The Avox Speaks

My name is Zava. I had been an Avox, a servant for about a year, year and a half, two, maybe three. I am not sure. All i know is that I had my own tongue cut out and i had been past from person to person ever since since i am still a partial trouble maker. However I had settled down since the dark days in the beginning but i am still being sold from family to family till i meet this one person that gives me a notebook, a way to speak and changes my life forever.

NANO 2014 novel/ participated in NANO 2014 First 5,000 category (2likes 1 fave 62 reads) participated in Hunger games 2014 Comp AND A Hidden Gem (found on list May2015)


26. chapter 26

We had been working on my speech patter for at least a day while the rest of the time went by as normal. We hadn’t been bothered by Mr. Sorrow like I thought he would since he knows where I live. I felt a bit angry with my work this time while I was starting to think that this was turning out to be quite silly because we should be looking out for posters for any upcoming auctions.

“She is from ve apital.” I tried my hardest and Catre shook her head telling me that I had not lived up to her expectations.

“Close.” She said and I stood up and went to the kitchen window.

“I’m bun.” I hissed while I can see that the sun was shining once more though the window as the birds chimed their chatty song that I never heard before. I can see the bright blue sky and the many Avoxes that are left either outside taking care of the harvest that is coming up soon.

“Why? You are so close to speaking like a true person!” Catre tried to persuade me but it did not work. I moved myself to the outside to think there would ba a better opportunity to do something a bit more private or productive.

“Sill no.” I yelled as I opened the door to the porch and Dill was already coming up with something in his hands. I dropped the act when I opened the door to see Dill almost running into me and a horrible feeling of wastefulness washed over me.

Dill’s facial expression told me that he had found something that he wished he didn’t find what he found. The deep sorrow in his eyes felt lonely and forgotten. I could see that the darkness that surrounded him by every droop in his face and how slowly he handed me the flyer.

I grasped the flyer from his hand and started to read. The huge lettering was that of an old time font that most had possibly seen only on special events that are happening around the place. This time it was an announcement for an Avox auction that was coming up later on this week and the feature Avox is going to be my Mistress.

My heart sank horribly thinking that I have to get going. I know that this is my fault as I burst into tears knowing that that Avox that was starting back at me might be my Mistress but there was a ketch and that was the starting price was up there for her and I wondered why hers was higher up and then I remembered that Mr. Sorrow always wants to get every cent out of his Avoxes.

I knew that I was looking at myself at this moment since I can see that her hair had turned red and she wasn’t smiling at all. She looked like she was strong and posed in a way that was not perfection at all. I started to cry as the tears flowed as I knew that should have been me instead of her on the cover.

I couldn’t help myself and I bolted up to Catre’s ad mine bedroom and landed into my side of the bed in one flop. I felt around for the folder that I thought I had put under my pillow but felt nothing. I panicked for a second and then I could remember that I was at my desk when I was looking over the tablet.

I went over to my desk and grabbed the folder and opened it to the tablet. I turned it on to see the bright lights come forth in front of me as I waved my hand to make the screen project its image in front of me. The many colors made it look like a light show that was very bright and all mine. I put my finger on one of the pictures and it exploded into a bunch of files. I felt the welt of knowledge at my fingertips as I scrolled the holographic images to find something called “Shred”. To me that meant that that has more to what is in that little spot that I can use against Sorrow and would drive the people of the Capital insane to where they would get Mistress down and him into the slavery business that he is a part of.

I could see a bunch of files around and I found one that was quite interesting and I poked on it and it quickly rushed itself back into the tablet. I smiled widely as I folded the flap over that was part of the folder and held it in my arms as I quickly scanned the page for anything that was juicy.  This proses felt like it was a long proses that kept going on and on till I was about to give up when my eyes stopped on something that I never thought I would find. The information that I just read I had to reread at least twice and then I almost screamed because Mistress is a head Governmental daughter of one of the lower tears from the president’s post.

I read on and I knew that Mr. Sorrow and she used to have something close to what used to be acquaintances but they were lovers because the text said that they were almost married until something happened. That something was that Mistress found out about the Avox’s that Sorrow was placing into the program just because of something silly like kids talking bad about him and he seemed to overhear them.

Catre came into the room and I looked at her and waved her over. “Atre!” I called. Catre looked over her shoulder and was shocked that she might have been in this, or that is what I am assuming.

