The Rise of The Dust Fairy

A young woman wakes up from the stone circle and finds out that she is alone in the middle of the battlefield full of soldiers burned to death. Who is she? How did she get in there? And most importantly what is she? When she starts her journey, the death is constantly near her, like a faithful dog that follow its owner everywhere.


5. The Rise of The Dust Fairy - Chapter 5

The Rise of The Dust Fairy
Chapter 5

Morana woke up early in the morning, she had slept naked and lightly as she was not used to sleep in the bed, at least she thought that it was the reason. When she stood up from the bed she noticed that there was a large mirror in the back of the room. She walked to the mirror and looked herself now a second time, but this time mirror was better than previously.

From the mirror she saw that she had waist long black hair and her skin tone was pale, like she would have lived in the darkness most of her life. She moved her hair a bit and saw that her figure was well balanced and that she had a body feature of young women. She smiled to her mirror image and saw how it smiled back, the smile was a warm and it container hints that she had a some sense of humor.

She heard the door opening and saw how Roza stepped into the room. "Oh! My, What a lovely figure you have!" said Roza and stood there looking at her.

Morana smiled at Roza and said, "Thanks for your kind words."

Roza chuckled and walked next to her and touched her hair, "I think this needs a little help, there should be brush in the drawer." She opened the drawer and Morana saw that it was full of beautiful items, that clearly belonged to younger woman.

"These belonged to my apprentice, she was a beautiful young lady with a great potential to be a good healer. She was collecting herbs in the forest when she was attacked by the marauders, they raped killed her." Roza explained and let out a sad sigh, clearly she missed her apprentice a lot.

Morana saw that Roza took a beautifully decorated brush and started to gently brush her hair. Morana stood there and let the older woman brush her hair, after while she heard how Roza let out a surprised yelp.

"Is there something wrong?" she asked from Roza.

"Oh! Well I was not expecting to see anyone from your race in here" she said and continued to brush her hair, but kept still eye on her through the mirror.

"My race? What do you mean?" Morana asked with a confused voice.

Roza gently touched Morana's ears and showed with her finger how they were pointed. "Your ears reveal that you are not a human, but I'm not sure what is your race." She thought a moment and said, "Based on your size, you could belong to the races like elves and fairies or even nymphs." Roza started to laugh and said, "If you would be among the last ones, Belenus would be already dead"

Morana tried to swallow this new information and she concluded, "So I am either elf or fairy?"

She heard Roza laugh a bit before she answered, "Well they are pretty much same and it depends on who you ask, but if you can use magic they would say that you are a fairy."

"I see" she said and turned to face Roza.

Roza looked her and gently and said, "You are clearly a lot older that what you look. If you are an elf you would be in your first hundred years with that look and if you are a fairy then you could be a thousand years old."

Morana looked a bit confused and was still standing there naked. Roza noticed her confused look and smiled to her and said, "Let's see what kind of clothes we can find for you and please keep those ears of yours well hidden under your hair." She turned around and walked to one of the chest in the corner of the room.

Morana touched her ears and pulled her hair top of them, "What would happen if people see my ears?"

"Anything can happen, they can try to kill you or adore you. As you are female some evil males would try to capture you and sell you as a pleasure slave or just rape you for their own fun."

Morana thought what she heard and agreed in her mind that hiding the ears was the best way to proceed.

Roza handed her a funny looking clothe and said, "This is for your breast, it keeps them warm and stable when you walk or run, I show how to use it." She walked behind her and helped her hands through the loops and pulled the cloth tight behind her back. "This is the hardest part as you need to make a knot in here, one that you can easily open." Roza showed her how to make the knot and after a few tries she mastered it at some level.

Morana looked at herself and felt silly, clearly she needed more clothes to cover herself. Roza tool several clothes out of the chest and handed one of them to her, "Here put this on, it is called drawers, it would be better have those on than flash your sex to men." It took few trials before Morana learned how It was supposed to go on and how to tie strings around her hip.

Roza made her wear several clothes and explained them to her like a mother does to her own daughter and finally she stood fully dressed in front of the mirror.

She looked at herself and saw a completely different woman, she was now wearing a white chemise with a dark green dress and a leather corset. Her hair was now bound with a leaf decorated bronze headband and ears were well covered. Under the skirt she was wearing soft and long leather boots, they felt light and warmed her legs nicely.

Roza looked at her with thinking posture and said, "Something is missing, Oh! I know!" she opened one of the heavy looking chests and gave her a two long evil looking daggers that had a blade edge on the other side and saw tooth edge on the other side. Morana looked these dangerous looking weapons and weighted them in her hands, they felt well balanced. Suddenly to both of their surprise, she made both of daggers spin around in her hands and made a professional looking fighting stance.

"Oh dear! It seems that you know how to fight, that's good, I would hate to lose another girl to those marauders." said Roza and clapped her hands approvingly.

Morana smiled, she had opened a new section in her mind and now she knows how to do close combat with sharp blades. Roza gestured her close to the chest and showed her other items in there, she picked all those that she knows how to use. When they were ready Morana had impressive arsenal sharp objects hidden in her persona.

They walked to the main room and Roza asked, "Are you interested to learn something about herbs and medicine?"

Morana said, "Yes, anything that I can use to heal and to kill."

"Yes, as a healer I have both knowledge, but it would take years to master all of it. Maybe we should start with plants that are common and easiest to find." They both smiled, it seemed that they had found a common interest

Roza started to explain her how to identify and how to process most common plants and for Roza's surprising she was a quick learner.

It was late evening when Belenus returned he shocked when he saw Morana standing there in her green dress. "You look beautifully" was the only thing he got out.

"Well, thank you, Roza has helped me a lot and she gave these and other clothes she had for me." she said and smiled sweetly to him, behind her Roza was nodding approvingly.

Belenus rubbed his bald head and said, "This evening I'm heading to the Driftwood Hill, it's nearest town in the south and it has a harbor, I hope to find a ship from there. I was kind of hoping that you would company me to there or further."

Morana looked at Roza who nodded to her and smiled encouraging. "Sure I will come, let me just pick my bags" and rushed to her room. In the room she heard how Roza instructed Belenus how to look after her and she made him swear that he would look after her during the travel, that made Morana smile a bit.

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