The Avox Speaks

My name is Zava. I had been an Avox, a servant for about a year, year and a half, two, maybe three. I am not sure. All i know is that I had my own tongue cut out and i had been past from person to person ever since since i am still a partial trouble maker. However I had settled down since the dark days in the beginning but i am still being sold from family to family till i meet this one person that gives me a notebook, a way to speak and changes my life forever.

NANO 2014 novel/ participated in NANO 2014 First 5,000 category (2likes 1 fave 62 reads) participated in Hunger games 2014 Comp AND A Hidden Gem (found on list May2015)


28. chapter 28

I am among the Captanimals again and I felt sick that they were everywhere at this auction. I felt my jacket and knew that the folder was still there by feeling the hardness of the tablet between my hand and my chest.

I felt nervous since I knew that my helmet was clear to where anyone might see inside to see my eyes. I swallowed my spit while it started to feel like a sauna waiting on the famous shipping crate to arrive to this place. Every second I wanted to look at the big time clock that is behind me that I didn’t notice when I was being sold but when I do look the clock only had taken a minute.

“What is wrong comrade?” The Peacekeeper asked that was next to me on my left and I wondered if I should speak or not.

“Mofing.” I said quickly thinking that I should have reminded myself about my training with Catre. I faced forward thinking that I should be discrete instead of standing out horribly.

The wait was unbearable as now the task of looking at the time was scratching and gnawing at me turning my insides were slowly into knots. I could feel myself getting sick while I heard something that I wish I knew was transporting me before. A huge white van was hulling the car that I was in in the beginning. The bright red box was like something out of the movies. The Box was like a normal shipping box that would go to the store or come to Mistress’s plantation to exchange goods with the stores that we are shipping the items to.

The box was almost in view while the sound got louder and the box got into view. I wished that I can blow my cover now but I could only predict the worse that can happen because of me doing this one out of character notion. I could cause more harm than good in this state instead of anything else while I slowly moved in line with the rest of the Peacekeepers that were in the back of the group staring at the large stage. I didn’t know that they had to have Peacekeeper everywhere as I spotted one that was on the rooftop just behind where the box would be placed.

Soon the car came to a sudden halt just before it had to turn around and shake up the Avoxes inside. I waited for a moment till the opening ramp came slowly down. Down it went as it was being handled by two Peacekeepers carefully until that little bit when it was inches from the ground the Two Peacekeepers lifted he ramp back up and slammed it against the ground. The sound of the loud bang rang through the streets like a bullet hitting its target before silence fell around me.

Then I see him, Sorrow the man of my displeasure. He is wearing his classic Peacekeeper uniform complete with helmet. He went inside  and I could hear the muffled sound of yelling inside as he told each one that they should be lucky to be alive and the same spew that he gave me while I saw the usual one hero out of the Avoxes get blasted in the head and drop as soon as the gunshot rang in the air and echoed along the buildings.

“Poor guy.” I thought knowing that was one life that is free from the Avox world.  One person that would not have to be a slave to someone that might abuse them at any moment that they could had just died and I felt like it was more of a life that was needed to be snuffed out.

“I wish that they would stop doing that.” The Peacekeeper to the right of me chimed under his breath and all honesty I half agreed with him but I knew where most of these Avoxes were coming from as well.

Then the line of the Avoxes came out like a parade each one had their heads down in silence like a funeral was about to start. Each Avox was in a strait white uniform that kept them looking neat and ready to get to work. The cuffs were the same like mine silver with the invisible chains in-between the cuffs. The Avoxes were perfectly in line when they were done but I didn’t see the one person that I wanted to see.

I didn’t see mistress at all and I thought that they had killed my friend. I felt a sadness wash over me as a Peacekeeper came into the car. I quickly got out of line and raced a little closer to the front. I fought my way through the crowd thinking that there is some more Avoxes in that car. Each pair of eyes was glaring at me while I knew that I was in the works of blowing my cover while I didn’t care.

Finaly, I see her. Mistress looked a lot skinnier than I had seen her as she looked lost and beaten. Her perkiness was gone from her steps as she was glancing around the audience but doesn’t seem to recognize me which is a good thing. I even took a moment to look for Marin but I didn’t think I would see him anymore since I got that package.

“Welcome to the Auction everyone,” Sorrow started as he took his place at the auction stand. He looked like a shadow with a sea of white while the action rolled on. “Sorry about the escapee but that is how this Avox thing works.”