“Zava we could use a lot of this on Sorrow.” Catre said and I let my voice speak for me but I immediately regretted it when I was done. I glanced back at the folder and scrolled a little bit further down to read more of these blackened files to find out that Catre was in the Hunger Games at a younger age than most and it was because her parents paid a hefty sum to make sure that had happened to the Gamekeeper and Mr. Sorrow. However, what these people didn’t realize that Catre could take out her chip but once when they realized what Catre was doing they fired a cannon call of death in the air. Afterwards, they scouted and picked her up in a hovercraft to place her in the world of an Avox.

“I now and you han be proof!” I exclaimed and she glared at me like I had just offended her again.

“What do you mean I can be proof?” She asked and I looked away for a moment while she reread the text and her mouth dropped open. “THAT IS WHY MY SIDE OF THE GAME WAS RIGGED!!! ” She shouted at the top of her lungs. I ducked and covered my ears thinking that she is noisy while I heard something close to ringing in my ears instead of her finishing her sentence.  I got up from the ground that I have no clue how I got there as Catre smiled. “Sorry.” she apologized as I raised my hand up in the air in a way to say that she needs to move a little to give me room to get up.

I heard a grand ringing sound from my right ear that lasted a short few minutes bit it felt like the longest few minutes on my life. I felt like I was in a dream for a second as the world turned slowly and in rewind as well as a little bit in normal speed as well. Everywhere I looked it felt like I was in a trance with the motions that surrounded me.

Thankfully, it went away like it had started. I got up from the ground and almost fell back over myself.  “You’re ok. I unerhand your excitemen.” I chimed and Catre looked saddened by what she had done.

“It is just that I knew I was always loud when I was younger and the fact that my parents had several visits from the Gamekeeper….But Sorrow being part of the action? I should have known.” Catre hissed and I knew that I had awakened a real hatred in her.   I smiled widely as I started to walk out of my room and write down what I was thinking in my notebook.

“So we are in an agreement the? We wreck an auction with everything we know and then turn this in for evidence?” I wrote as I was trying my hardest not to think of ways to get Sorrow into more trouble than he had ever imagined since I know that I am not the only Avox that had gone through Sorrow’s well known Avox institution of perfection.  Catre was thinking the same thing as me as we started to laugh a bit as I hear someone come up the steps that I didn’t think that we were being listened to but I guess we were.

Dill was up the steps and he looked like he had seen something worse than what he would ever see in his life. “I just found this out in the field.” He wrote down and we all sat around my bed as I read what was written down.

“ear sir or manam,

I am sorry oo inform you but we had foun your Avox ead in ve sreats. If you can plese send someone oo erify his body.” I read from the note and I set it down in my lap thinking that Mistress is about to be sold and now Marin is dead? How much more do we need to endure in order to accomplish something in our lives? All I seem to get the dark half as I wonder why the Avox aria send us something like this unless they wanted to distract us from something else.

Suddenly we hear a bang from the outside fallowed by a few screams that I thought that I would never hear here. I started to run though the house as fast as I could as I kept going faster and faster down the steps blindly because of shear panic. Every step was like I was trying to run on air while all I could think about was finding many Avoxes dead and it would be all because of me.

I raced as fast as I could but I managed to trip down the steps at the top of the steps. I slid down the steps, feeling every painful bump and burse on the way down and wishing that I didn’t just waste time. The pain was short lived but as I got up I felt like I had twisted my ankle as the pain was almost two much too handle. I felt the pulsating pain within my ankle as I tried to get up. As soon as I put on weight I knew that I had twisted it. I tried to ignore it as I hobbled as quickly as I could. I could only go a rapid few miles per hours instead of what I was thinking that I would be able to hobble as.

I took a long time of jumping from furniture to furniture and balancing along the walls to get to the door. I huffed as I tried to set my foot down again and a shot of pain rushed though me as I grunted and lifted it again as it felt like someone had just stabbed me in the aria.

I knew that I couldn’t show myself outside in this condition, especially if there is any peacekeepers since I need to show that I can’t be broken. I slowly start to  set my ankle down as I reached for the doorknob so I can look outside. I started to image the worst of the chaos and destruction that would be everywhere on this plantation so that it might be destroyed in a blink of an eye. I prepared myself of what I would see while I turned the knob to hear the slight clicks of the knob releasing itself from its own holder to tell me what is on the other side.

Suddenly, I hear catre say something behind me. I looked behind me to see her running down the same steps that I was flying down a few seconds ago. I waved her to slow down as a warning and I must had not been so visual since Catre did the same thing as she did a slide down the steps instead of a tumble that I did.

She slowly got up as I see my helmet land behind her. Catre looked at the helmet like she was trying to remember why she had the item in the first place but her facial expression changed as if she did seem to remember.

