The Avox Speaks

My name is Zava. I had been an Avox, a servant for about a year, year and a half, two, maybe three. I am not sure. All i know is that I had my own tongue cut out and i had been past from person to person ever since since i am still a partial trouble maker. However I had settled down since the dark days in the beginning but i am still being sold from family to family till i meet this one person that gives me a notebook, a way to speak and changes my life forever.

NANO 2014 novel/ participated in NANO 2014 First 5,000 category (2likes 1 fave 62 reads) participated in Hunger games 2014 Comp AND A Hidden Gem (found on list May2015)


15. chapter 15

I stumble out of the tries thinking that I should have been a bit more careful than what I was. I regained my balance to see a grand mill and several people beneath me going everywhere but they were in rags. My expectations dropped thinking that I was not in the Capital at all. I can only hope that I was back home in my old district where we would weave all day and sew the rest of the night till the Peacekeepers see that our stitches had finally gone crooked to where they can tell that we are very tired. 

I slowly came down my little perch wondering if I can blend in instantly as the factory steam started to get to me a little bit as I stumbled randomly at spots. I could see hope in this place as the next thing that I can use to get myself back to the capital.

I got down to the hill and immediately blended into the rest of the crowd. Every person stared at me for just a minute as if they were debating to sound the whistle. However, I manage to blend into the place so well, minus my red hair, which I bet they were more surprised that I budged into their walking zone than anything else.

I looked around for the tram station when something caught my eye thought the darkened buildings and formations was a brightened poster that was electric. The people in the poster were moving into their respected positions with the caption under it that says that nine were left in the Hunger Games. I felt like they were advertising murder so I tried to keep calm but my eyes locked on every single tribute while I started to think of one person in particular that was not shown in the poster, Catre.

The dark thought of Catre being in the games had me shiver a little while I forced myself to move on with my mission. I can see the sorrow of these people’s eyes as I noted the peacekeepers that were around the flock like they were watching animals so one doesn’t get loose. I wondered what happened that makes the Peacekeepers so angry that they act this way among the crowd.

I spot the shipyard that was right next to the Tram station and I felt obliged that everything is running this smoothly than what I had planned. I could see that there was piles of crates where I started to think that I should be able to blend in better than what I am right now. I glanced around and knew if I messed up I would had failed to never return to this place again or to this earth.

 I quickly moved over to the line of people that was moving in the direction I was going for while my heart kept thumping in and out of my chest thinking that there had to be some of these peacekeeper watching me. I can see on their faces that they were not the type that would easily be swayed if I am caught.

I swallowed the spit that was in my mouth and wiped the sweet off my face as I quickly spotted my next target which was a pile of crates that I knew would hopefully house something.

I looked behind me and I did not realize that there were a few white masked people that were coming in on me and I didn’t think but all I heard in my mind was run for your life. I pushed my way through the crowds making everyone turn this way and that trying to lose these people.

I was trying to push through the crowds but without much luck since it seemed like every bit I turned there was another person in my way. I ran faster and faster wondering if I was going to win. Every turn was like I was feeling my luck drain ever so slowly slipping from my fingers as I started to run out of steam which was not a good thing.

Suddenly I felt something push me aside and I started to fall over quickly down to the ground I went but as soon as I hit the ground I spun around to see no one there to let me thank them as I scurried to a safer hiding spot then where I was at while I could hear the pounding of boots in the dirt vanish behind me telling me that it is safe for me to investigate where I am at right now to comprehend the sudden change of events.

I tried to stand but something caught my eyes that there was a logo on this item that I was behind. I rubbed my hand on it and the item was wooden with something burned onto it. I quickly checked my surroundings before I scooted the box to where I can see the emblem and the district number that I am at.

The palms covered the bottom evenly to where it was like a template for the bigger circle that said the word district at the top in big bold letters. There was also a set of a bobbin of thread with a needle with it that had me stunned. There was no way that I was back in my original district and yet here I am as I pushed the box a bit more to confirm that what I was seeing was true.