He went on saying this was a final sale auction which means there are no returns which I knew was a complete lie. I looked around at each person’s eyes making me think that these people are savages.  The many tattoos and piercings were very different and more annoying than before because it seemed like there are much more of them than before.

The first Avox stepped out to the pedestal that was next to Sorrow and the bidding begun immediately after the description. The hands and paddles lifted high up in the air almost like it was choreographed in a dance that I wish I never had known. The sad part is that this dance is part of these citizens of the Capital’s lives every day!

The Avox was a young man and it was obvious that he was as nervous as the rest as his eyes were looking everywhere as in a way to escape or in wonder of which one of these over perfumed people would be his new owner.  Mr. Sorrow was calling every bid and making sure that here were more people to add to the parental fire.

Sadly the well had run dry for Sorrow and the war didn’t start like he had hoped. His face dwindled as the final mallet struck on the desk as the poor Avox’s face got even whiter than he already is.

“Sold!” Mr. Sorrow’s voice came high above the crowd making them clap and cheer for the person that just sold the Avox while one of the Peacekeepers took the lad offstage in order for Mr. Sorrow to get his pay.

This happened for a long time each Avox was mounted on the pedestal like a prize that someone could have but these are human beings as each one heard their fates. There was one set that I would never forget a set of family or friends that was having one on the stand while the other one started to weep. The emotion off of those two were heartbreaking by seeing the faces and hearing the wines of the two should had moved Mr. Sorrow to sell them as a pair but it failed.  I had to remind myself that I need to be as discrete as possible and not say anything and let the auction move on whatever happens since I know what I need to wait for.

Each Avox came and went just like a feeding frenzy for these bidders. I never had seen those hands go up and down so quickly as if these people were the last bit of food in the entire Capital. Soon, there was just one left and I could tell that she was trying her hardest not to break out of cover since she is supposed to be strong and silant.

“Here we are ladies and gentlemen, the final Avox and out featured prize! This is Nacy or Avox number 89898989099!” Mr. Sorrow read off of a card that he possibly wrote himself since I know he tends to oversell things he likes and that he wants Mistress for himself. “She is very good at doing everyday chores and cooking but she is the only Avox that can speak fully since we had to rush her out of the facility due to her getting sick every single time we did the tongue proses on her. She was convicted by housing Avoxes in her district of a lower tier!”

He paused to let what he said sink into everyone else and on my end it seemed like his search worked. All I could see was blank stares as a deep silence entered the crowd. Not a person lifted their hands to start the bid although the action had yet to truly start.

“Ok who would like to start at one hundred dollars? A wonderful buy for someone whom needs her!” Sorrow started and all was quiet except someone sneezing in the audience that canceled the bid immediately after. So Sorrow smiled and started to turn up the charm. “I am sure one of you single people out there would love to watch her at times just tending to you as you would be a god!” Mr. Sorrow chimed as I noticed that there was one direction that he was looking at.  “So Do I have a fifty dollar bid at least?”

Something clicked in my mind that he was looking at someone important since he was starting to lose the crowd as well as pulling down the front part of his jacket while using a cloth to pat his face. I smiled as I made my way silently a bit closer thinking that I should reveal myself now.

“How Bou you Sorrow? You are single?” I called out from the crowd and it seemed like they wanted to hear the battle. All the eyes that were wondering around the place had darted right at me as if I was the heat source for their missiles.

“Well yes thanks for asking and I would like her as but as you know my fellow Peacekeeper, we cannot buy Avoxes since we train them.” Sarrow chimed and I continued.

“Even if she was mod from a vifric at all?” I called out and this time the crowd had parted to show me with my helmet on I was smiling wide and not afraid to show myself to some degree.

“Well what do you mean my Peacekeeper comrade?  She is of course she is from a different district! What are you trying to propose?” Sorrow was onto me now as we locked eyes for a moment and I could see that he knew who I was immediately. The darkness in his eyes was full of fire and hatred with a touch of worry while he glared up in the distance before coming back at me.

“Vat she es from ve Capial!” I called and finally started to move forth with the people around me parting like waves going in different directions. I was starting to feel very confident that I was going to win as I made sure that I was I still had the folder with me.

“Do you have any proof of this Capital thing my fellow Peacekeeper?” Mr. Sorrow’s voice was starting to filter as he was starting to get scared of me which is the first time in a long time that he is like this.

“I do Misur Sorrow, Vough I vin your upper heab woum like oo see as well.” I chimed and Sorrow looked quite agree and confused as he finally turned away from the mark while I made my way to the top of the stage from the other side. 