“Zava, I thought you would want this since you are about to face the peacekeepers and you might want to be in cover.” She chimed and I questioned her decision. I can tell that she was trying to help me out but by getting my helmet is not what I would consider the best route to go by. I stared at it for a while thinking of a way that I can use that to my advantage.

  I looked down and realized that my minor injury might be the answer to what I need to be able to talk to the peacekeepers as well as not hurting Catre’s feelings any more than I already have. She came closer to me as Dill finally came on top of the stairwell with a cold look as we heard another round of gun blasts or cannonry that was similar to the Games so Catre has to be shaken by now by just that simple reminder. 

“Please save us.” She said and then she dropped the helmet to the ground. The rounded object bounced a little before stopping at my feet as I knew that this has to become more than I had ever imagined. This little helmet would say to the peacekeepers outside to hopefully stop attacking my family. I grab it and raised it to my eye level to see it.

The helmet is all scratched and has informalities at some areas that make it different than any other helm in the peacekeeper workforce. Sadly this one had a clear visor instead of a tinted one that I wished that I could have.  I thought that this would have to do while I looked at Dill that had moved to the kitchen without a word. He opened the window just a crack and I could hear the screams that would remind me in a torturous way that I wished that I would never hear again. Another blast rocked the house while I found myself reaching for the handle and balancing that way while Dill was holding himself up by holding onto the sink in a triangle.

I can see in his body language that he was trying his hardest not to become another casualty in this fight that is getting harsher outside. I can tell that the tension outside is getting worse like the old rebellion of years ago is trying to awaken itself once again. I could only see the desolation of my famamily right now since the darkness had awakened and all I could think of is that this happens to me wherever I go.

It happened to me when I got extremely mad with my first owner and I was so irate that I had forgotten about an uncommon allergy that almost killed him and one of his children. The second owner that I had had children as well and they were having so much fun with the games they thought of this as the best thing in the world. I showed them that they were wrong my hurting them and showing them what these people go through every day and the owner needless to say thought that I was very sick in the head although I had to show them somehow what to cherish and what to hate.

I got back to the door and slowly turned the handle but I just remembered that I would need something to persuade the Peacekeepers to stop destroying the last bit that we have to keep for ourselves and out Mistress when we get her back home. I slipped the helmet and instantly got myself to the person that I desperately needed to be instead of the person that one that is showing up right now that is scared and wants to hide to figure something out though she knows that she doesn’t have any more time anymore.

I reached out for the handle and opened the door. The smell of gunpowder was definitely present in the air. All was silent in the streets instead of the few sounds of gunfire in the distance. It was like as soon as the fight started it finished and I could see a group of Avoxes laying on the ground and I stepped out on the porch thinking I only have one shot at this.

“Wha is ve meing of ves?” I called as I started to walk as normal as I could to the van that I noticed was at the very far bit of the driveway that anyone could had missed if they were not very vigilant.

“What was that commander?” One of, I guess, lower tears of the peacekeepers.

“I saiv: what  is ve meing of ves?” I said and I noticed that I messed up and forgotten my training but it seemed like the lower tear did not care too much.  He did take a little bit of a moment to dicifer what to say.

“It is Head Peacekeeper Sorrow’s orders, Sir.”  He said and I rolled my eyes thinking that I should have known better than to think it was someone else. I could see and hear the Avoxes around me either hurt or dying. I felt like this entire ordeal is my fault although I know it is not at the same time.

“Why?” I asked.

“Well there is some report of that these Avoxes need to be rounded up and taken to the Insinuation. They were on their own and in the Avox handling book   they must be returned when the owner is dead, missing or they had been unintended for several months.” The lower in command Peacekeeper said and I got myself an way out by just this information.

“Really? And what may I be? I had been here for a few ays in hopes of buying vis.” I growled and got closer and closer to his face while I could tell that this man was highly debating to stand up against me or not which made him look pathetic.

“But these are orders from Head peacekeeper Sorrow!” He tried to explain but I smiled at his threat.

“Well, I hess I will eed oo alk oo him vat you are mot fawowing his orhers!” I threatened and I could tell that he was getting scared as I walked up front of the van and I found an earpiece and started to act like I was talking to it. “Sorrow, Yah es me. Vid you ask me oo say wif ve Aoxes?”

“Ok! Ok! I get it!” He yelled and snatched my earpiece from my hand before speaking again. “You are the rightful person of these Avoxes, but most of these Avoxes are hurt and unusable do you want me to dispose of them?” He asked and I was very mad at the suggestion.

“No!” I shouted then I opened the doors wider in the back of the van to see the many Avoxes that was about to be sent back to the institution. ”ome on  out everyone.” I chimed as I waved them forth and all I got in return is blank stairs.

