The Rise of The Dust Fairy

A young woman wakes up from the stone circle and finds out that she is alone in the middle of the battlefield full of soldiers burned to death. Who is she? How did she get in there? And most importantly what is she? When she starts her journey, the death is constantly near her, like a faithful dog that follow its owner everywhere.


6. The Rise of The Dust Fairy - Chapter 6

The Rise of The Dust Fairy
Chapter 6

Sergeant was checking his caravan, he noticed that his men had done a good job with the wagons and horses. He was proud of his men, they all had previously served under him and they all know what he expected them to do. He noticed that one of his men and his second in command approached him.

“Sergeant, everything is ready, we are just missing our two passengers and then we can move out.” said a slender man who had an ugly looking scar on his face.

“Thanks Scar, let's wait one turn and then we leave.” he said and saw how Scar turned the small hourglass in his belt.

Scar looked at him and asked. “Do you think we have any use for this priest?”

Sergeant scratched his head and said, “In these days, it does not hurt to have a white priest with you.” He saw how Scar nodded and walked back to his horse.

He smiled and remembered how they got to this point, they were lucky to be alive and the lady luck has really smiled them on that faithful day. He had been assigned to the supply caravan duty and he had taken his men with him. They were all hauling cargo to the army and when the battle had started they had been several leagues away from the main army. When they arrived to the battle grounds they saw only dead soldiers and burned ground. As they did not have any Lord to serve anymore they were all free men and for their luck they were alive with the caravan full of items to sell.

Sergeant was snapped out of his thought when he saw how the priest was arriving with his companion. He had to admit that the companion was something else than what he had expected. He saw how a young woman walked after the priest and her way of walking reminded him about that black predator cat that he had met in ones in the forest. He quickly noticed that the young woman was armed and that she had hidden her weapons behind her long black hair. He understood that this beautiful and innocent looking young woman could be dangerous to those that were too free handed around her.

The priest walked to him and said, “My apology for the delay, I had to pick up my traveling companion.”

Sergeant chuckled and said, “Women are always late when there is a deadline to keep.” His statement earned him a cold stare from the ice blue eyes.

Sergeant waved to Scar and he rode his horse next to them. “Scar these are our passengers, the priest and his companion” he said and pointed them to Scar.

The priest started to talk first, “I'm the local priest from the Holy Church of Light and my name is Belenus and this is my apprentice Morana.”

Scar nodded to both of them and introduced himself, “I'm Reynard and the second in command in this caravan, you can call me Scar like all others here do.”

Sergeant grinned and looked woman called Morana and said, “My name is Gonall and all here are my partners in this business and my former soldiers, you can call me Sergeant.”

“Nice to meet you Sergeant and Scar, I hope we get along,” she said with beautiful voice and gave a polite nod to both of them.

“It's better that you company with me in the lead wagon.” he said and directed both of his guests towards the large covered wagon with two large thick skinned oxen in from of the wagon.

“Oh! What are these large animals?” asked Morana.

Sergeant smiled and helped her into the wagon and explained, “They are called battle oxen, they have thick skin that can easily handle sword and arrows.”

When they had settled into the wagon, Sergeant sat next to the driver and rose his hand high for a signal and wagons started to move out of the village and into the dark forest.

He looked back into the wagon and said with a low voice, “We need to leave silently so we get some distance before the marauders notice that we have left.”

Belenus nodded and started to silently mumble some prayer or spell. Sergeant saw how Morana tried to hear what the priest mumbled, she was trying to learn some divine magic from the priest.

The whole night went without incident and just when first sun lights started to pass through the clouds he got alarm from one of his forward scouts. He saw how one of his scouts hurried towards the wagon and he signaled full stop to the caravan. All of his men started to immediately prepare worst and weapons were taken out.

The scout stopped next to his wagon and said, “ After that hill there is some sort of ambush or at least there is a road block.”

Sergeant nodded and gestured him little closer, “Take five men with crossbows and trigger the trap and flee here, it's better that we fight here than there.” The scout nodded and hurried away.

There was a sound coming behind him and when he turned to look what was going on and he saw how Belenus had cast some kind of spell, his eyes were glowing and he was breathing heavily.

Sergeant also saw that Morana had slept and was now woken and adjusting her clothes. He smiled to her and said, “Yes, it's good that you look beautiful before battle, but should you check your knives instead of your breasts.” He saw how Morana went all red and pulled two evil looking knives behind her back. When their eyes met Sergeant felt like someone was walking over his grave and all his skin hair started to stand, this young woman was clearly familiar with the death.

Morana smiled to him and put her knives away and said, “My knives are ready, but I feel a slight discomfort in these new clothes so excuse me if I adjust my breasts.”

Sergeant laughed, he was already liking this girl, she had some spice in her.

Belenus started to speak, “I see only death people and your scouts in front of us.” Then he closed his eyes and hold his head with both hands.

Sergeant was familiar how priests worked and he knows that it is a waist of time to ask more information, Belenus had told all that he knows. He signaled to his caravan and they started to slowly to move towards the road block.

He could only hear sounds of wagons and he could feel the tension coming from his men. He knows that if he closes his eyes he could point out all of his men based on these feelings, it was his birth gift from the gods and it had kept him alive this long. He inhaled and closed his eyes and started to feel around, he felt Scar and several of his men and when he turned his senses towards the back of the wagon he felt something different. He felt how someone was curious, amused and completely without fear of death. Sergeant turned himself towards the feeling and opened his eyes and he was looking directly to Morana.

Smell of blood pulled him out of his thoughts and they stopped in front of the makeshift road block. He saw that his scouts were already waiting them and he jumped down to meet them. Behind him he heard how Morana also jumped down and how Belenus tried to protest against of that.

The scout looked quite pale when he gave his report, “All Marauders here are dead, it seems that some kind of animals ripped them to pieces and it happened under an hour ago.” The scout gestured towards the pool of blood and he also did the math based on his experiences with the blood.

They both saw how Morana was walking in the middle of human remains and looking around like she was in the field of flowers. She picked up something interesting from the ground and lifted it front of her eyes, they saw that it was a complete human eyeball. What they heard next made them both shiver.

Morana looked at the eyeball and said, “I see a large pack of large wolves howling and this man's soul is among them.” She tossed the eyeball away, smiled to them warmly and walked back to the wagon.

“Beautiful and creepy” said the scout.

Sergeant nodded and said, “Lest get this road block cleared, we need to hurry to the next village before we get attacked by the wolves.”

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