The Rise of The Dust Fairy

A young woman wakes up from the stone circle and finds out that she is alone in the middle of the battlefield full of soldiers burned to death. Who is she? How did she get in there? And most importantly what is she? When she starts her journey, the death is constantly near her, like a faithful dog that follow its owner everywhere.


4. The Rise of The Dust Fairy - Chapter 4

The Rise of The Dust Fairy
Chapter 4

Belenus walked towards the inn, he needed to have a serious talk with the innkeeper. He noticed how dark it was, moon and stars were not visible and it felt like a darkness had permanently settled on top of the village. He spit on the ground, it was a gesture that was supposed to drive bad thought out of his head.

He was a religious man and he belied only things that were written in the Holy Book of Light. Everything else he left as it was, he did not want to poke around with the local customs or belief, that was out of his job as a priest. Still he had lived long enough in this village to observe some of the local belief and one of them was that in the moonless night evil spirits walked on the land.

He arrived at the inn and looked the singe over the door, it said that The Thin Water Inn was an official one and paid its taxes to the crown. He smiled, that was a good name for the inn, it was named after the village and the funny part was that the beer they served was also thin as water.

He opened the door and stepped in and looked around, trying to find the familiar faces. He saw that the innkeeper had changed fresh straws on the floor and finally cleaned the bar. He looked around and saw that this night there was only a few people sitting at the tables. He quickly recognized them all as locals and noticed that one of the regulars was missing.

He walked to the bar and looked at the bartender, he was a big man dressed like a butcher and he had red hair and a long red mustache. "Hi Red have you seen old Miller here today?" he asked from the bartender.

"You haven't heard yet? Old Miller died today."

Belenus was surprised and wanted to know more, "How Did he die? He was in good health the last time I saw him."

"He was in the back alley taking a leak and when he got back in here he was white faced and hold his chest. The last thing he said before he fell down dead was something about that he saw death in the back alley."

"Oh! That must have been heart that failed and maybe he got scared of cat and dog that were crushed under your old barrels" said Belenus and saw how Red nodded.

Belenus thought about it a moment and said, "I will be holding him a funeral service tomorrow evening, will you make all other arrangements?"

"Sure, I will tell his widow so she can also do her part" Red said and placed two classes on the bar table and started to fill them with dark yellow liquid.

Belenus looked how Red filled both classes, this was the strongest booze that they had and it was used only in special cases like funerals. He was a little nervous as he was originating from the South Lands and his family line did not handle alcohol well.

They both took the glasses and said loudly in unison ,"To Miller" and they emptied glasses with one swipe. Belenus felt how alcohol started to burn his throat and how he got bad taste back to his mouth, this was the part of the job that he hated.

"Another thing, do you know if there are any safe caravans leaving to the Driftwood Hill? I have some church business that I need to do there." asked Belenus and rolled the glass on the bar table.

"Safe caravan? Like there would be any safer caravans in there when those marauders are roaming around. Still you should talk to old Sergeant there, he and his men are now in the caravan business." Red nodded in the direction of the gray haired warrior.

Belenus smiled and said, "When I sit there keep filling our glasses until I leave the table and put that all in my tab." When he started to walk towards the Sergeant he saw how Red started to fill tin mugs with his best beer.

Belenus saw that the Sergeant had already noticed him and took better position in his chair, he was clearly expecting that he comes to talk.

He nodded to the Sergeant and sat in the free chair and said, "I hope you have time to talk with me about business." He saw how Red started to walk towards them with full tin mugs.

Sergeant smiled and said, "Of course, I have always time for business and beer."

Belenus waited that they got the tin mugs in their hands before he continued, "I'm planning to travel to south and I heard that you had business in that direction?"

The Sergeant looked him like he would be measuring him and said, "As you live here, I assume you know how to play rough, but can you do those fancy priest magic that they use in battle?"

Belenus smiled and snapped his fingers and in his hand he had a blue fireball that radiated deadly energy. "Is that enough for to prove my skill? If we continue this path, it is you who is paying to me." he said and winked his eye.

The Sergeant laughed and said, "You really are something, I would really value the presence of the priest during my travel. Of course you have to pay your keep in advance and if you are good as you say I return the money in the next town."

"We have a deal if it also includes my traveling companion." said Belenus and took a long swig from his tin mug.

Sergeant nodded and raised his mug saying, "You got a deal, we leave tomorrow evening."

"Why evening?" asked Belenus

"It is better to depart in darkness, this way who ever watches this village has a hard time to follow us on the patch and keep track how many soldiers I have." explained Sergeant and grinned evilly.

Belenus nodded and said,"A good plan, lets drink for that."

When Belenus finally got out of the inn it was already midnight and he was drunk, it was not his usual condition and he thought what would Morana say if she saw him like this. Why would he care what that Morana thought about him? He was a priest and those kinds of relationships were not allowed as there was a risk that he could lose his powers. Still he had to admit to himself that Morana was a real beauty and looking at her made him feel like a man.

When he arrived at his house's door he felt that someone was standing behind him, he quickly turned around to face his enemy. He was standing there in the classical fighting stand and what he saw made his blood almost freeze, he started to automatically chant a protective spell.

In front of him was a tall and slim dark figure, it did not have any facial patterns only that it resembled human. He could hear hissing sound like when sand moves in the wind and then he saw how figure raised a large curved harvesting blade and swigged it down towards him.

Belenus had to use all of his skills to avoid the blade swings and same time he tried to look for opening to give a punch or kick. This dance of death kept going on for several swings and dodges when he finally got his change, his kick landed it's head and it felt like he had just kicked the stone pillar. There was still some unexpected effect as a dark figure saluted with the blade and grumbled to the dust.

"A Golem!" he said and rushed into his house, it was covered with the protective spells and holy blessing so he should be safe. This meant that he was not only priest in the area, there had to be at least one priest or priestess from the Church of Darkness. This changed his plans a bit, he also needed to prepare to fight in the holy war and he had hoped to avoid that.

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