My name is Larxene, and I am an orphan.
You want to know more?
Oh don't pry.

Don't say I didn't warn you..


4. First Day

I sat in a teachers office, looking around. Various picture frames of people were dotted across the desk, all different sizes and ages. I sat in silence, the ebony clock on the wall ticking annoyingly. I sighed, closing my eyes. I felt scared. I had no idea what school would be like; I missed six years. Six years of attitudes, growing up, six years of learning that I had completely no idea of. What if everyone picked on me? I looked at my arms, making sure all the scars were covered. That'd get me extra attention for sure- and attention I didn't want.

I snapped out of my daze when the teacher returned to the room, smiling when she saw me. I half-smiled back, not really knowing what to say. My iPod's playlist continued, blaring a familiar Skillet song.

"So... Larxene..." She started, before I interrupted.

"Its Larx-scene. Not Larx-en." I stated, annoyed that every fucking single person pronounced it wrong. I already disliked this teacher. Its bad enough that I didn't want to be here.

"Erm.. Sorry" She mumbled, obviously at loss for words. I guess that Aunt Lilly said I didn't speak much. She shifted through a couple pieces of paper, before handing me one. It had subjects, with what I guess room numbers, underneath each.

"That's your timetable." No fucking shit. I thought it was an iPad. "I put you in the same classes as a girl called Vicky. She will show you the ropes here at Kingdom High. She is a very nice girl, but can be.. a troublemaker. I think that you two will get on quite well." She finished with a smile.

"What's that supposed to mean?" I questioned with a smirk, cocking my eyebrow upwards. I never knew it would be so fun messing with teachers. She sighed in response, standing up.

"Vicky is waiting outside. She will show you around."

I step outside her office, a smile playing on my lips. The door instantly slammed behind me, and I chuckled in response. The girl, probably Vicky, stood up at the sight of me. She has copper hair, pulled up into pigtails. Her green eyes, deep and different shades, almost like a forest in her eyes, were accented by thick lashes. They almost looked like they were hiding something. Her lips were plump and coated with red lipstick, and she had a tight shirt on, making her boobs nearly pop out of her chest. She was wearing a short skirt, and looked slightly slutty.

But hey, I wasn't one to judge.

"Well, they actually got someone decent this time." Vicky drawled, her perfectly manicured nails tapping against her arm.

"My names Vicky. Don't be fooled by my appearance- if any guy even touches you, just let me know. I can rip his balls off before he can even think twice."

I giggle, deciding that I like this girl. And I thought it would be hard starting school.

"Well, that's good information to know. My names Larxene. Show me the way to.. Art?" I raised my eyebrow, looking at her. "You draw?"

"Well yes!" Vicky smiled, her perfectly white teeth glistening. "I love everything to do with art. I can express myself. Everyone seems to be surprised that a girl like me likes that sort of thing." She winked, walking away. I had to agree, she doesn't look like the sort of girl that would be.. artistic.

"Well, come on! Art is the only lesson I actually don't like to be late for. Plus, Mrs. Reily would chop my head off if I made the new student late. She acts like she's on her period all the time."

I smirked as I followed her. My clunky black creepers seemed massive compared to her flat black slip-ons, and I'm pretty surprised she hadn't mentioned anything about how different I looked from her. I was all dark while she was... happy, pretty, and looked like she was really popular. I was surprised I found it easy to talk to Vicky- normally I just kept to myself. I half expected to just be alone, but I guess fate had better plans for me for once.

I sigh, stepping into the corridor with Vicky.

Here we go...

No turning back now.

"Oh, and rad ear gauges! I tried stretching my ears but my mum kinda ripped them out. I think they look so awesome. You're lucky the school isn't so strict on their uniforms, y'know. I guess they just like to let you express yourself. And that's something you seem to like to do!" The strawberry-blonde girl winked at me, as I smiled back in gratitude. Vicky just carried on, popping a red lollipop in her mouth. She was bouncing as she walked, her high pigtails swinging up and down. She was a type of girl that had it and wasn't afraid to flaunt it. And boy, did she have it. Vicky looked like she was the type of person everybody wanted to be, and she wasn't an evil little bitch either. I hope. From the impression she gave me, she was nice- but even the nicest people can be the ones that stab you in the back.

Everyone that we pass seems to show their own sense of style- from the orange-tinted popular girls with the stuffed bras to the quiet, bookworms filled with fandom-related badges. Most of the guys seemed pretty hot, but the type of hot that they know that they're hot- and they use it to their advantage. As we pass a cupboard, I see a glimpse of a heavy make out session between what looked like an orangutan and a underage man. I defiantly saw some hand-to-boob action there. Lucky guy.

After a couple minutes of silence, we get to the Art lesson, it seems surprisingly chilled. Vicky introduced me to the teacher as I took a minute to look around the classroom. It was filled with hundreds of paintings, drawings, 3D models and sculptures. There weren't desks either- people were drawing on the floor, on makeshift sofas, even outside.

"So, Larxene, do you draw?" A question from the teacher makes me jump, as two sets of eyes look at mine. I look away, shrugging.

"A little. Mainly people." I mumble, looking back at the teacher. He smiles, motioning to take a seat.

"Sit anywhere. Creativity isn't found at a desk- its found when you are relaxed! Vicky can take you through what she's been working on and maybe you can find a little inspiration from her. Lesson ends at lunch, which is in two hours. Have fun." The brown haired teacher returned to his desk, working on a sculpture. Vicky instantly bounces off, leaving me to follow her. After a small amount of time, the girl had reached a greenhouse of sorts, chairs and sofas dotted around inside. It was small in size, but could hold around ten people. As I step in, the one person sitting inside catches my attention.

He is... gorgeous.

The guy has black hair, stopping right before his eyes. His skin is a creamy colour, no imperfections to be found. He has perfectly tinted lips, squeezed together as he works. But what really catches me off guard was when he looks up at me.

He had the most amazing blue eyes. They almost match mine, just a little shade darker.

"Welcome to Kingdom High. Where the food is shit, and the guys are fit." Vicky whispers in my ear seductively. All I can think of right now is... wow.

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