The Avox Speaks

My name is Zava. I had been an Avox, a servant for about a year, year and a half, two, maybe three. I am not sure. All i know is that I had my own tongue cut out and i had been past from person to person ever since since i am still a partial trouble maker. However I had settled down since the dark days in the beginning but i am still being sold from family to family till i meet this one person that gives me a notebook, a way to speak and changes my life forever.

NANO 2014 novel/ participated in NANO 2014 First 5,000 category (2likes 1 fave 62 reads) participated in Hunger games 2014 Comp AND A Hidden Gem (found on list May2015)


23. chapter 23

We came across the woods where the darkness almost cloaked us perfectly while the Avox institution stood like the usual prison. I never felt more feared for my life as my heart thumped in my ears and my suit was completely drenched from the sweet that I had been gathering from the beginning. I wished that I could find a new uniform soon to cloak my body and head while my shield was not made for the night coming cold since it kept fogging up on me.

I glanced down at Catre whom was going to sacrifice herself as a captive so it would be easier for us to find Mistress but it felt wrong all of a sudden since we had just talked it on the way here.  I grasped her hands to place them behind her back and I yanked them down thinking that I couldn’t do it.

“Zava come on the sun is setting and we should have already been inside.” Catre hissed and I looked away thinking that there has to be another way in. I slowly went outside alone as I felt a flame fill me with warmth as the rain started to slowly trickle down and bounce off of my Helmet and outfit. The drenching rain was cleansing me to the bone of everything that I had done up to this moment. I Felt something grasp my arm and pull me back into the woods and I yanked it away seeing Catre in the woods with a concerned look.

“We need one.” I said as my first true sentence to someone. Catre let me go and she shrunk to where she wouldn’t be seen among the branches. I can see the rain make her shiver as I started my way up the trail to the door.

Every drop of rain was like a set of drums in an army that was heading off to war. The thump was a sound of change in my mind and I was smiling as I can see the two guards about to great me in a salute, or that was in my mind.

“Who goes there?” I hear and I stopped in my tracks since I was not expecting someone to call me out. My mind raced at the part that I can’t speak fully quite yet and I tried my best to not sound like I had my tongue cut out of my mouth and learning to speak again.

“I’m a mew guy.” I managed to get out and I thought that I had nailed it while I looked down at my feet thinking I should let the higher rank know that I am just a lonely Peacekeeper that had come home for more orders.

“Well aren’t you far from home two? Why are you here in the Capital?” He asked and I just remembered why Catre insisted on coming to me since she was my ticket in.

“My ower infifid.” I said and I can tell that he caught on that I couldn’t say much more than a few words by the way he stepped forward at me but I stayed my ground.

 “He insisted now? Well can we ask if you can take off that helmet of yours to let us see your face?” The peacekeeper chimed as he used his gun to tap on top of my head to where I could hear the soft clank inside my helmet.

I nodded thinking that would be my best bet right now and I can tell that he was not pleased with my answer as he took off his. His reddish brown eyes gazed at me in discrete solitude that he was not happy at all with what I answered as his comrade came up from behind me. The other peacekeeper brushed his barrel against the back of my neck and head to lift up my Helmet a little to see if my hair was the genetic modified red or something else that was off. I quickly retaliated by placing my hand where his gun was a moment ago.

I can tell that I had just reveled myself since I can feel the quick hands of the partner clench my arms and cuff them together. I struggled to get free as the main peacekeeper with reddish eyes came closer and closer as if he was ready to kill me right then. I was ready for my death if that was the case while I hear something familiar behind me.

“Hey, peace haters!” Catre was making herself a target. I wished she didn’t do that as she was standing out in the middle of the light as I was already seeing my fate I didn’t need Catre’s to be on my shoulders as well.  She waved her hands while starting to make a scene while I was left by just faintly giving her a hint by nodding my head a little to say that she has to run off into the woods to not return home for a while.

