The Rise of The Dust Fairy

A young woman wakes up from the stone circle and finds out that she is alone in the middle of the battlefield full of soldiers burned to death. Who is she? How did she get in there? And most importantly what is she? When she starts her journey, the death is constantly near her, like a faithful dog that follow its owner everywhere.


2. The Rise of The Dust Fairy - Chapter 2

The Rise of The Dust Fairy
Chapter 2

The middle age man in the priest rope was hurrying towards the village. His name was Lugus and week before this, he had been important person with several escorts and servants. Now he was alone and he looked dirty, like he had fallen down on the muddy path. Lugus was almost out of breath, he had now made his personal running record. He stopped in the side of the path and bend down. He tasted copper in his mouth and there was striking pain in his lower chest. When pain stopped he started to move again. This time he increased his speed carefully. Now he was happy that he had avoided all those drinking feasts. He had spent all his free time in the practice field. He needed to get to meet his contact person and send the message to the main church before it was too late.

He had lost his horse right after the battle, some marauders had taken it when they escaped. His servants and escorts tried to resist marauders, but they were brutally killed. It was his luck that during the attack he had been in the bushes doing what nature called. He tried to smile for the irony of how he saved his life.

A day before, he had got food poisoning from his chef's cooking. He should have checked the chef's background before he hired him, but now he was alive because he had been negligent. They had been two days behind the army and they arrived too late. The battle was over and both armies were dead. Worst part was that land around the shrine was now burned and cursed.

It had been lucky again that one of the servant boys had hurried ahead to the burned ground. He still got a chilly feeling when he remembered that event. The servant boy had started to smoke and scream. The doomed boy had burned from inside out in front of their eyes. This incident was part of the message that he carried in the copper tube. For him it was utmost important to let the main church to know what had happened. His own life was insignificant compared to the importance of the message.

Lugus heard the sound of horses behind him and he started to fear that those marauders were after him. He increased his pace and then his luck run out. On the narrow path his foot slipped and he fell down to the ravine. Lugus rolled around and when he reached the bottom of the ravine he met his end. A sharp tree branch impaled him with a loud bone crunching sound. The last thing that he could do was to take out the copper message tube and place it in his mouth. He hoped that whoever finds his corpse also understands his last gesture.

A few days later when Lugus corpse had already started to attract flies, someone arrived. She was a young woman in a leather dress and she was following the small creek. She stopped in front of the corpse and looked it with curiosity in her eyes

The young woman looked at the corpse and said to herself, "I Wonder why you are hanging on top of this nice creek." She took the copper tube from the corpse's mouth. "So you say that you have a message to someone?" she asked and looked the tube. On the surface of the tube there was a carved picture of sword and eye. She examined it some time and placed the tube in her bag. "If I see this picture somewhere, I will deliver your message." she said and smiled at the corpse.

She gave a final look at the corpse and saw how it was slowly dripping its fluids to the creek. She understood that it was not a good thing to have a corpse's fluid in the drinking water. She gave it a thought and decided that it was not her task to remove it, as she was not drinking from the creek.

It was almost a midday and she decided to continue her journey. She had been following the creek downstream, hoping to find some village or hut. She hoped that someone would give her more information about recent events. That would give some hints about her existence and why she did not have any memories. Of course she was not in a hurry and time to time she stopped to marvel things that she saw in the creek or around it.

When the night was falling in, she noticed lights in the distance. The small creek had already grown up to be a small river and she noticed that she was on the wrong side of it. When she started to cross the river she noticed that the water was really cold and up to her waist. When she was about to step out of the river, her bare foot slipped and she fell in the river. She let out a small scream of surprise before she went under the water.

She noticed that someone was helping her out of the river. When she looked up she saw a young bald man in wearing a brown robe.

"You were lucky that I was out here taking a leak or you could have drowned" said the young man and helped her to the dry land

She looked at him with confusion in her eyes and wondered who this was. In the back of her mind she understood that it was customary to say something in situations like this. She looked the man in the eye and said, "Thanks a lot, it was cold in there."

The young man smiled and said, "You are welcome. Do you want to come in and dry yourself?"

She nodded to the man and saw how he gestured her to follow him into the funny looking house. Inside the house there was cozy and warm feeling. The young man gestured her to sit near the fireplace and she did as asked. Soon her clothes started to dry up and she felt more comfortable.

"What is your name?" asked the young man and then he introduced himself, "I'm called Belenus and I'm priest of this small village".

She was thinking about concept of name and what to call herself. One name popped into her mind and she said it to him, "You can call me Morana."

There was an awkward silence in the room and the only sound was coming from the fireplace.

"Morana, do you want something to eat?" asked Belenus and offered her basket full of fruits. She selected one apple and looked at it closely in the light of the fireplace.

"So what brings you to this small village" asked Belenus and clearly tried to create some conversation. She thought her motives a brief moment and decided to play safe and show the message tube to him. When she took the tube out of her bag she heard how Belenus took a deep breath.

"By the Gods, is that the message tube of the holy order?" he asked.

"I don't know, I found it from the dead man's mouth and I promised to deliver it to bearer of this sign." she explained and showed the sign on the tube.

She saw how Belenus nodded and showed a tattoo on the back of his left hand. That made her smile, this had been an easy task. She gave the tube to him and started to eat her apple. From the corner of her eye she saw how his hands started to shake when he read the message. She could also smell the fear coming from him, clearly the message was not a good one.

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