The Avox Speaks

My name is Zava. I had been an Avox, a servant for about a year, year and a half, two, maybe three. I am not sure. All i know is that I had my own tongue cut out and i had been past from person to person ever since since i am still a partial trouble maker. However I had settled down since the dark days in the beginning but i am still being sold from family to family till i meet this one person that gives me a notebook, a way to speak and changes my life forever.

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1. Chapter 1

I can hear the hover of the craft below me as I am trying to keep myself from exploding and taking my rage out on this worthless sap that is transferring me to another place of who knows where. I wish I can speak to the guy and yell at him to let us out of this disgusting box that man or beast should be able to be transported anyway in.

I can see only light and think to myself that The Capital School of Avoxes, as these lowlife brain drained people call it, call us the backbone of society. That is what they want you to think before you have your hair genetically altered red and tongue ripped out of your mouth for doing a desperate measure but was a good dead for your district.

I am an Avox that can still be sinister. My name is Zava. I am not sure how I had gotten the name since my own mom and dad was never around for me and vice versa. I managed to step out of the Hunger Games a few times due to me just missing the drawings to be reaped and the fact I was never called on.  I hate my life right now since this is the third year that I am an Avox and already been through too many hands to count on.

I look around at my group wondering what they must have done to become me. I could tell that they all were fresh from the institution. Their eyes were glossed over as if they are drugged though they might be for a moment. I remember being in all of their shoes in the beginning, rambunctious, young and thinking this has got to be the lowest of the low next to having your name placed in the fishbowl instead of everyone else that was supposed to be in that little thing with you. Thinking that you might change the industry and die trying but all and all you are just banging your head against a wall although I will admit it is fun trying to accomplish.

I can feel the eyes of the worthless flesh outside of this box bleed inside and possibly acting like it is a present. I know that I possibly am for one wife to be since I was sold to a newlywed couple onetime and they returned me for cooking their food wrong to their liking. My specialty isn’t cooking people, it’s cleaning and mending clothing.

I feel the thing stop suddenly. The jolt of the craft sent everyone out of the tiny benches that could barely fit our rumps to the putrid floor below. I managed to stay on my seat thinking that they are going to have to get up quickly before the door opens to show us to the world.

“All right you Aves, up.” The man ordered as he opened the door. The light shined brightly into the room on a crisp day making my eyes sting and I had to look away for a moment to let them adjust.  I glared up at him knowing that it was Mr. Sorrow the head Avox keeper of the capital.

I am sure that he wants to be called Master Sorrow but with that flattened out face of his it is hard to call him that. His beady eyes with that white hair makes him look like a hunk of snow. His skin tone also looks white as snow making him albino, or at least I hope that is his original skin color since Capital people love to genetically alter themselves in many ways.

I hear a faint cry from someone that he picked up by the hair and the cry was silent as a ghostly wail that had been silenced by death itself. However, I could hear them clearly without them truly screaming. I wished that I could cover my ears but my shackles that these people put us in for transport won’t go up that high but they have you slide around the floor just fine as if they wanted to damage their profit’s a little bit more.

I can tell that the shackles were automatically going to be switched to more efficient ones that we could walk easily with. Now’s the part when I get to see who is the dumb person to do the same exact thing as I did and see the opportunity to escape this hell hole of a life.

I glared around thinking that someone will have to make the first move to try to save their own life and there was one that did. The kid was very small and had the eyes that would tear someone apart or at least make a woman faint, easily one that would be sold at a very high price. I could tell that he is tasteing what I did three years ago, a small shot at freedom. Then he bolted out of the box and I wanted to shout to him that he needs to run faster than he ever did before the snipers get him plus the fact that he is a dead fool for doing this.

I was right with the dead part. The snipers saw him and shot him dead with a silent bullet or stunner whichever one the person felt like using today. Luckily mine was a stunner and trust me it wasn’t a small one either. I can remember felling the crash of the laser hitting my skull but that was it, lights out.

Same with this fellow. He tried to run but instead got another three months of savvier got to be absolutely perfect training. I smiled thinking that kid would be like me in a way forever, bitter about the way this new world works.  I shook my head thinking that he was close and that I wished that one would make it through to the other side of this world that seems to only have four realms. Those realms are: living, dead, poverty and luxury.

There is no in between other than existing but everyone is in that part so I let that category go.  I am with the dead and poverty group since I am a slave. They step on me and I let them since I prefer hiding in wait for something easy instead of running head on into a sniper’s round to the head, the symbol of all of us that is in this crate.