I felt a bit relieved that Catre did just that as I watched for a quick moment as she ducked into the woods as the one Peacekeeper ran right after her. I was quickly spun around  and I faced that same peacekeeper with reddish eyes and I could see that his black hair was now completely drenched as the rain came down harder and harder to where the beat of the drums that I heard earlier was gone to a rumble of regular weather.

“You know her?” I hear with a sense of threat in this peacekeeper’s voice to where the cold finally got to me. I started to shiver a bit but I had to fight the cold as I lied to him.

“That is what I thought you would say that Avox!” He cried as in one swoop he ripped off my helmet and I knew that I was completely exposed. My heart sank deep into the deepest parts of me as all of my fire was snuffed out of me. I started to feel tired all of a sudden as the want to give in washed over me like the rain already did.

I tried to fight as best as I could as I squirmed while the peacekeeper had to practically carry me inside buy kicking my legs to where I was like a puppet moving slowly. I can feel my legs getting weaker and weaker by every kick was in the exact same spot as before. Soon I met my match as I fell onto the concrete walk just before the entrance.

I saw my red hair fly before me even though it was cut extremely short.  It reminded me that I was just a slave playing pretend though I wasn’t. “Get up Avox!” I hear the command but for some odd reason I felt limp. He picked me up easily with one swoop but instead of getting me on my feet he placed me among his shoulders like I was wounded.

I tried to kick around when soon as I started he finished by wrapping his arms around my legs to where I couldn’t use then or roll out of his grasp.

I wondered where he was taking me as I started to  scan the faces of the people around me that read off that they were shocked and  saddened to see me this way. I could hear the crackling of his feet among the pavement to where I knew it was farther than he had expected to take me on top of the fortunate peacekeeper’s shoulders. The click of time was spent on me resting more than dwelling on the failure.

Soon, we stopped at a door and he plopped me onto the hard ground. I bounced once before I slid to a halt on the wall. "Fanks for arrying me." I chimed just to see the peacekeeper's face turn angry and smoke started to rise off of his head.

He kicked me in the gut and I felt my insides knot up to where I couldn't breathe well for a second. Then I closed my eyes for just a moment as I fought back the pain to only find myself lifted high up into the air. I kicked my legs a little thinking that this peacekeeper just changed his mind to where I am not going to live much longer.  I can see the ground underneath me get further and further away in this allusion while I started to chime sounds of distress.  I could see footsteps of others around me stop for just a moment before moving on to whatever they were doing or going.

I can hear a door open beside me while I was still being up in the air. I wondered if I was going to be placed in a cell with all the other Avox rejects that I know from pass experiences from going in and out of this institution. Instead the place became more of an elegant nature with fine molding on the ceiling and bookshelves lined a few spots and chairs everywhere that had some of them with straps that were meant for bounding people inside.  

“Ah, Zava glad you can find your abode!” Mr. Sorrow chimed happily as if I was a log lost friend.  I stopped squirming as I was dropped onto the floor. I collapsed to the ground like a ragdoll without a sense of life. I can hear his footsteps calmly come forth and I was ready for him to knock me down like his partner had but instead the let me stand.

“You may go Dillon.” Mr. Sorrow chimed before he went on with his speech as the doors shut tight behind him. I can see in his eyes that he was already ready to kill me or torcher me in some way.

I stood in attention thinking that I should show that my training must take place in order to survive here though I thought I might as well shoe some of my true self at this moment. “I can see that you had cut your hair short… I like that about you.” He said as he started his way towards me as I walked backwards a little to give him room.

“I can see that you are still wanting me though the things that I am doing is deadly.” I chimed and he glanced his hand around my shoulders where it sent chills throughout my body.

“I never gave up on you wanting me as well my sweet Avox.” Mr. Sorrow complemented sweetly as I tried to hit him below the belt but failed. He grasped my hands with such a grip that it started to hurt. I can feel his nails dig in my skin and it hurt worse since he was hitting the same spot as I dug into earlier today or yesterday since I couldn’t quite tell if it was daylight yet because there were no windows in Mr. Sorrow’s office.