Then I see it the number eight on the box and I quickly had to sit down realizing that I am at my original district as a huge eight that was staring at me in the face. I couldn’t keep my eyes on that number thinking that I have to be in a dream since I was not supposed to be here at all and yet Sorrow placed me near the entrance of my old stomping grounds before I was turned into an Avox.

“This has got to be torment.” I thought as I opened the first crate that I was looking at and it was full of fully dipped and prepared clothing that anyone can wear if the die is dried. I started to get a crazy idea that I might get to go undercover once again like I used to for this district.

I remember my spot well in the plant. I was the best when it came to weaving the cloth as well as straight hand stitching. I still can flip the pattern in my mind easily so I can get the peace that I need to make easily to where the peacekeepers knew that if I left that this district would fall harshly and the quality might suffer.

I also used the clothing in a way to provide to my poverty stricken district that I was happy to assist in the way of stealing as well as getting back at the Capital for making us this way whether the events turned us this way or not. The fun was getting into the storage areas themselves without being caught. The thrill of getting back to the capital with your palms being extremely sweat and your heart racing out of your chest because of becoming that nervous is something that you never get tired of feeling like I am right now.

I glanced around once again for another box of some sorts for some ideas.  Every box was filled with fabric and other things for a stylist.  I soon realized that there were stacks of crates that I was going to need to check and I didn’t think that I would have that much time bit it did give me an idea that  most people would think I would be crazy to do.

I looked around wondering if it might work and that way I can get into anything I need for any moment that I need to. I quickly scanned the crates for one word that I knew would be heavenly if I find the one create in this massive shipment to either the first distract or the capital and I would be set. I looked at the labels that were singed or written in and I could see in the very corner of some of the lots that they had the letter C on the corner and I felt ecstatic that some of these shipments were going to the capital.

I busted into the crate that I first noticed the Capital symbol and it felt like my luck kept coming to me as I tarred through the wooden box the dull while uniforms had me smiling from ear to ear knowing that I just found the last part that was needed this trick to work.  I suddenly heard footsteps and I had forgotten that the peacekeeper’s do their rounds late at night as well as during the day because of thieves like me. My heart jumped while I ducked behind the pile. I could see the flashlight on the ground making my mind started to go wild with quick escape routes as the steps got slower and louder with each thump of the set of boots.

Then I heard a noise that had the sound of boots stop for a moment and listen in. The sound of my heartbeat in my ears was too loud for me to hear what was said but I didn’t care since the light swerved behind me and went the other way.  I glared over the box to watch the peacekeeper go slowly away and I knew that this was my only shot at getting a uniform to blend into these parts.

I lifted the wooden lid and I felt like I was opening a treasure chest full of jewels and other luxury items in my grasp. The texture of  the woven fabric was like a piece of perfection as I looked up to see that there was a flashlight right at me and I quickly ducked back down while dragging the white fabric behind me and letting the lid thump harshly to where I knew that I was caught.

I only could wait as I heard the commotion behind me and I knew that I needed to go to the next crate for pants and a helmet. I can see now that I am going from plot to plot that there are faces that I haven’t seen in a long time but they don’t recognize the old Robin Hood that helped their town for the few short months that I was doing the thieving with my group. It was a ragtag team of district eight residents that were as tired as I was for being short changed of what we were doing.

I could see my nest target as I tried to engage my old training of what I had done and I quickly bounced from crate to crate thinking that I should be able to find a pair of pants soon. Then when I started to think that I had missed the shipment I managed to open the crate to see my beautiful white bars of silken gold. I quickly swiped the pants and found the boots next door. 

Then I heard something that caught my attention and I bolted for a way out of the shipping area. My feet went faster and faster, carrying me to temporary safety while I can hear bullets miss me as I swerved each way and try to conceal myself with every moment that I could.   I managed to do just that as I found a small hiding spot that hid me perfectly with my bounty as I knew I had just gave them the slip while winning my prize.

I rushed off the other direction and path that I could to dodge those peacekeepers with my bounty in my hands thinking that I had hit the biggest jackpot that I had ever gotten in a long time after this long strain of misfortune. I started to think that I was doing much better since I can’t dye my hair a different color because I didn’t get myself into distract one.  Suddenly I remembered that I had forgotten one thing that all peacekeepers had since they didn’t like to show their identity in fear of being caught, just like me right now.

