started to count, hoping it would help me to calm down. I couldn't be a mess on my first day...


I looked in the mirror, checking my clothes, hoping that it looked alright. I had black skinny jeans on (it was within the dress code- all they said was black trousers. What the hell can they do, rip them off?) with a black and white belt attached, with chunky black creepers on my feet. They had little skulls on the heels, intricate details making them look pretty awesome. I'd had them a year, but I hardly ever used them so they looked new.


I wore a loose-ish white shirt, with a deep purple tie. The dress code was shit, but I found a way to... Improvise on it. The mandatory blazer was black, which did suit to my tastes. The long sleeves were pushed up so my arms were showing, filled with bracelets. Pierce The Veil... Bring Me The Horizon... Chelsea Grin.. All my favourite bands were on my arms in a sense, and I was glad that Aunt Lilly went into the school and talked about my earphone rule. I haven't taken it off in two years, and I wasn't planning to. Not for some stuck up teachers.


Around my neck, I had a necklace with a pentagram on it, a tiny blue stone encrusted in the middle. It caught the light and shone to match the blue of my eyes.


Pushing my hair back, I straightened it out and admired the colour. I bleached my hair white, then I dyed it light pink- some white bits were left behind but it looked good. The hair was lightly wavy, and was nearly as long as my upper stomach, soft and silky.


I had put makeup on for the first time, ever, with help from videos teaching me how to. I had black eyeliner on, with tiny flicks at the end. Mascara accented my lashes, and a nude lipstick coated my lips. I had a bunch of tiny freckles on my nose, which for some reason only made my eyes stand out more.


I pulled my hair away and gazed at my neck... Two faint dots were sitting there, a reminder of that day that I wanted to forget so badly. They tingled as I brushed my fingers over them, a tiny bump on each that was slightly painful. Animal attack? Bull-fucking-shit. Something bit me that day, and killed my parents. I remember the man clearly, even now. His eyes were fully black. I wasn't dumb. I knew what that thing was.


A vampire.

I hurried out of the bathroom, grabbing my small, plain black backpack and walking out of the door. I decided to walk there as I had been shown the route. Anything to lessen my contact with anyone. But it really was inevitable. I sighed, seeing other people walking. I haven't seen anybody younger than Aunt Lilly in three years... What am I supposed to do? I've only talked to people online, but that was only when I got really lonely. What if they don't like me? Well, I guess it'll be a reason to drop out.

I walked up to the school, admiring it. It was a big building, with a modern look. Grass stretched for miles, various people sitting down. There were people walking all around me, but I didn't notice them. I was deep in thought.

I guess... I have to try right? For Mum and Dad...

I love you. And one day I will find out what happened to you. I will get answers.

Cross my heart and hope to die.

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