“Your huring me!” I cried and he stopped and shoved me to his desk and I managed to stop myself before it turned over anything.  Mr. Sorrow came closer and closer while was starting to feel quite uncomfortable with his reaction to me speaking for the first time since he had seen me.

“I can see that you can speak Zava. You were always the one that pushed the boundaries enough that made me sick.” Mr. Sorrow chimed as if I just showed him something that would make my price skyrocket or something that makes him want to keep me longer.

“I oo anyhing oo may you vome.” I chimed and apparently Sorrow didn’t know what I said since he came closer than I ever felt to his face to where I could smell the putrid perfume on his breath that sent tears into my eyes since it was way too strong for my likening.

“I will do anything to make you love me as well.” Mr. Sorrow chimed and I was very irate at him for taking me the wrong way. I let him lean into me more and more as he slowly unzipped my jacket to reveal my teal outfit underneath.  He was shocked that I had something that was different than the usual white Avox garb. “My Zava, you are full of surprises but speaking to me and wearing something that would possibly get everyone into the slammer, well done my child of servitude.”

I thought that he was starting to get way to close for my likening as I tried my hardest to move out of the cuffs or at least something that would make Sorrow move away.  “Now, now don’t fuss we can always do something that would make you much more comfortable if you want before we get busy.” Sorrow chimed as he reached around me not realizing that my dress is one that you slide up and over your own head instead of sliding a zipper down.

“I raher mot be your.”  I hissed as I reared back and hit Mr. Sorrow in the head. He reached for the place where I smashed my head into his while his feet stumbled quickly backwards.  I tried to get a rounded kick where I can knock him to the ground when I see that the door start to open a little I flopped myself around Sorrow to where I could easily and quickly wrap his legs into mine and flip our positions to where he is on top.

“Sir I have a cell ready for….” The peacekeeper came in as I screamed and carried on top of him while Mr. Sorrow just kept his hands on top of me like I secretly wanted him to be.  “Sir this is an outrage since we want them to be in top shape and not in this form!” I hear come from that peacekeeper’s mouth as he tossed Sorrow to the side while I smiled widely but quickly switched whenever the peacekeeper that barged in looked at me.

“She originally hit me and then flipped me to where she was trying to take advantage of me!” Mr. Sorrow passed the buck to me and they believed it.  I wondered if I could ever change their minds since they normally believe the Peacekeeper at any moment because they know that Avoxes can’t defend themselves. However, these peacekeepers know that I can speak so that might change the game a little bit or bite me in the butt.

“Mo, He ook avanage om me!” I yelled. The comment must have stunned the peacekeeper because he blinked quickly while his jaw was wide open to let a traveling bug in.

The peacekeeper that went in coughed a bit before he spoke again but this time it was a bit breathless. “You can speak?” He questioned and I smiled while I turned up the charm and sass.

“I jus foun out.” I chimed happily. He gave me a frown that I didn’t think I was going to see.  I moved a bit to gain more distance between me and the two horrible people that are in front of me. I still had my cuffs on me but I could still fight if need be. I glanced around trying to think of a way to escape as a plan b but I didn’t get much into a planning stage.

“Well, that is a new trick though I still don’t believe you.”  The peacekeeper chimed as I wished that I had much more time to consider was of attack. I felt someone behind me and pull my arms up to where I can feel my joints start to scream inside and threat to pop out of place.

I yelled and screamed thinking I just gave myself up to them because of a slight miscalculation in the part that I should had planned earlier.  I glanced up to Sorrow as he motioned his comrades to move my arms down to a way more comfortable position than before.

“Well you tried to give us the slip Avox.” He said and I spat into his face like I did the first time that I was sold to Mistress. He was not ready for what I did and he wiped off his own face with his hand. “You disgraceful Avox put her with the other one that we have waiting.” Mr. Sorrow yelled. I let fear fly into me because I wasn’t sure where I was going after that statement while I was dragged out of the room.

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