“What do you mean?” He asked in a hushed voice and I glared at him as a tease that he should have known what is going to happen next.

“I mean you fould mow bedder ven oo vake away my Mifress!” I yelled and ripped off my helmet to reveal my red hair and tossed it at his feet which landed just short of hitting his ankles. The crowd gasped in amazement that I could speak as clearly as I did while I felt the adrenaline pumping through my veins.

“She is right Sorrow you should have known better than to try to keep me to yourself.”  Mistress chimed and another gasp rang out as I could hear some women yell and faint in the fact that there are, in fact, two Avoxes speaking in front of them and against the head Peacekeeper.

“You be quiet!” He yelled at Mistress and then hit her in the face. I only could watch as Mistress fell to the floor and I was left to run to her side.

“Are you ohey?” I asked quietly and mistress nodded as an answer as tears welted in her eyes.

“You… you should know when to quit Zava before everything you have is gone.” He chimed as he nodded over to some of his Peacekeeper buddies to get me off of Mistress.

The hands of these Peacekeepers grasped my jacket as I clenched my Mistress and she did me. My heart raced as I thought I was going to lose her forever like I thought I did back in eight. She did the same for me as we kept grabbing each other’s hands till we were finally separated.

“Mistress!” I called as I was forced to stand and having handcuffs plastered around my wrists.  A loud cluck made me even more scared as I had no way to hide the folder now like we need to.

“Stay strong Zava!” I hear Mistress and I knew that I had to take her advice.

“Well not so strong now Zava. You had always been the hardest person that I had the pleasure trying to break.”  Mr. Sorrow chimed as he swiped a gun from a fellow Peacekeeper’s holster and placed it against my chest. I could feel the coldness of the mettle of the gun through my clothing as I was saying in my mind for him not to look down but to my dismay he did and he noticed the folder that had slid from the bottom of my jacket.

“And what is this?” He asked and he picked it up while I knew everything that I worked for was lost. I had let everyone down until I saw someone start to make his or her way through the crowd but I still heard the silent click of the gun that has a chance to end my life.

“Well, it seems like you are the one that swiped the folder that I had been searching for thank you for returning it to me Zava.” Sorrow tried to sweet talk me and I felt disgusted at him.

“bo bie en a hoe.” I chimed and meaning it for him to die where he belongs that way he would stop being sick and twisted.

“I know you would like that as well Zava. And now you and your Mistress are going to see your maker.” Sorrow chimed as I could hear the slow bend of the trigger that will end my life forever.

“Caption Sorrow, stop what you are doing!” I hear and I looked up to see the president for the first time in my life. His brown hair was a bit wavy while he was a bit on the round side as his face was clean shaven. He walked towards us in a walk that was meant for someone of a very high class. “I think we all have seen enough Sorrow if you please hand me the file.” The president chimed.

 Sorrow looked like he was a little kid with his eyes wide and his mouth open. Mr. Sorrow turned away with the folder that held the little tablet and I rolled my eyes on the fact that he looks ridiculous doing this and it was defiantly showing on the President’s face.

“What is the meaning of this Sorrow? I need to see that file it is an order!” The president called out as I started to let out a small chuckle thinking this is quite ironic.

“Fine but I don’t think that you will find anything that would be useful.” Mr. Sorrow chimed confidently as the President turned on the tablet.

“We will see about that Captain.” The president chimed as he searched on the pad for something that he would normally go for first. The many pictures of optional ways swerved in front of him in a holographic spin when he touched the image and then slid it in one direction or the other looking for something but he seemed to be overwhelmed by the many things around him. The many apps that he just passed by without a second glance just by looking at the title of the app.

“Misser President, may I speak?” I asked and the Peacekeepers held me tighter by lifting my cuffs in a way to disabling me.

“Go for it, Zava isn’t it?” he said and I was overjoyed that he trusted me much more than Mr., Sorrow. “Also loosen her cuffs a little.” The president chimed and it was a relief that the Peacekeeper that was holding me loosened his grip.

“Ry ve shred ap.” I suggested and he nodded in approval.   He touched the app and the holographic image of all the apps sucked back into the tablet as he started to read the first one that sounded like a disgrace to him.

“What’s this?” The president gasped as I could tell that he found the same document that Catre and I found earlier. The president’s face was full of disgust and hatred that I thought he would go off and show his power to Mr. Sorrow but he must keep at least a slight composure since he is in front of a very motivated crowd if he does slip up.

