The Whispers

Ever since the beginning. We knew. We knew that we were different from the rest. We could feel it. In our veins and in our cold-blooded black hearts. We were The Whispers.


1. Our Home

Ever since the beginning. We knew. We knew that we were different from the rest. We could feel it. In our veins and in our cold-blooded black hearts. We were The Whispers.

Kylie's POV

I took a deep breath in and exhaled. I watched the sun go down on the balcony of the old warehouse. The four warehouses were originally part of some factory, but since the war happened and the town was left deserted, they were now lonely warehouses, also known as our home.

A few years back, Jamie had found them and turned them into our home. He fixed them up and made one of them a dormitory with 20 rooms and 10 bathrooms. Another he made the kitchen and dining area; another was the hangout area, with couches and a projector, pool table and a bar - this was the one with the balcony over looking the forest and the stream. The last warehouse had the cars, the equipment and weapons. It also had all our supplies for the month.

The four warehouses were in a square on top of a hill over looking the forest and the stream. Just behind the opposing warehouse, the other half of the hill was fenced off. The fence never ended and we were forbidden to go to the other side.

Tonight was the second week after we had got our supplies for the month. Jamie had found a boy. He wasn't a normal boy - those are dangerous, he was just like us - a Whisperer.

A Whisperer is someone who has powers. We each have five powers. Earth - the ability to camouflage and become invisible, wind - the ability to run fast, fire - the ability to withstand high temperatures and water - the ability to hold your breath underwater for a while. Each of us have these 4 powers. But we each have a strong one. This is either earth, wind, fire or water. Our strong one is the one we do best, and our other three are not as good and powerful as that one.

The last and final power is Unique. During our lifetime and surviving in the world, we have to discover what ours is. The 'adults' have already figured theirs out. The unique power has to do with one of the elements, it could be walking on water, being able to jump really high and far and so on.

In our group, there are 12 adults - these are all the Whisperers over 21. Jamie is 25 and Simon is 28. They are the leaders of The Whispers. That's what we call ourselves. There are currently 56 teenagers (including the new guy) and 6 pre teens.

I'm not really friends with everyone, but I have my best friend, Ashley. She has long black hair and bright blue eyes, while I have medium brown hair and green eyes. We're both 16.

Each room has 3 bunk beds, which accommodates 3 people. Each room is like the friend group we stick to. In my room, there's me, Ashley, Brian, David, Jacob and now the new guy.

I suddenly jump when I feel someone's hand on my shoulder. It was Ashley. "Come on. The ceremony is about to start." She says.

Whenever a new Whisper joins the clan, we have a ceremony. It's not much of a ceremony, but more of a welcome-to-the-clan sort of thing. By tradition, when a new member joins, we all go down to the stream for a midnight swim.

We both rush down to the floor of the warehouse. And push our way through the crowd to the front where Simon, Jamie and the new boy were standing on a table so everyone could see.

"Evening Whispers" shouted Simon to quieten everyone down. "If you cannot already tell, we have a new member joining our group. His name is Andrew and we found him starving and barely surviving in the forest across the stream while we were out hunting." He continues, "It is currently 9:30 and at 11 sharp I will be expecting all of you to be ready to go down to the stream."

Everyone then cheers and carries on with what they were doing. Ashley went with the crowd and I'm not to sure where she is, so I'm standing alone at the front of the table. I see Jamie come up to me with Andrew trailing behind him.

"Hi Kylie, I was wondering if you would be Andrew's guide and show him everything and explain everything to him. I'm asking you since he is going to be taking the extra bed and it looks like you could use some company. This is your life and you need to live a little." He smiles along with that.

"Yeah I'd be honored to, and thank you for the advice." I say, grinning.

"All right, he's all yours then, I expect you to take good care of him and not get him into too much trouble." Simon winks and after saying that, he walks and disappears to where all the other adults are, leaving me and Andrew alone.

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