The Avox Speaks

My name is Zava. I had been an Avox, a servant for about a year, year and a half, two, maybe three. I am not sure. All i know is that I had my own tongue cut out and i had been past from person to person ever since since i am still a partial trouble maker. However I had settled down since the dark days in the beginning but i am still being sold from family to family till i meet this one person that gives me a notebook, a way to speak and changes my life forever.

NANO 2014 novel/ participated in NANO 2014 First 5,000 category (2likes 1 fave 62 reads) participated in Hunger games 2014 Comp AND A Hidden Gem (found on list May2015)


20. chapter 20

I walked into the sun that was about to settle into night once again. I wore my helmet as I walked outside and I thought that there might still be a chance that Mistress was still alive.

I walked around and hating what I see. Everywhere I looked there are a few tributes left and their pictures were everywhere. I thought that it is just as ridicules in the beginning that they were paraded around like gods and then be brought to death to only be dead yourself in the end. These children looked powerful and lost as there was only a lucky few left since my life is becoming almost like theirs.

Every day these tributes will have to look over their shoulder like me. I had become them with Thread, Mark and whomever else I come across. I turned around and I can see that I was not alone when it came to looking at these posters.   A lady was looking at the posters as well and I just couldn’t seem to get why she looked so amazed until she spoke.

“I was hoping that these would be in the finals.” I heard the glee in her voice and it made me wonder what this joy is these people see and even hear from this horrendous thing called Hunger games.

I nodded slightly and left. I felt out of place now since most of the Capital had changed into something being prepped for a celebration instead of funerals. All the beautiful streamers and balloons were placed everywhere as I slowly went through to where I needed to be.  It might take me a long while and becoming close to feeling my travel’s toll didn’t help me much. I looked at every step as almost like winning a mile but I still had a ways to go.

After a while I could see Mistress’s house and it seemed like nothing had changed at all. The white fence was a sign that I was home and the porch that had everyone welcome me on as soon as someone spotted me.

It was eerie that I was having sets of eyes dig into me like I was a peacekeeper. My white helmet and visor hid my identity well. I slowly got up the steps as I spotted Dill in the field but not Marin and I wondered why. I got up the steps slowly as I started to think of ways to explain what happened to Mistress and me in the easiest way possible.

I rapped at the door and Catre opened it. I was amazed that she had  on a faded brown and purple outfit with patches all over it as her face was scrunched up like she didn’t want to see me/

“Are you here to see me or do I have to get my friends after you for being here?” Catree hissed while I quickly stepped back and grabbed my helmet.

“Oh you are so strong that you think that showing your identity to us is a way to gain our trust….”Catre was speaking nonsense to me as I tried to ignore it as I lifted my Helmet to reveal my identity. Catre’s jaw dropped as I flattened out my hair because of the static. “You’re alive!” Catre squealed as she wrapped her arms around me and I almost fell off of the porch.

I returned the embrace while some of the other Avoxes came up to see that I was not just a Peacekeeper trying to pass off as something else since that possibly had happened more than once.  “Where have you been?”

“Wong fory…” I said and she started at me in silence. I smiled as she blinked quickly.

“Did you just talk?” Catre asked and I nodded. I was happy that I was showing off what I found out that I could do in those few days that I was making my way back.

“Yeth.” I chimed.

“You are the only Avox that can speak to where people would understand you.” Catre chimed. “Come inside, There is a lot that we need to talk about.”

We went inside the house and it looked like it was a wilting flower without someone to take care of it. The place was neat but at the same time had gone offhand since the air was a bit dusty and that means that this group of Avoxes is lost without Mistress. The picture of all the Avoxes that were in the in Mistress’s care never looked better but I know that is just a reminder of what this place used to be.

“How amazing is it to speak?” Carte squealed and I gazed at her knowing that there is much more that I need to know than just in this mist of chit chat that would just waste time for all of us.

“Wha Hapin?” I asked in wonder of what Catre was trying to dodge. She looked at me like I was saying something rubbish.

“What do you mean?” She said and I was starting to lose my patience. Catre said nothing as I walked up to the picture and looked at it closer. It was from some time ago since the young were around the Elder counterparts and Catre was much smaller than what she is now.

“Vis” I said and I placed a hand on it and shoved it to the ground. The frame broke and the glass shattered everywhere, leaving Catre look at me in awe and that I have to be an imposer.

“Why did you do that?” She growled and acted like I was a traitor. She started to clean and I rolled my eyes thinking that there has to be a better way than just cleaning.

