The Rise of The Dust Fairy

A young woman wakes up from the stone circle and finds out that she is alone in the middle of the battlefield full of soldiers burned to death. Who is she? How did she get in there? And most importantly what is she? When she starts her journey, the death is constantly near her, like a faithful dog that follow its owner everywhere.


1. The Rise of The Dust Fairy - Chapter 1

Author note: This is a fictional story and any references to other existing stories are unintentional and can come my background of reading a lot of sci-fi and fantasy books (I am a huge fan of this genre).

I use this story to improve my English, and yes I'm not a native English speaker. When you review this, I would value a lot if you could note some points where I'm doing poorly. I know that I can't get perfect right way with my spelling and grammar as that would require years of study and a lot of writing. Mainly I'm looking points where the reader is stuck and he or she has to re-read some sentence before it is understood.


The Rise of The Dust Fairy
Chapter 1

She woke up from the burned field, all the ground around her was charred and she was covered with the layer of black ash. She looked her dirty hands and tried to remember what had happened, but her mind was completely blank. Who is she?, Why is she here? And most importantly what is she?

There was no answers to her questions and she started to look around to find some clues. The first thing she saw was a circle like a structure made of large stones and she found it quite puzzling that she was standing in the middle of this circle. She started to walk towards the edge of the circle. When she reached the edge, she saw that on the ground there were several burned corpses. She walked to one of the corpses and looked at it, what she saw was the remains of a creature similar to herself.

She hunched down so she could study this creature closely. What she saw was that corpse was completely burned and only metal items were intact, everything else was now made out of dust that was barely holding together. When she touched a corpse it crumbled down and a cloud of dust started to drift in the air. She stood up and looked around, as far she could see the field was full of these burned corpses.

After she had walked around a bit, she understood something about what she saw. Corpses formed some sort of circle around the stone circle and beyond that there was another circle of corpses. She started to walk forward and while she walked, she studies what she saw on the ground. Every step she took caused some close by corpses crumble down and behind her was a cloud of dust that marked her path.

When she arrived to the place where two different formations of corpses met, she saw that this was the front line of the battle. In this area corpses were all in different positions and on the ground there was several of swords, spears, and arrows. Many of the corpses were wearing some sort of metal armor and shields, some of them even had full body metal armor. She looked again around and understood that she had woken up in the middle of the huge battlefield of the dead soldiers. A concept that she tried to understand was why she was the only one that was alive and what had happened here? Why all of these soldiers were burned to dust?

She looked at the sky and saw that it was cloudless and the sun was shining warmly. She noticed that there was no wind and it felt like she was in the middle of the dead calm sea of dust. Suddenly she got an urge to clap her hands and when she did that gust of wind started and caused all the corpses to crumble to dust. The wind blew dust around and when it rose up it covered the sky and the sun and soon it was dark like in the night.

She smiled when she saw how the black dust cloud rose from the battlefield and carried the remains of dead soldiers away. She opened her mount and said with a beautiful voice, "Ashes to ashes, dust to dust" and started to laugh to her own joke. She smiled, she had learned that she had a sense of humor and that she knows how to speak some language.

While she walked forward she noticed shiny sword on the ground. She picked up the sword and saw that it had a long blade and in the other end of the blade there was a golden hilt with shiny rocks. She smiled, clearly this sword had belonged to some important person. She rose the sword front of her face and admired how it reflected light like a mirror.

She looked at her reflection from the blade and small yell of surprised left from her lips. From the mirror surface of the blade she saw a young beautiful woman with a waist length black hair and icy blue eyes. She smiled at her mirror image and she saw perfectly white teeth that shined in the light. She turned the blade and saw that she was naked and that her body form was closer to the young girl than grown up woman. She smiled and tossed the sword way, she felt that item like that was useless to her as it had failed to protect its previous owner.

She kept walking and after the sun had changed its positions to her left she arrived at the edge of the field. She saw were the burned ground ended and the green grass started. When she stepped into the grass she felt how it tickled her toes. She started to giggle happily and jump around a bit, but her happiness was cut short when she saw a group of corpses around her. This time they were not made out of dust, they were made of similar fleshy materials like her own body. She looked around and understood that these were killed with the sword or some other sharp items as blood was covering some of them.

Near the edge of the group she saw smaller corpse and she walked to it. Close examination revealed that the corpse was killed by a blow to its face, now it was totally crushed and small white skull bones were visible. The corpse had a long leather dress and some sort of wide leather belt around its waist. Suddenly she got an idea and she removed leather clothing from the corpse. When she was done, she saw that the corpse was a female that matched her size. She started to wear clothes of dead female and after some trials and errors she managed to put them on. It felt strange to have clothes on, like she would have never done it before.

She noticed a bag next to the corpse and opened it, inside there was more clothes and some metal circles that she identified as money. She tossed the bag over her shoulder and started to walk away from the group of corpses. She thought that it would be better if no-one notices that she had taken these clothes, but as she did not have any means to hide those corpses so she decided to leave them there. When she started to walk away from corpses something happened behind her back, all corpses turned to dust and gusts of wind blow them away.

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