“You may let these two lovely go Peacekeepers, that’s an order.” The President calmly commanded as if he had something in mind.  I started to smile widely as the shackles that were around my wrists were removed. 

“Why did you just do that? They are Avoxes to be sold! Plus, may I remind you that one of these two is a thief and the other…”  Mr. Sorrow tried to ramble but the president cut him off.

“Was your wife until she had seen what you have done with those other Avoxes which I don’t blame her after I had seen this.” The president chimed as he waved the Peacekeepers to gather around him. Each one was like a cage of weaponry around Sorrow and ready to attack whenever the command.

“This is an outrage!” Sorrow called out while looking around wildly as if he was trying his hardest to comprehend what is happening.

“No what you have done is an outrage Sorrow.”  The president chimed as he handed the tablet to another Peacekeeper.

“Then, then, you wouldn’t take me alive sine I am the grandest person! I had climbed my way to the top and I have something much more than you would ever have. That my friends, is a way out. My Peacekeepers get rid of this man,” Sorrow said and silence fell around us. Each person was quiet with a sense of nervousness. “What is this? Have each one of you have gone insane?”

“I think you have Sorrow.” Mistress chimed fallowed by Sorrow running every direction in his circle. Finally he broke through the barricade and I was left chasing him. But before I started to get up to the edge of the platform where Sorrow just jumped off to make his escape Mistress stopped me by grabbing my arm and holding me back.

“Let him go.” She said as a silent bullet found it mark at the back of Sorrow’s skull. The blast blew his skill to bits as each piece went like an exploding firework. I couldn’t believe I was watching this and normally I am saddened but this time I am happy in a way. Happy that he is dead and knowing that this death is going to make the Avox world a mendable place just because this beast is gone.

I finally jumped down and slowly walked to him. I could see the pool of blood seep out of his head each drop was like a life that will be partly restored to know that there is someone new that will become the head of the Avox trade.

I slowly got closer and closer to see the details of the blast but I wanted to see something else as the silent flow of blood was pooled to where it covered the brain and let Mr. Sorrow’s face be covered in its waste. I quietly tuned him over because I wanted to see his face. 

Mr. Sorrow’s eyes were wild and looking sad at the exact same time. His face was white as his hair and clammy as if he was running from something that he had been trying to get rid of for a very long time. The face was something of a man, a man that was very good at what he did until one day he met a girl in the Avox community that he couldn’t control but he lashed out against her and anyone like her. However, instead of getting rid of her he kept her and made her a deal, for her to be his lover and never to question him to escape her fate.

She did that for some time letting him tear her to shreds and seeing some things that she desperately wanted to change so she did. The girl knew that Sorrow would turn insane if she was not somehow close enough that she could be by his side so she manipulated the deal but Mr. Sorrow was not likening that she left him so he decided to turn her workplace into hell for everyone else that had entered the Avox facility no matter the age or act that he or she did. This girl didn’t like that so she started saving Avoxes while Mr. Sorrow was plotting her demise so she would return to him just like before.

Sadly that girl was not me at all. But that person that I was talking about was my Mistress. I looked at her as her face was full of kindness and hardship from the years that I had read in the tablet that is now evidence. Her face was full of sad as well as happy tears since her darkest fear is now gone forever. I glared back at my Mistress with one thing left to do since there is not much we could do since Mr. Sorrow is forever at peace, almost.

I gently pushed his eyelids down to simulate him sleeping instead of being half out of his mind. I tried my best to make it more like he was sleeping by closing his jaw a little to not make it look like he was trying to run away.

“Mistress what happen mow?” I asked and she looked away for a bit but I knew what it was. Mistress grabbed me and walked me away from the body of her own greatest fear that I had defeated for her.

“Let me celebrate my, no, our freedom.” She chimed and I agreed partly. I don’t know why but I felt bad for the dead man that is behind me.  He was a grand man at one point I know he was something better before he went insane. Then I did something that I never did for a very long time and that was to let go of some of my burden that had been on my shoulders since I met Mr. Sorrow three years ago.

I ran back to Mr. Sorrow and unzipped my jacket. I wished that I could have said something but that bullet killed him instantly so there was not much of a conversation now. I laid my jacket on top of the dead man’s head knowing that I will never need it again.

“I boo foreve you Misure Sorrow.” I chimed before I set the jacket on top of him in a way of a private ritual before I left him behind permanently.

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