“Proving a poin.” I growled and afterword Catre noticed what I was talking about. She dropped what she was doing and stood so quickly that she staggered a little. There was a pause of silence before she got her composer back to normal or at least close enough to normal to speak again.

“You are right... All I had erased myself to do is clean and nothing else since I was almost likes you. I guess everyone here becomes like that after a while of being drenched in this realm.” She chimed and I nodded. I looked outside to the crowd of Avoxes working in the field like Catre is to the household.

“Wha Happen?” I asked a get with a bit more threat in my voice and she must have understood. My questioned this time while her gaze changed to something that was reading determination.

“They found us.” She grunted and I moved beside her and sat down among the broken picture.

“Who? Who found you?” I asked since I knew that was going to be the main answer because it would point me where I need to go, in theory.  Catre started to mess with her notebook and I grabbed that and yanked it out of her hands knowing that I would have to coax the answer out of her, but she surprised me by explaining what when on after I held her notebook in the air like it is a treasure that would save all.

“The peacekeepers! Who else? They came in and started to destroy the place and wanted the Notebooks but instead they took pictures of us from afar before they even came in!” Next thing we now they are destroying everything for our corporations and a good portion of us refused to where those animals hurt us!” Catre rambled with tears streaming like a waterfall down her face each one crashed to the ground like a bomb going off.

“And what else?” I asked a bit gentler this time but I think it is just a moment when I just listen.

“They hurt Dill. Took Marin and Mag isn’t doing so well.” Catre choked out and I sat up stern at myself then at Catre.

“What do you mean?” I asked and she got up to lead me to the hidden area of the house. The damp walls felt a lot damper than before since I had been down here last. There was a lot of moaning that sounded like a crowd of death that wondered down these but I knew better than to assume that while I slowly went down.

Once I made it to the landing Catre handed me a lantern that was next to the stairwell. The light only aluminate a little section of the place but there were other people wondering about so it wasn’t too bad. I tried to turn the oil up but Catre’s look told me not to do so.

“We have to conserve energy so we better not.” She chimed and I turned down the oil where the light flickered slowly to where there wasn’t much to see. The little flame looked like it was starving for a way to get bigger like I am in myself though there wasn’t much hope in that at the moment till I get as much info as I can get.

 I looked up from the light to see that Catre had wondered without me behind her. I ran to catch up to her just before she ducked into a room that was towards the front of the line of bedrooms that were for the sick and injured.  I fallowed her inside one of the middle ones and what I saw I couldn’t believe my eyes.

There were several people on the ground on mats while some were in hanging cots that were stacked around the room but in several rows and each one was occupied. Each person was wailing from pain or sickness as I felt a cold chill rush through me as if there are much more than just the cold that comes from being underground.

“Zava.” I heard my name being called and I went to it to see Mag in a bed with Catre by her side. My heart skipped a beat as I slowly made my way to a woman in white sheets and her face looking white as those blankets that cover her as her face. The wrinkles on this woman were deep from time itself and the worry that she had carried since she had become an Avox.

“Mag?” I asked and The woman opened her eyes to me and started to look happy and surprised to see me while she tried to reach for her notebook. Catre stopped Mag as she handed hers to use instead of reaching over.

“Zava where had you been?” Mag wrote in Catre’s notebook and I smiled thinking that I am glad that I am home.

“hinnin.” I said and Mag reared back a little surprised that she had just heard me speak for the first time. I sat down next to Catre and Mag sat up a bit.

“I ot aptured. My mobook ell ow and swow ot it.” I said slowly and Catre looked away.

“No wonder Sorrow came and demanded everything and Mistress left.” I can hear under Catre’s breath.

Mag silently grabbed my hand from under the covers as if she had already forgiven me. I placed the other one on top of hers. The bond between us was unmistakable. She calmly laid back in her bed still holding my hands and I could hear the raspy sounds in her breathing. I could see that she must be leaveing for a better relm.

“Mag?” I questioned as she stopped breathing and closed her eyes in a peaceful sleep and I moved my hands from hers. I can feel my heart become very heavy as I placed the rest of her bed cloth over her face.  I wished that I could do much more than what I am right now.

“It’s ok Zava she had been going downhill since the attack.” Catre shuttered and I left the room in a hurry.  I couldn’t see where I was going as I had dropped the lamp on the floor as I left. I raced up the steps and   landed on the couch as I dug my hands into my wrist trying to make the want of crying to stop since I do way to much of that.

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