The Avox Speaks

My name is Zava. I had been an Avox, a servant for about a year, year and a half, two, maybe three. I am not sure. All i know is that I had my own tongue cut out and i had been past from person to person ever since since i am still a partial trouble maker. However I had settled down since the dark days in the beginning but i am still being sold from family to family till i meet this one person that gives me a notebook, a way to speak and changes my life forever.

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4. chapter 4

That night was the best night sleep that I had ever had. The part that Catre didn’t bother me that much and we both were silent to some degree was soothing until we just started to talk about our paths and she only had Mistress as her owner. She seemed very interested in my adventures though that made me feel like she cares a little.

Next thing I know I have a clean outfit that is close to the Avox uniform since it was a white shirt and pants with several pins and trims that I quickly used to decorate my outfit to make it something completely different and free. I look around and find a mirror. I could see my bright genetically long hair and the new outfit and I liked it and I weaved my long hair just in time to hear Mistress call me down stairs.

I found her at the bottom of the stairwell with a bowl of something for me and held her bag on her shoulder. “Morning.”  She chimed happily and it was to perky for me as I sent back a lazy hand wave to show her that I heard.  “Here is your breakfast Zava and eat quickly since we are going to do something special.” Mistress explained as I grabbed my breakfast.

I tried the breakfast and it was a small seasoned clam mixed with oatmeal and a little bit of butter and milk to make this dish. I scarfed the breakfast down thinking that it was extraordinary and so creamy that it slid down my throat comfortably and not as slimy as I thought it would.  The slight grainy feeling was nice within the mix and I was enjoying every bite thinking this is a wonderful mix of culture.

“Now we need to go to the office store that is within the city.” Mistress chimed as we had moved to the sofa that was near the steps. The cautions almost sucked me in but I make sure that I didn’t spill a drop.

I gave her a look that gave her the hint that I was confused on the reason why we had to go to it. “You are one of us Zava. You are an Avox, yes, but you need to be human so we are going to get your notebook.” She chimed and I was having trouble keeping my eyes in my sockets that she would do something that extreme against the government let alone Capital rulings.

I started to wonder why she would do this. There is more than one way to let an Avox speak I pondered on that as we made our way into the city. I know the risks that Mistress is taking but putting me into it is… excellent. I know that it is a risk but it is to get back at the Capital and become my old self again. The freedom of speech that had been latterly taken away for us the first time we stepped into the incarceration building.

We walked along the streets and I could feel the eyes stare at us with every step that we took as the words kept trying to stick on me and ruin what I need to be focused on which is to serve my Mistress.

“Oh look it is the Avox destroyer!” One of the girls shrieked as the other one started to counter onto that.

“We better lookout since she spits and likes to kill us all!”

“Didn’t you hear? That is what she wants!”

“Then we betting put this one down before she kills us all but I doubt she would do anything. This one is just a tough pet that would run as soon as she sees white.” The girl with her friend chimed and it set me off.

 I became in rage as all I could see was red as I saw both of their cute plastic and manipulated bodies in a white Avox uniform. I started to go after them seeing the precious little whiskers that the original mocker has on her face in a massive tangle. Suddenly, Mistress had me pined in her arms to where I couldn’t move or attack but I could still try to step forward with no luck.

“Zava stop this isn’t right.” Mistress cried and it clicked that she was correct that I was acting wrongly and she calmly let me go and I knelt in front the two girls with a smirk wide on my face.

“That looks better, horrendous waste of resources!” The girl with the whiskers sassed as she kicked me. The pain shot though my midsection as a sound that scared me came out of my mouth. I started to breathe hard as I tried to ceatch my breath while Mistress helped me back up.

“Don’t try to attack again. Ignore them, these two should be like you,” Mistress whispered in my ear and it settled me down.

We walked into the store and it reignited my wonder of why we were doing here in the first place. The lines of expensive pens and pencils had to be from twelve with a bit from seven as well as notebooks that is from seven as well as one. Every bit of the store was full of colors that almost blinding to someone that was not used to the atmosphere of lively hustle and bustle.

I watched Mistress as she gathered a few boxes of pencils and then we went to the notebooks that were categorized by color and price. “Go right ahead and choose one for yourself.” I hear and it sent a chill into the air and made me wonder if the present is watching us.

I spot a camera in the ceiling and pull on Mistress’s sleeve to let her know. “Don’t worry sweetie I am going to pay for it and if we do get questioned agree with me that you were helping me decide on one.” Mistress explained. “Besides the way they paint you Avoxes isn’t right since they say you are property and animals.”

I did agree with her as I went back to choosing a notebook. Every one of the notebooks that I looked at were pretty or cute in their own way but there was one that was small enough and perfect in my eyes because it was a classic brown color with red binding and gold edges made it look like it was sturdy as well as classic.

I held my new peace of freedom and I could feel my throat close while I fought tears of joy from going down my face because of showing weakness to where we would be caught with evidence that she did this huge peace of kindness for her Avoxes.

“Very good choice, I like this one such class.” Mistress complemented as she had to strip my notebook from my hands to go pay for our items. The clerk looked up for a moment and then back down as his black hair came forward.

“I see that you had bought that Avox that Keth Sorrow was trying to sell at a low price. What is the reason this time for getting another one? Especially one like her.” He chimed and glared back at me with cold eyes instead of friendly ones that he would show to the next person that is at this brain drained community.

“Well one of my seasoned ones is getting up there in years and Zava is a challenge and she wouldn’t be the worst one that I had gotten.” She chimed and the clerk had a tempted scrutiny that I was posed as the toughest one to crack with my history.

“Are you sure? This is the one that spat in the head peacekeeper’s face. She is a horrible Avox even with a desperate situation that you are in, which I do send my condolences, really.” The shop worker chimed while still switching his glare between me and Mistress.

“I’m sure. I have my ways of having the hardest Avox like me and respect me. And thanks for your concern. Zava can you carry our matters for me?” Mistress huffed and I kept viewing over my shoulder at that clerk thinking that I should had got after him for calling me horrible but I didn’t since I can show that I am different than what meets the eye.

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