I quickly needed a hiding spot for my stash since I do need to blend in and I noticed that there were several stashes of these items to where it was just a bit difficult to find myself a perfect fitting shirt and pants since I needed to dress as a man for the time being as well as hiding my outfit underneath. The only thing that I could think of when I was looking at my outfit was those boots was the easiest things to grab, other than being caught, since they were marked by only three words: Small, medium and large. 

I didn’t want to face those white freaks again but I guess I would had to sometime just to get on that tram but I was hoping to do that after I got all the material that I needed. I thought that I might as well get this outfit on since I could not find a hiding spot to suit my needs. My shirt and pants fit me almost to perfection, even with my clothing underneath thinking that I was very good at doing this.  I slipped on the boots to where they were a smidge big for me and I was happy since I could blend in these little slip on ones that I have on my feet at the moment. I felt quite proud and lucky that I am and that I wanted to keep going and keep this ball rolling.

I walk back out of my little piece of darkness to go back to the lots and I felt a bit more concealed than before especially since it is officially nightfall instead of earlier when there was a bit of light. I can smell that the factory was officially shut down for the night and that meant a lot of families are settled into the night.

I thought that that there were not that many peacekeepers that were running around at the moment trying to guard these crates and there I spot it. The last bit that I need to get out of here. I decided against the last chance to hide my clothing thinking that I would have to hit the last tram now for these shipments or I will have to wait the night out and I knew that it would be even a shorter race against time since I didn’t want to see Mistress on that stand that I was a few days ago.

I rushed over to the wooden box that said helmets and I was overjoyed that I was at my target place that I needed to be as I was thinking that this was getting way to simple. I stopped myself right then because I was starting to become cocky.

“Pace yourself and check your surroundings.” I thought to myself and scoured the aria for a helm that was going to have room for me to put up my hair. I always thought that it was odd that we had to ship these the rest of the way to the capital other than twelve which is mining and work with rocks.  It didn’t make much sense to me in till I felt the padding inside and it reminded me why we had to have these since the fabric had to be put in which means that this might be in working condition.

I slide the helmet on without a second thought and slammed the crate down in victory. However, it didn’t feel like a victory as I could feel a set of eyes that were drilling into my skin as I walked up the steps to the tram with a palate of uniforms that were needed in the capital in tow.

Every step was like a final dash to the finish line but I knew that there was something to trip me up as I abandoned the box at the door to the tram station and went on in amazed that even that wasn’t even guarded or locked other than a card reader that was needed to unlock the door. Grate.

I could see may targets through the dimmed glass that there not expecting a rogue peacekeeper that had to be a lot shorter than them. I quickly walked back down the steps knowing that I had to get a keeper that is alone and have to have an easy escape route nearby just in case this goes south.

I came closer to a guy that was eating by the steps and I realized that he was the one that was supposed to guard the tram doors while his partner was a little ways around the corner since I could hear a soft trickle of a man going to the bathroom in that aria so if I do this right the guy that had to go at the wrong time will get a bit of awakening.

I set myself down and looked into the man’s eyes thinking that I had forgotten something important.

“Well whom we have here?” I hear from the keeper in across the makeshift table from me and I went on with it but I had a major flaw that I remembered that was in my plan and that was that I am an Avox and I can’t speak at all. I shuttered a little thinking that I had just compromised everything that I had worked for as the peacekeeper went on with the competition.

“Oh, a silent type I am glad that this night that my buddies remembered my special day. Unless, you are a gag.”  He chimed and I shook my head thinking that I must seem girly and that means that he is just like Sorrow. I can work with this as a plan b since I had done this to get out of so many tight situations with Mr. Sorrow.

“Of course not.” He said and I backed up from the table to make him think I was going to dance for him until I saw that his eyes quickly turned wide as if something hit him hard as his head hit the table to reveal a friend that I thought that I had lost for the longest time.

“Hello Zava.” She chimed and I was overjoyed that Thread was here to save my but like the old days.

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