“Are you enjoying the sideshow as well Zava?” I hear in front of me and I turned to see Mr. Sorrow there. I gave him the coldest treatment I could thinking that he is the one that should be getting the stinger, not us. I nodded no as a response and he looked at me in the eyes making me think that there is no way that this person has a heart. “You are still the hard one to crack even for a Avox that should be kissing my boots for not becoming like that hero.” He chimed and I took that as a complement and smiled, big mistake.

“What is that smirk all about?” Mr. Sorrow boomed and I was readied myself for a fight. I raised an eyebrow to see if he would fight. His face turned sharply to anger and reared back his hand and slapped me across the face to where I fell onto the floor below. I slowly got up but he grabbed my hair like a puppet or an old doll to drag me to a standing position. I retaliated and swung my cuffs around and managed to hit him in the head.

 I looked at my work while I towered over him with pride that was short lived.  He took my legs out from underneath me and I crashed to the floor. I was not happy about being in the filth as I got myself back up to my feet. As soon as I did I was captured and my arms overextended to where pain shot up through my arm. Tears were streaming down my cheeks while I started to whines that made everyone in that box look at both of us. Every set of eyes was glaring at us becoming witnesses to something that I wish would stop.

"Stop staring and march!" Mr. Sorrow ordered and I was shocked to see that every set of eyes turned away slowly. I can hear the slow thump of feet going out to the stage for auction. The slow feet of friends and family that would never see each other again because of this event.

He waited until everyone was out of the car like cattle to a slather house. He had that evil look in his eyes that I became unafraid of over the tree years that I was passed from hand to hand without a care because I had hurt someone or pinned something to tight when before the lady wanted it loose.

"Had enough Zava? You know what I can do to you and get away with it." Mr. Sorrow whispered into my ear sadistically where chills went down my spine just by the thought. It wasn't the if he would do what he said that scared me the most it's when and how he would do what he said. 

I waited till we were outside and into the light where the public could see all the action and torment that I am about to throw onto Mr. Sorrow without care. I started to trash about as soon as I could.  I moved my head and tried to hurt Mr. Sorrow as best that I could. He quickly threatened me again as a reminder but this time he slowly licked my ear quickly to get me to straighten up and remember his past threat that he gave me earlier and the summer air turned into winter on my skin making me shiver uncontrollably instead of enjoying the fact that I had just possibly completely ruined Mr. Sorrow’s  life in a few seconds.

I was also appalled by what was in front of me. Capitanimals, as I call them, are the people of the capital that look like animals because the have too much money and time to do anything else other than looking at the mirror and wondering what to change on myself to make me better. Then they go do it and then want to do something else just because they could.  They also love to color their hair whatever color they want while wearing way too much jewelry to where a sane person can wonder how could they stand or walk in their extreme clothing.

However, there was one in the crowd of Capitanimals that caught my eye because this person looked NORMAL. She had the amount of makeup that was just a little over the top but in my eyes a tasteful amount of blue shadow and pink rose blush plus a translucent pink lip gloss that I was amazed that this person had on. The only thing that was not normal was her plain blue hair color but then again even it wasn’t so wild that it is like a high tower that might fall over at any moment.

I was so captivated by this person that I didn’t realize that the auction had started. Mr. Sorrow was going a mile a minute trying to catch every single bid that was raised in the air. He was possibly seeing dolor signs while the mallet went down to sealing someone’s fate for at least a little while that they are with this owner.

One by one the Avoxes left with the respective owners that bought them. I was left as the last one and the main event. “Alright, last one that I have is named Zava she is the one that we cannot keep in the training center for long. Zava will be mad easily but works hard to do whatever you want.” Mr. Sorrow said and I wanted to punch him off of this platform and into the crowd bellow.

“Thanks.” I thought as I came forth and the lady locked eyes at me and immediately I thought that maybe this one won’t be so bad. At least it would be better than standing by the rotten smelling bullet standing next to me and plotting out what he might do to end my life because I gave him horrible nightmares because he did the same for me.

The fast pace of the auction was hard for me to keep up. Every bid was a fast flash of my life passing through me as one bid stood out. “Five hundred thousand.” I hear from the crowd. I watched the hand fall to the side of the one that I admire silence the entire auction as every head turn to her because they might have heard of my reputation. 

“Ok, I have Five hundred thousand… Any other bids?” Mr. Sorrow was nervous since that person had stopped his paycheck from rising. The beads on his head and neck started to gather and move down to where it changed the color of his shirt. His nervousness was a joke to me as I could hear the quiver in his voice while he begged and pleaded for more cash until he was drenched from head to foot and I was enjoying every minute of this beautiful show as Mr. Sorrow was begging for a livelihood.

I could see that he was almost to the breaking point. His face had become desperate and I am glad that I have a front row seat for this performance till the very end.

“SOLD! To the lady in the blue hair and red dress!”

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