“We eed oo get the enving of crops!” I ordered and it must had sparked something in them as one by one or with some that had to have help to get out of the van.
“You have made a very good argument... I hope that you will get this wonderful place commander.”  I hear from the lower ranked peacekeeper chimed as I started to walk away with the rest of the Avoxes that I have just saved.

 I wait till I am just far enough away before I reviled myself and seen his reaction. “Of course I will envoy vem.” I chimed while I took off the helmet. The lower ranking peacekeeper quickly got into the van once I revealed myself to him.

As soon as I returned to the porch I found a box on the porch. The brown package was soiled a bit on the bottom as I wondered who did this. I glanced around thinking that there couldn’t be any way possible that a person could drop this off although I have an idea whom.

I reached down and grabbed the tag and it said to enjoy the auction and it was from Sorrow. I should have known what was inside though I was still wondering. I could feel the moisture seep through the packaging and onto my hand to where it was creepy.  I lifted one of my hands off of the package to reveal that the liquid was blood read. My palms became super sweaty and my mind racing for miles while I am standing where I am.

I slowly unwrapped the box to see that the package was meant to be opened the way I grabbed it. I lifted one of the flaps and the stench from it made my skin crawl and my eyes tear up uncontrollably like there is a peace of a body to identify but I knew that it might be part Marin so I kept on going.

I fought the stench and lifted the last flap that revealed something that made me scream at the top of my lungs and dropped the box that I was holding. The emptiness of the skull and the small pieces of black skin was staring at me. I never saw anything so sinister in my life and the skull was something that I would expect that the government would use to scare instead of sending a true message. I dropped the box and I heard the bones shatter as the rest of the head spread itself across the porch making a cracking sound that was almost like reality was trying to crack at that moment with the sounds of bones cracking slowly. Every sound was hitting it’s mark with me with the pitch while I watch these bones just slowly go every which away and I could only think of one thing and I was staring at Marin.

“Zava is something….” Catre asked and saw the skull and screamed loudly though I was ready this time for her by putting my fingers in my ears just as she saw the skull. 

“Marin!” She called his name as she bent down and tried to pick up the skull with tears in her eyes while I was trying to come up with a mental picture of something else so I would not be so grossed out about this.  I could see her holding the shattered pieces like a child, Gentle and carefully not to hurt the item any moment while tears of sorrow as well as tons of anger. 

“Why would they do something like this?” she said through her tears and I knelt by her. I slowly stroked the skulls jagged edge thinking that I would never see Marin again.

The edge of the skull was rough on the edge like it was like a piece of clay instead of something smooth. “es mot real.” I whispered as I felt the green jelly like item that was supposed to be the skin.

“What was that?” Catre choked from her tears though her eyes had become red and swollen from crying lately.

“Es not real.” I said again and I could feel the hair as something that I would have to mess with if I would find in a wig.  Catre said nothing as she felt around the peace that I was examining and she widened her eyes when she concluded the same thing.

“These people are sick!” Catre exclaimed and I agreed. This has to be the darkest thing that Sorrow had sent to us. The dark cloud that surrounded us from before couldn’t give us a break as I grab the box and notice something at the bottom. I reach in to feel a plastic covering on something that is like a note that was supposed to be kept nice when I know there has to be a reason for this all.

I lift the note and I could see that the melted jelly was blocking some of the typing so I wiped it off to see that it was the same flyer that Dill brought in earlier. I could feel Catre’s eyes burn brightly with a newfound hatred for whoever set this up.

“Who is it from?” Catre asked and I glared at her in a way to say let me look. I flipped the paper over while feeling the gross and slimy paper in my hands to show that there was the capital symbol with a handwritten note.

“Come with the pad and face your mistake Zava or be hunted and be with you poor friend. Please note that Avoxes are not allowed at the auction listed.” It read and I glared at it with bitter rage and threw it into Catre’s arms and she read the back. Her jaw dropped in surprise as she reread the note over and over again.

“This is a threat.” She chimed as she joined me looking out of the porch.

“I know an I woner how vey know how I waf going oo ve aucshon.” I chimed as all I could see was the many Avoxes that were under attack a few moments ago. I was thinking that this plantation, that I call home, cannot withstand another blow.

“Well, what are we going to now? Do you even know how this person did this horrible trick?” Catre was starting to sound like a little child that was trying to ask tones of question instead of the nice information Catre that I would like right now.

“Sorrow es behin all ves an we have oo face him. Juf vike before.” I chimed and Catre smiled knowing that this last chance of doing something right and straighten out something, Avoxes are more than just slaves.

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